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3D Model of Susallia
Name: Susallia Songbird
Race: Half-Nymph, Nymph mother and Elf father
Age: 86
Gender: Female
Hair: Lime Green
Eyes: Light Brown
Place of Birth: Toran Shaarda
Residence: Elysia
Citizen's State: Romantically involved with Baloth Half-Tusk
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: O'Ma


Affiliations & Titles:
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Songs by Susallia
Susallia's Library

History and Background

Oh who cares about the past! I am going to run off with Baloth, that's all what matters... After we get married and only for a short time as nowadays both Baloth and I can't stay away too long as we have both obligations, responsibilities and business to take care of. I wasn't always this responsible though.
I still can remember my younger days so many years ago, the first step I took from the boarding plank to the docks in the Wharfes. The business and the crowd of Elysia caught me from the start and drew me in, I was very free spirited and followed my heart instead of my brains. Brought me in a lot of troubles too! But more of that later.

I followed my feet, as they brought me around over the cobbled streets of Elysia, wandering in circles and trust me, in Elysia you can. I was awe inspired by the serenity and beauty of this city and finally my feet brought me right in front the keep, the Heart of Elysia. That moment I made myself a promise, to gain fame as a troubadour and to sing one day in the very halls of the keep before the court.

I was very inexperienced and I was lucky to met a powerfull mage known as Quintillion. He showed me around, told me more about Elysia and where to go and where not to go. He showed me the wonders of alchemy or in my case the horrors as I tended to scorch my hair and burn my dresses and decided that Alchemy wasn't my thing. For all his help and guidance he asked me only one thing in return, a promise that I would help others and to guide them like Quint did for me.
That promise became my life and till this very day I keep to that promise made.

Susallia, Planewalker

Ah... never could I have dreamt off visiting other exotic worlds, far planes and distant planets. But it was possible, and I took every oppertunity and every chance that was within reach to wander among the stars. I was reckless during that time, the thrill to the unknown was stronger than common sense, my search for stories of yonder was so strong I litterally knocked on the door of a Vampire Lord and pleaded for his personall story...
As I said, I was quite foolish.

Plane of Rockhome

Through the underground maze and over the very snowy mountain tops of Deglos. To reach to the portal of Rockhome you had to face many dangers, traps and blizards.

It was Arabel, a dear friend of mine who invited me to come over to Rockhome as they were in need for a scribe to report a heroic deed of brave heroes that battles the awakening of the Immortal named Thanathos. Sadly Thanathos kept himself low by the time I made the long journey. But that never kept me from exploring Rockhome and I also decided to make fame there aswell as troubadour. Oh, the whole thing about that vampire Lord happened on Rockhome. But how I miss to sing night and day around the big campfire in Evemur, every song I have written in that time I first sang them there before singing them somewhere else.

Hala and its Bergs

...To be Continued.