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Archibald Skybreaker
Race: Avariel
Classes: Wizard
Guild affiliations: The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge in Nature, Academy of the Bardic Arts
Most active on server: Wilderness
Contact: Leave a message


Personality: 2004-Mid 2009

For most of his years, Archibald was generally viewed as a crazy obsessive-compulsive mage with tons of ideas and unique but bad solutions to problems. In general, he was actually somewhat nice to people though never close enough to anyone to call them a friend. He was prone to fits of rage whenever he felt he was being mocked and insulted by others and often responded poorly to this. He rarely thought through the consequences of his actions as well many times to the detriment of himself or those around him. In most situations, he acted overly confident to a point of foolishness as well. Even though it took ages for it to happen, something finally gave that caused all of this to change...

Present Day Personality

These days Archibald is no longer considered mad or insane by many. He tends towards being a kind man, though very fiercely protective of that which he cares about, especially his friends. His creativity while somewhat diminished by his now stable mind tends to be put to better use as well and he can see both simple and complex solutions to problems that many don't and he can immediately act upon them or offer ideas to others. He is a remarkably good listener and very helpful and wise in concern to the issues of others thanks to the great variety of different experiences and things he has gone through over the years. However, he does tend to make friends with women more easily and seems to be a natural at helping them with their problems. Despite his occasional lack of tact, he does remarkably well at being a charming gentleman, a trickster and joker, and just showing a boastful air of confidence for the sake of it for unknown reasons. He tends to approach most situations confidently, though he is more than aware of his own limits and knows when it's best to admit to them, yet also knows when taking a risk is the best possible approach.


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