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Sakura Darkstar

  • Personality:

Having moved to the City of Mikona at a young age, She has had to do a lot of maturing before her time. Though she is roughly 25 in the human years, Her nymph/elf blood is deceptive making her age mentally somewhat slower. Still mostly just a child in many ways she's had to struggle to adapt to her new home, all of which has had its effect on her. Once bright and bubbly she has had to learn to rein in her nymph side. Though mostly she remains happy and smiling sometimes her eyes betray her and reveal her inner turmoil.

  • History:

Born and raised a nymph in the Fairy Gardens near Elysia, Sakura wanted to learn more about her elf blood and to find her mother who she had almost no memory of. Leaving the happy and secure home she knew she stumbled blindly out into the world. Those that know her well, know there is a blank space in the story of her past that she doesn't speak about, but during that time was when she first came to M'Chek. Soon making her way to Mikona, alone and tired she took a rest in a cave to the east of the city, only to awake in the temple in the city. It was there that she first heard the name of Mikon and of his teachings. Suddenly it was if a lost part of herself was finally found and she pledged her life to Mikon's service. Joining the Mikon's Council of Balance and being allowed to train to become an Equalizer. Once while praying with Father Sorn and Garek Blackstone she was enveloped in a column of light, later told she was touched by Mikon.

  • Sakura's gloves:

A left over from her earlier life she does not speak of, Sakura is always seen wearing a pair of gloves even in the romni baths. Only able to share the story behind them to a very select few, she tries to just laugh off questions about them.

Sakura under the Cherry tree