Corruption of a Virgin

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Corruption of a Virgin

by Rabiah Endymion-Irofin

Did you know?
Have you heard
Of a girl’s dream of her wedding day?

For years in mirrors I stared,
A lass dreaming of putting on white,
Yearning for the gallant brave man,
A man on white horse who I could call knight
A man who’d love me, and save me, and
Who’d one day in love take my hand.

Did you know?
Have you heard
Of a woman’s joy at being given a ring?

All I wanted was a simple stone,
Cut by a jeweler's master hand,
That would scatter light blue and red,
Inlayed in a simple platinum band,
And in the end you know it’s true,
Diamonds alone on my hand would do.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
About the joys of the wedding bed?

Perhaps not timidly did I enter,
In virgin white pure and chaste,
Into the halls of my wedding chamber,
My naked husband there to face.
With joy and pain, my maidenhood was lost,
So soon? Did I think, for only a minute did it cost.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
What you learn after your wedding night?

Two weeks have past since the blessed day,
And I have learned something to my hearts great gladness,
That thing that my mother told me a wife must endure,
Now fills me with a passionate madness,
Now I find the minutes stretch to hour after hour,
The only problem I have is my husband’s staying power.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
That dessert is not just part of a meal?

I learned this one night when lying in bed,
A hunger from sex made me go fill my dish
Fruit and crème and honey back to bed did I take,
Quickly I realized I’d granted my husband a wish,
For that which I spilled off my naked flesh he ate,
My breasts were his flagons and my belly his plate.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
Not to craft in the nude?

I stood at the table crafting as usual,
Chopping and cutting the things I had gathered,
When the candles flickered out and the fire extinguished,
I looked to my husband and saw that he’d lathered,
His manhood aglow with irridiscent green,
From the glowmoss I’d gathered down by the stream.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
Of chocolate and sex?

Some say that it’s better than sex,
That brown sweet wonderful treat,
Yet those who do, must not have learned,
That chocolate will melt at low heat,
And when it is melted I know what to dip,
The trouble is getting it all in my lips.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
My husband’s a bad boy?

It’s true I avow with solemn heart and a heavy hand,
Often punished for his missteps I must take a strap,
My pour naughty little man’s correction,
Comes with a sturdy whip’s hard fast whap,
Some told me that the whip for taming was good,
Best if my husband first gets strapped to the wood.

Did you know?
Have you heard?
Of the maiden’s tower delights?

I told my poor lover the truth of it all,
I realized this morning something that he had to know
Something that for his sake we must try,
If just two is outstanding then to more we must go,
And meet them in toga, and leather, and lace,
And together in multiples we’ll all join an embrace.

Did you know?
Can you tell?
What happened to the maiden fair?

Looking back on it now it all comes clear,
Like the sun breaking through the misty morn,
I think back on the innocence of my chaste past
That was instilled in me from the day I was born,
And I cannot help but realize the change that’s occurred,
I just hope that my mother’s not heard.