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Malulani jael MacMurray

Race: Nanshileeshan'Hitzi (Half-Elf)
Gender: Female
Origin: On the merchant ship Fortune, somewhere near the Seven Cities.
Residence: Spiritland and Ferrell and Geritrie Forest and Elysia
Deity: O'Ma

Guild Affiliations:


M.J. is a female with bright red hair, who is a bit short for a human but too tall for an Nanshi (five feet tall). The shape of her green eyes and her ears might suggests some Nanshi blood, perhaps. Although, her ears are human sized ears.

You'll usually see her on the road going somewhere with a wolf or a dog in tow. She is usually road stained and wind swept. You'll rarely see her in a dress, and she prefers dressing in a forest blessed soft doe skin coat that she found on her adventures at sea during the Drotid War and was enchanted during an episode when the wards of Le'Or T'Nanshi were saved from Plauge. She also wears a pair of forest walker boots she was awarded for her efforts during the Drotid War after she wore out her old pair of Fabulous Boots walking through the Drotid swamps. She wears a holy amulet of O'Ma around her neck accompanied by a string of shark's teeth.


M.J. is the seventh and youngest (as far as she knows) child of Captain Arlen MacMurray owner of the merchant ship Fortune. She does not have any information on her mother, as all such inquires were rebuffed as long as she can remember. She has six older brothers: Abboid, Cormick, Cowan, Cian, Sheridan and Grady. All of who were employed on her father's vessel. M.J.'s assignment on the Fortune was as cooks-mate and, as the cook was also the ship's healer, she also learned a few healing arts.

Early Life

Arrival in Elysia

M.J. hated the regimented discipline required to keep out of trouble on the merchant vessel. Every crewman on the vessel seemed to make it their personal duty to chastise her. M.J. dreamed about what it would be like to walk in cool forests and warm meadows. She longed for the freedom to make her own choices. So, she resolved to leave as soon as she "came of age". Her father decided to make a run from the Seven Cities to Mikona during the time of the T'Nanshi-M'Chek war in hopes of making a profit with a delivery of goods. Taking advantage of the situation, she took her few possessions and managed to slip away. She felt somehow that even though she was old enough to determine her own destiny, it would be difficult to leave her overbearing father. She approached the Captain of a ship sailing up the Eridanian River and bought passage to Elysia.

A New Faith

Discovering the life of an adventurer in Elysia, lead M.J. to her first brush with death. This experience lead her to a new faith in O'Ma. Feeling chosen by her new god, she also became connected to her spirit animal, the wolf.

Alchemist in Training

M.J. also sought out an apprenticeship in the Guild of Advancement of Knowledge and Nature on the advise of her closest friend, Benedict Brightfeather. Shortly after joining she took up residence in Ferrell to be closer to the Guild and several friends she had made. After many long hours she has made the rank of Journeyman.

First Adventures


M.J. also became a full fledged member of the Ferrell Exploration and Adventuring Troupe. Her sponsor was Ognor Kro-Tash. The members of FEAT became her mentors and extended family. They helped shaped M.J. as she honed her skills as a warrior and a woodsman. She learned to face down the army of Se'Fassu, the the Orcs of Meygle Pass, the Children of the Dreadlord and the Salt Clan. She held the post of Keeper of the Dice for a short while as well, leading FEAT against the demons in Geritri Forest.

Solar Brigade

About this time she also heeded a call from Micah Elizabeth Ormane for help with the Solar Brigade. Joining the Solar Brigade lead M.J. up against the lich Hallimancus. Infighting among the guild members caused a brief breakup with the guild. Later the guild was revived briefly and tracked another lich named Clarance which may or may not have had a connection to the spreading demon infestation or Se'Fassu. This investigation seemed at a close after the demons were banished and no further information was forthcoming. Later, Nayala Gelbert invited M.J. along as the mage orders finally tracked down and put an end to Hallimancus on the moon.

Electrical Storms Light Up Ferrell

Heavy rains and electrical storms sweep across Ferrell. Drownings and crop failures become rampant.

