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From a military family, the Meridans, Quicksilver joined the Ashen Order as a young mage, and served briefly on the High Mage Council. He later rose to Senior Mage of Relations for the Ashen Order. During this time he helped resolve the Behemoth crisis involving Sun and Moon, and was also linked with the mysterious death of Baron Blood at Nelthrope Keep, but this was never proven.

When his last remaining family member was killed in the war, Quicksilver felt it his duty to join the army. He therefore left the Ashen Order and joined the Lonovanen'Hirefya, the Special Forces unit of the T'Nanshi army.

While in the army he rose through the ranks swiftly, learning sword fighting as well as magic. He fought many well documented battles with Captain Bentsen of the Alpha Corps. His most infamous moment came when he killed the Ebony mage Sand near the Fairy Gardens. Sand accused him of outright assassination, a political storm erupted and a week later members of the Ebony Order attacked Le'Or T'Nanshi and they were promptly banished.

Quicksilver was also involved closely with the defeat of the Gentleman, leading an attack on one of his bases, and surviving several personal encounters with him. It later transpired that the Gentleman in his original form had been defeated by an adventuring band that included Quicksilver's brother, Clarendil Meridan. Currenly, Quicksilver is second in command of Lonovanen'Hirefya, holds the rank of Warmaster in the army, and is a member of the Green Order of the Forest. He is one of the few mages who really does know how to use a sword.