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Name: Rabiah Endymion
Race: Half-Elf
Age: If you say she looks 30 she'll knife you
Description: White Hair, Green Eyes, Tall for her kind and very lithe

History: The youngest child of Adalea Silvermoon and Michael Endymion, her childhood and upbringing define the quirks of her personality more than anything else. She was born and raised in Kuras. Her father abandoned his position in the M'Chek army when he met Adalea. Fearing the recrimination on both sides if they discovered, they fled to Elysia to seek refuge among the many half-elves and half-nymphs that resided there. There Adalea gave birth to two baby boys and the family found a modicum of success and happiness. Their confort was shortlived however. What Michael had failed to realize when he married his young bride, although older than him in real years, was a young adolescent among her kind. Her family tracked them to Elysia after several years. There they were told that the babies and Adalea were to return to Le'Or with Adalea's father and brothers and Michael was never to see them again. Using the best of his military training, Michael spirited away his small family and pregnant wife in the middle of the night. Making their way north they arrived in Kuras shortly before Rabiah's birth.

As refuges from a war few new anything about in the great city of the Imperium, the family found little in the way of comfort or support. The temple of O'ma became their haven for many months, and it was there that young Rabiah was born. After several months the mine offered Michael work and Adalea found several Patrician families wanting their children to learn elvish. Eventually they established a quiet and peaceful life. Michael working long hours to provide for their children and their mother making every piece of gold stretch as far as she could. The children oblivious to the strain on their parents were given the life and education rivalling that of any patrician. In time they realized their parents relative poverty and came to resent the silver spoon that so many of their peers were born with.

During her formative years the family took in a Romini woman who was doing some research on the ancient history of the Romini and the founding of Kuras. This woman also taught young Rabiah the ways of religion, and introduced her into the worship of Mishlekh, from whose worship Rabiah has not turned. Religiously the rest of the family continued to visit the temple of O'ma, finding the authoritarian hand of the many Toranites in the city oppressive.

After some unpleasantness with one of her patrician born peers in which Rabiah was obviously the guilty party she decided that Kuras was not for her. After much begging a caravan agreed to take her south. Eventually making her way to Mikona.

It wasn't long there that she met three individuals who changed her life. Susallia one day saw her singing at Fort Kragg. Impressed enough to take an interest, she brought Rabiah to Mikona's Finest and instructed her a bit in the ways of the bard. Soon she met Raen who booked her for the next MMM at the Port Hole where she's been a regular ever since. These two women introduced her into the world of music and art that she had longed to join since the time she was a child.

Yet neither of them had as much affect on her life and art as a dwarf named Alphonse Irofin. From their first meeting an unlikely affection grew between them. In time they realized that they were destined for each other and recently wed at the foot of Mt. Balinor.

Since her marriage her song and poetry has taken a decidedly disturbing shift. She now writes freely and openly about sex, and takes pleasure in making her audience uncomfortable with the subject matter of her songs. She has also joined the Keepers with her husband. Officially her reasoning is that the undead stink and so shouldn't be allowed to walk the face of Avlis. Unofficially she just wants to keep an eye on her husband to make sure no one steals him from her.

Major works include:
A Divine Courtship
Ode to mishlekh
Corruption of a Virgin
Fishing at the Port