A mage named Galgoroth created a 40 foot tall golem and bound an ancient lightening elemental to it giving it a will of its own. It rebelled, killing Galgoroth and escaping. It intended to create tunnels under Ferrell and flood the entire nation.

A coven of Verossans worship and revere the ancient lightening elemental trapped within the golem. They pledge to oppose anyone who wishes to attempt to destroy it.

MJ's part in the collective effort to capture the elemental and remove it from the golem was to find an old fey ritual that would draw the creature forth into the vessel provided by others. She memorized the book of ruins required to bring the threat to Ferrell to an end. While others held the golem in place, MJ conducted those among the party that had ties to nature in the ritual. It was a success and the ancient lightening elemental was returned to the Verossans.


A strange swordsman by the name of Simon and his undead cat start collecting blood from people . The people thus harvested, have wounds that can only be healed by divine touch from the gods. Also, clones are created of them.

MJ is lured into the old wood and taken by Simon when three young Freelancers ask for her assistance to track down an arsonist to stop her from setting fires in Ferrell.

Eventually, the plot of The Alchemist, a slaadi by the name of Gluggoth is revealed. Using the blood of adventurers to create a slaadi army to challenge the Slaadi Lords for supremacy, it leaves behind some of the remaining lessor clones to sow confusion and discord on Avlis.

The vials of blood were eventually recovered and the links severed between clone, vial and donor, leaving those affected with a small pink scar.

MJ's scar was later healed completely at the battle for Grantir by that really, really, really nice Dragonari Healer Avaeadon, were she met Donkey, saw Mikon and both Cha'reth's.

More Adventures

Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi 6th Division

After seeing the end of Hallimancus, M.J. felt a growing unrest as she heard more tales of the Drotid invasion of M'Chek, Elysia and T'Nanshi. Worried that Rhissaerk Jalesh would not be able to keep his word that the Drotid warbands would stay out of Ferrell, and worried over the Council of Elders seeming dismissal of FEAT during recent events, M.J. became a recruit to Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi 6th Division in hopes of opposing the Drotid's intentions and protecting Ferrel.

M.J. spent most of the war assigned to the T'Nanshi scout ship, The Arrow, where she used her seamanship and bowmanship to assist in the war efforts.

M.J. has earned the following medals during her time in the 6th division: Le'Nofaythen Medal: The Battle of Le'Or, Le'Nofaythen Medal of Freedom, Medal of Victory.


M.J. was able to be present and lend aid during the FEAT's final pursuit and annihilation of Se'Fassu. In reward for her efforts, she was presented with a longsword with the unusual distinction of being forged and enchanted in Ferrell, as a Hin would have to wield it two-handed. It is enchanted to be particularly good against undead.


A notice from Gram Redthistle for help in recovery of his Uncle's smoking pipe, leads M.J. on a wild chase of a group that called themselves Le'Lonovan'Sekor. A band of half-elven mercenaries that try to take the an artifact of Berryn known as the Daystar. Taking action with Zven Reaplenoose, Ozryel, Champion Carmen, Cara Kensbane, Nero, Sammy, Champion Lance Goodman, Warrior Ealdonor Daecundil, Tromso Rostoff, Hester Greenthumb, and many others, M.J. helps recover the Daystar from the haunted fort in Salt Mountain and return it to Beryn's temple in Ferrell. Further investigations lead to tracking down the headquarters of this strange coven and routing them out of the Spiritland. Although, they were unsuccessful in capturing or killing the group's leader, a mysterious woman by the name of Tornado, they did recover the missing piece of the Daystar to return to Priestess Rosemerta.

They also recovered a large group of children and a large volume of books. The children moved on to orphanages and to be trained as mages. The books added to the collection of Le'Nofaythen to be happily poured over and cataloged by Vorinites and mayhap the occasional Adrinorian.

As an aside, M.J. was able to help recover one Naialia Fenton, a mother of one of the children recovered from the Black Leaves organization.

Xira Vat'logarix'v'shaelth

Recent Adventures

Creature of Wilsash

A Trip to Hell

Time Spent in a Bubble


Animal Companion Research

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