Ode to mishlekh

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Ode to Mishlekh by Rabiah Endymion-Irofin

In praise of all that’s good,
Here you united do we stand,
We raise our bottles to you,
For the sake of vine and land,
To Mishlekh, To Mishlekh, To Mishlekh ((Drinks))

To you oh wise and great,
Grower of the blessed vine,
Stomper of the ripened grape,
We raise our bottles in praises fine,
To Wine, To Wine, To Wine. ((Drinks))

Enrapturing smokes with odors quaint,
In halls with joyous colors burst,
Making all sorrow and memory faint,
Juice purple and strong quenching Thirst.
We Drink, We Smoke, We Drink. ((Drinks))

For all who know the joy,
Of our intoxicating drink,
We give you praise and thanks,
And unto you we sing
Amen, Amen, Amen. ((Drinks))