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Members of Reverdie rehearse another masterpiece.

Alignment: Any

Base of Operations: The Academy of Bardic Arts in Visimontium

DM sponsors: Currently unsponsored

Description / History

Reverdie is a traveling troupe of performing bards started by Arania Moonshadow Alastaire-Alaster. Commissioned by Melonius Mennallin, Arania formed the troupe to perform plays and concerts in Visimontium and all across Avlis. The Academy of Bardic Arts was built in the city of Visimontium as a place for the troupe to work together and perform their shows as well as teach each other and those wishing to learn the ways of the profession.


Adagio D'Tranticus Director
Arania Moonshadow Alastaire-Alaster
Indiga Amanta
Eric Buzzard
Rabiah Endymion Irofin
Willem Lightheart
Elong Singalong