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Ferrell Exploration and Adventuring Team (FEAT)

FEAT Charter

Guilds are groups that players use to get together socially and fullfill some common goal they have among themselves. The guild must "fit the feel" of Avlis, contribute to the RPing community of Avlis, and fit in with the existing background of Avlis. Most have religious, political, and/or social ties that tie them strongly to the world.

On the surface, the Ferrell Exploration and Adventuring Team (FEAT) is a group of varying backgrounds. You have warriors and mages, priests, bards, and others of varying careers. A few times per week they get together to drink, gamble, have fun and plan exploration trips into the unknown in search of adventure and camaraderie. But there is more to them than meets the eye.

FEAT is actually a group of vigilantes operating just below the fabric of society. They surreptitiously carry out missions, often without true recognition, while actively maintaining the facade of a team of rowdy adventuring types. They are made up of people from many different races and ideological backgrounds with a common bond: to protect the lands of Ferrell from any and all groups and individuals who wish to do her harm. Social ties to Ferrell are strong for FEATers. For years, FEAT has been at odds with the Salt Clan of the mines in Ferrell. Through their efforts the clan has been kept in check and pushed back enough to make mining possible, although not yet completely safe. The recent surge of orc attacks against both the Salt Clan and people of Ferrell has left FEAT in the middle of a three-way standoff. Do they get the salt clan to join with them to push the orcs back, inthe hopes of achieving peace and mining rights? Do they protect Ferrell from incursions and allow the orcs and clan to destroy each other? Do they continue to take on both groups, fighting a battle on two fronts? The solution is currently unknown. The only constant is that no matter what FEAT does, it will always uphold the protection of Ferrell above all and never knowingly do something against her or allow something to be done against her.

Outside of their vigilante work, FEAT is a group that can be hired for many different tasks, so long as these tasks are acceptable to the membership. General mercenary work is not below them, and is a specialty of many of the members. Guard duty, apprehension of wrong-doers, retrieval of stolen property...anything the governing forces cannot or will not help you with, FEAT just may be able to. FEAT also can be called upon during times of need for charity, rebuilding, supplies, or other means of help. The members are highly skilled in several crafts and can pull together to get the job done.

Some members of FEAT also operate under the banner of FEAT Enterprises. This front allows members to sell their crafts, and make legitimate business dealings that help to fund the group's many missions, while also allowing them to keep a close eye on the goings on in Ferrell. FEAT Enterprises is made up of several individual FEAT members who voluntarily donate a portion of their proceeds to the FEAT fund, in the hopes of FEAT as a whole prospering from the business.

FEAT swears allegiance to no government, church, magical order, or race. The lands and people of Ferrell are whom they serve and protect, and to that end FEAT gives due consideration to the lawmaking bodies in Ferrell. No law governs FEAT itself, however, and no one individual leads them. Before each mission is carried out, a simple gambling roll decides who shall be the leader of the current mission, also known as the "High Roller," and who shall take on the duties of accounting for the spoils, or any property recovered. Nobody is above anybody in FEAT, all are equals.

While almost anyone can journey with FEAT, to become a member one must fulfill a small number of criteria. Membership of FEAT is determined after a prospective member has journeyed with FEAT long enough to warrant a vote amongst the members. ((Usually a minimum of 3 FEATings)) A prospect is then sponsored for membership by a current FEAT member, who states their case for inclusion in the group. Cases are made for, or against, the member being brought in at that time by the other FEAT members, along with their votes. If a member is accepted, they are given access to the FEAT archives and welcomed as a full-fledged FEAT member.

For administration purposes, FEAT does have a contact voted on by the members. This administrator, known as the "Keeper of the Dice" (or more simply, the Keeper) helps plan the long term goals of FEAT and other various tasks to keep the membership informed as a whole. After serving their term the Keeper turns the mantle over to another vote by the FEAT members for someone else to take the role. This is done in an effort to keep FEAT as egalitarian a group as possible, yet still maintain some form of authority.

(Written by Arania Moonshadow Alastaire-Alaster, Member of FEAT, PM)

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