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Brother Alphonse Irofin of Dagath

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue / Cleric

Follower of: Dagath

Origin: M'Chek, in a small home near one of the many iron mines

Born: Winter of 2015

Current Residence: Ferrell, in his home in the Southlands



Alphonse Irofin was only a very young dwarf when his family moved to M'Chek to work in the mines. While his father and brothers worked young Al spent his time playing with the human children, leading him to yearn for the life of a hero, a flashing sword, dodging blows by skill alone, rescuing maidens in distress and vanquishing dragons. His family disapproved however, preferring him to want to work in the mines, and earn the family suit of plate mail that was his inheritance.

Becoming fed up with the pressure he left home with nothing but the clothes on his back, even going so far as dropping the middle 'N' from his family name, Ironfin, because Irofin sounded more mysterious and heroic.

The Important People

Rabiah Endymion

Al met Rabiah a young half elven bard of Mishlekh by sheer coincidence when they both joined a group heading to cleanse the Mikona crypts of undead. She fell under weight of numbers, and Al prayed over her fallen body until she was returned. Since that day they grew closer and closer, with him watching her bardic performances at the MMM, where she mostly sang about how heroic he was. Time moved on and they were married up in Visimontium. Since then the majority of her songs have taken on a more adult nature, but continue to be about Al, as she has developed a remarkable talent for embarrassing him in public, culminating in the hugely entertaining "Corruption of a Virgin" which she performed at the FeatherFingers Bardic Tournament.


Deostori was a young Verossan druidess who initially approached Al wanting to be his apprentice. An affection grew between the two and he soon fell for her. Making it his personal crusade to save her from Verossa, both were attacked by druids and even the Storm Mother herself, before finally one day she was free. It was for her that Al built his 'Hillhouse' in the Southland of Ferrell, and it was there they always felt safest. It wasnt to last though as Deostori's childlike curiousity led her to run off with a tiefling because of his tail.

Zacharia FeatherFingers

Zach made an immediate impression on the young Al when he saw a poster announcing that this business man had won the second scaled gauntlet, the accompanying picture of a small man with two shiny kukri too much to ignore. After building up the courage Al approached Zach about lessons in becoming a 'kukri slasher' and was not only taught the skills, but loaned two very fine blades to practise with. Since then Al has developed something of his own style with the kukri often wielding a nice solid mace alongside one of those initial blades.


Daemona is another very important person in Al's life, although not in the way many people believed, her Ghost Elf heritage ruling that out completely. She is a very dear friend to both Al and Rabiah and often an unseen protector of both. Her skills have meant that whenever Al is going somewhere dangerous and needs a Healer, she will always be the first one asked

Memorable Moments

Conversion to Dagath

Al's conversion to Dagath took place over an extended period of time which began when Al was invited to travel with the Keepers. As time passed Al knew that hunting undead was the right thing to do, and started to accept some of Dagaths philosophies. This would have been the end of it if it hadn't been for Deostori. When Deostori accompanied a Keeper patrol to the lost temple under Ferrell she fell to a trap, while she was trying to get to Al so she could heal him. She remained by Verossa's side for too long, and returned with a madness in her eyes. When Al found her she was weak and barely conscious. Carrying her to where they were building a house, he knelt over her unconscious body and began to pray to Dagath. She began to stir, but her eyes were filled with an even greater madness, as if Verossa and Dagath themselves were fighting over her soul. As Al continued to pray she rose and threatened to smite him down. As a calmness settled over Al's spirit it seemed Deostori managed to regain some manner of control and fled the scene. Al firmly believes Dagath saved both himself and Deostori that day, and ever since then has tried to spread Dagath's name whereever he goes

The First Sign of Dagath's approval

When Al first decided to dedicate himself to Dagath and become a priest he found himself unable to invoke any blessings in Dagaths name. Putting it down to the fact he had turned to Dagath so late in his life, Al became even more determined to prove himself before Dagath. The first real sign he recieved happened a few months after his conversion. The Keepers had decided to patrol in the Lost River Canyons and came across a hugely powerful shadow. Following standard Keeper procedure a charge followed and rather predictably the shadow came out unharmed. Seeing this Al began to speak with the shadow, finding out that it wanted to be returned to the Cycle. Knowing that trying to cut shadows with a blade was impossible Al fell to his knees and began to pray. Closing his eyes and wearing only his holy robes the shadow could have cut him down in a second, but Al knew he had to trust Dagath. The prayer began at a whisper, but hearing the reactions of the others with him to the holy lights that filled the chamber confidence filled his voice and the prayer rose in intensity. With a blinding flash of holy light, and a scream from the shadow, the Cycle reclaimed the one was lost. Since that day Al has found himself given greater blessings by Dagath

The Fiend and The Golem

A significant motivation for Al to spread Dagath's word is that he knows what it is like to be on the outside of the Cycle. A fiend known only as Bia'taron had been attacking priests of Dagath when they travelled the wilds of M'Chek. The fiend had been imprisoned long ago by priests of Dagath in a small plane, and recently found a way to free itself. Travelling Dagath priests had been found with various body parts missing. Eyes missing from one, the heart from another, from yet another the legs. Things came to a head when Al was praying in the Westshore temple with the young priestess Pereppi. Hearing screams outside he went out to investigate, instructing Pereppi to seal herself inside. The source of the screams was Deostori, who had been captured by Bia'taron and two of his undead minions. Seeing her near hysterical in terror, Al made a deal with the fiend, that he would go in her place. Little was he to know that Bia'taron was building a golem made of flesh to mock Dagath further. Knowing that using a Dagathite priest would be a greater insult Bia'taron readily agreed. Kneeling in prayer Al waited for Bia'taron's killing blow. Instead the fiend cut open Al's head and removed his brain to use in his golem. Al's spirit was torn from the Cycle and remained on the edge of nothingness. Days later the Keepers found their way to the cave where they found Al's still kneeling body and the golem. Slaying the golem, they returned Al's brain to his body and called on Dagath to restore him. Al's spirit returned willingly and since that day Al knows what the souls he returns to the Cycle are going through

Al's Current Goals

Al has several goals for his life all of which revolve around Dagath.

He is currently organising construction for a new temple to Dagath in the Tower of the Dawn in Ferrell, and is hoping that he will be appointed Dagath High Priest for Ferrell when it is completed.

He also wants to collect all the Dagathite artifacts he can to stop them falling into the wrong hands. He is currently in the process of aquiring a kukri that used to belong to a Dagathite High Priest who has long moved on in the Cycle