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The Port Hole Inn is easily found in Port Eridanus, it is prominently built near the waters edge between the AKN Hall and the shopping stalls that Humphrey and Merin operate. It is a fine establishment staffed by some of the friendliest halflings Ferrell has to offer; though Soppi Tosspot, the holder of the room keys, does have a penchant for the drink. Do not let this turn you off though, not only is it the favorite watering hole for residents living and working near the port, it is also does a fair business from visitors and adventurers. In recent years, it has become quite the hot spot for performers, to the point where it now has a resident priestess of Naren (Ms. Genevieve).

Rental Capacity

The inn also boasts 37 rooms for rent to the weary adventure or riversman to lay their head down and stow their gear as they shop at the various businesses near the port.

Events and Happenings

Ferrell Adventuring and Exploration Team

The group known as FEAT meets here every Thursday at 2300 GMT (an open FEATing for non-members) for drinks before heading out to find trouble where ever it may be.

Musical Monday Madness

Originally called the Monthly Monday Madness the event languished as Miss Raen traveled to lands afar. After a year away Miss Raen returned and renamed the event Musical Monday Madness. On a chosen Monday of each month the inn plays host to Musical Monday Madness or MMM night, bards gather from across Avlis to try new works, perfect old ones and generally entertain all who enter the inn, announcements of this event are posted here.