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About Le'Nofaythen

Le’Nofaythen’T’Nanshi is the standing army of the T'Nanshi nation. They are tasked with protecting the Spiritlands from Foreign Invaders, Domestic Troubles, and generally keeping the Peace in their respective territories. Le'Nofaythen proper is organized into Six Divisions, each with a general area of operation. There are no hard and fast borders, so some mixing and overlap is both inevitable and desirable. The Divisions are:

  • 1st Division – Le’Or T’Nanshi Home Guard
  • 2nd Division – Northern T’Nanshi
  • 3rd Division – Eastern T’Nanshi
  • 4th Division – Southern T’Nanshi
  • 5th Division – Western T’Nanshi
  • 6th Division – Elite Operations/Mobile Strike Force

The T’Nanshi Navy falls under the 6th Division’s Leadership.

Each Division is commanded by a Senior Rangermaster and is divided into smaller Companies typically consisting of 3-5 Rangermasters, 15-20 Woodmasters, and 450-500 Yeomen, Veterans, and Warriors, 10-15 of whom are Battlemages. Troop levels vary in degrees by Peacetime and Wartime activities, and by location and need.

Service Medals: Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi Medals

Divisions are organized as follows: Dispensation of forces

History of Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi 6th Division

For centuries, Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi (The Warriors of T'Nanshi) have been entrusted with maintaining the security and safety of T'Nanshi - the homeland of the elves fathered by Dru'El. Empowered by the Council of Nine, they are responsible for the well being of the elves, fey, animals, trees and all others who dwell within the Spirit Land.

Le'Nofaythen T'Nanshi
For those of you who have moved to T'Nanshi from abroad or are too young to remember, decades of ever increasing M'Chekian aggression following initial border skirmishes, resulted in the formation of a special forces unit of Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi known as the Lonovanen'Hirefya. For well over a century this unit acted as a semi-autonomous elite branch of Le'Nofaythen providing support for T'Nanshi's regular troops stationed along both the southern warzone and northeastern border. While initially a relatively small unit of committed individuals, they continued to grow in size and influence as they were regularly called upon to deal with the direst threats to the Spiritland - dealing swiftly and directly in cases where it would take Le'Nofaythen too long to mobilize. At the close of the centuries long conflict with M'Chek, the penultimate leader of the Lonovanen'Hirefya, General Quicksilver Meridan, retired leaving peacetime rebuilding to the Trethlawn Warmasters and the remaining command group.

With a treaty in place, the bulk of Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi began to decommission and return to their lives in the forest. Once completed, long time commander-in-chief Lady Aratelda Rinthon announced her retirement and recommended to the Council of Nine that command of the remaining Le'Nofaythen veterans who stayed on to watch over the Spiritland in the years to come be handed over to the Lonovanen'Hirefya. This lead to the merger of the Lonovanen'Hirefya with the remaining Le'Nofaythen and the appointment of two new commanders-in-chief: F'eindal and T'eindel Trethlawn, who receive general directives and operating parameters from the Council of Nine. The stationing and continued training of Le'Nofaythen veterans that comprise the peacetime standing army of T'Nanshi is now overseen by a small elite unit of Le'Nofaythen committed to the continued safety and prosperity of the Spirit Land.

Now Le'Nofaythen 6th Division works as an elite unit with autonomy from the main body of the army. Quite often we set up and carry out our own missions with little input from the Council of Nine. At other times we carry out specific orders that they pass down to us via the Warmasters. Ever since the reformation of Le'Nofaythen after the war Drotid and various other hostile forces have been constantly probing at our defenses and the freedoms we hold dear. The future safety of T'Nanshi is in our hands.

Officers of Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi 6th Division

Command Group

Di'ieren, Warmaster - Logistics and Support ((npc))

T'eindel Trethlawn, Senior Warmaster (PM).

Thorfinn Kiff, Warmaster (Ret.)

Fletcher Millstone, Senior Rangermaster and Intelligence Commander


Davilia Chert

Emrys Y'Coeden

Ellowin Kiff (Recruitment Officer)


Druantia Longstride (Recruitment Officer)

Taran Nomad

Lyra Tir'eivrilo

MacMurray, Malulani jael (aka MJ), Hirefya'megen Patrol and Training Officer, (Recruitment Officer) - Retired

Raine (Recruitment Officer)

Talon Blade


Archibald Thel


Eowin Sta'Nieth

Glendir E'lyan

Gurkz (Recruitment Officer)

Ji'mas Esyle

Kale Allonar

Losin Rockhands (Deglos Liason)

Nat'Arie Tir'Narr (Recruitment Officer)

Nuale ("Wolf") Naike'Karka



Le'ooharan Kaya Kooten ("Leo")


Pan'na Millstone (Ret.)

Rydria Dy'nar

Selle Galleaf

Shea'nalya E'lyan

Tesh Tylnen

Tupaia Warick

Zeani Fireblossom

Zelrig Blieth

Guild Information

6th Division

Alignment: Any

Base of operations: T'Nanshi - Le'Nofaythen HQ and Zvidureth Barracks

How to contact us: Contact a recruitment officer.

What we do: We patrol T'Nanshi and respond to threats as they arise, working with the general edicts of the Council and the Warmasters.

What to expect: Expect a lot of patrolling, and a lot of training in tactics and other things initially, followed by a lot of enforcing bans, fines and so on. Also expect a few life-or-death situations when major issues arise, as they tend to do around us.

We differ somewhat from many of the other guilds in Avlis. Unlike the mage orders, holy orders, crafting, mercenary, etc. guilds, we are part of a larger NPC organization - the T'Nanshi Military. In addition, our guild is primarily concerned with a very specific region (that being wherever the warmasters dictate). This means that our purpose, directives, and some of the guidelines we work within are laid out for us by those NPC organizations (i.e. DMs).

The Le'Nofaythen 6th division is culled from the ranks of Le'Nofaythen and the former Lonovanen, handpicked for the fasttrack, we are under the direct command of the Warmasters and have our own command structure that generally follows that of Le'nofaythen as a whole. As an elite division, ranks within the 6th are equivalent to one higher rank within the general companies of Le'nofaythen as a whole. A warrior of the 6th is equivalent to a yeoman of any other company. Our purpose is to be thrown at a hotspot before the regulars can mobilize.

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