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Raen's Journal Raen rarely performs anymore choosing to encourage other performers in an effort to lighten the burden of the peoples of the land through their performances and art.

Founder of the Monthly Monday Madness which occured for ten years (Avlis) without skip at the Port Hole Inn, Port Eridanus, Ferrell. This remains an open forum for performers to perfect their pieces and showcase to a public and opportunity for 100 gold pieces for public to view some fine artist and performers when musical events were know to cost in the thousands of gold coin to gain entry. After a year away Raen returned and renamed the event Musical Monday Madness.

Proprietor: Mikona's Finest Playhouse On the First Floor One Percenter's Tower, City Gate Area, Mikona

Manager: Elysian Towers In the Nobles District, Elysia

Manger: Mikona Townhomes In the City Gate Area, Mikona