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Elong Singalong
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Elong Singalong

Full Name: Elong Singalong
Age: 140 years
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Religion: Kelvos
Birthplace: Suneal Thorp
Current Residence: Mikona

History: Elong Singalong was born in Suneal Thorp. Her father and mother had a shop. Elong has a brother, called Pan. In her youth Elong met an old bard, who spent his last days in their village. She discovered that she had talent to write songs and perform. Her dad and mom disapproved of this. But she chose the bard life and ran off one night without saying goodbye.

Elong found her way to Elysia, where she stayed for a long while of her life. She found new friends, her twin brother Unen Yana, got married with Snow and was very happy. Till one day...

Elong got bitten by a werewolf. She started getting nightmares about a lot of things. Snow and she broke up. She started feeling alone. Then she moved to Mikona.

There she met Thalarian and fell deeply in love with him. Sadly enough fate started playing up again and Thalarian needed to move to Kuras for the Blue Order and the Sword of Toran. They broke up after a long while. Her heart had never been broken like this. Why did he leave her while he still loved her? She was devastated about this, she felt like life had no use. And if her life didnt have any use, why would anybody else's life have use? The dreams were getting worse and worse.

Elong met Sinomi while she was turning to the evil side. He made her an offer she couldn't refuse and joined in with the Turiva Ilnuru. Because Elong's bardic teachings and palemastery were a totally different thing she decided to keep them separate. On the one hand she was Elong the bard, on the other hand Cha'levena. The name she got from the priestess of Wilsash. It means heart of the moon. She kept this name for a long time.

In her life she felt alone, and tried to fill up the hole. There have been several things going on that only certain people know of. Her close friends and self chosen family. On her way she met someone that helped her find herself back again and helped her out of the deep black pitch she was in. She came back from her view of life, but the bands she build up with Sinomi and the Turiva meant a lot for her. She wanted to show the people that you dont have to be evil to be a palemaster, you didnt even need to be mage.

Wilsash, not teasing her anymore with nightmares left her life, and she started to pay respect to Kelvos. She tries to help people now with their love problems, prays for them and gives advice with marriages.

But, though she is not evil anymore and she is doing to do what she thinks is good and best for the world, there is a lot that she is hiding. Sometimes when she sits at her favourite spot in Mikona, near the bugbears, it is like she hears something whispering to her. Some of the shadow places around her seem to be moving. But if this is just an illusion or something real...that is the question you could ask her. She decided not to lie anymore, but might not answer every question.

Her favourite quote:

If you never got your heart broken, how can you appreciate love then to the fullest?

Elong's songbook