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Elong Singalong's Songbook

Song of the Lost Memories

A man with a golden heart sat on the ground.
Quiet not making any sound.
He was thinking of his past.
But he did not know anything anymore.

He embraced a god in his heart.
To love someone, a start.
He met great friends and smiled along.
He was loved and not alone.

Tracing his memories he found something out.
And it was dark, without a doubt.
His memory was raised of a shock.
This man of god was a murderer.

He went to his victim's family
And they recognized him...
He was hanged for his crimes.
He can't remember anymore.

And before he died he felt like his god whom he loved turned his back on him.

The Song of the Darkstar

One long time ago there was this lovely girl
Cause she was only child she had to learn how to fight.
Her hair was red like fire, just as her spirit.
And when she smiled the sun shined.

Then after cutting wood a whole day
She came back and saw her village
Dark and red it was, smelled like death and fire
Her smile fainted like the sun.

Red and Darkness controlled her life.
Revenging her family and friends
Dark memories and dreams haunted her
No smile or sun anymore in her life

Then her life came back
She made friends and met a lover
The darkness became less dark
Her smile and sun came back

On a dark day
Her boyfriend was killed by the same man
She killed the murderer of her luck
Before he died he stabbed her with a poison dagger

She embraced the sun and died with a smile on her face
Now the sun always shines, like she always smiles

Spring Flowers

A bed of flowers welcomes the sound of rain
Yellow, white, red and purple all seem to faint
Rain messes up the colors and the smell
All doing this very well

I am trying to catch a teardrop from the sky
And close my eyes, try to fly
The rain song takes me up
And makes me fly, seeing trees beneath me

The wind whispers to me
The rain tells me a story
They drop me off again and leave
Leaving me behind with a hollow feeling

A love song

An air of mystery surrounds her
Like she surrounds my thoughts
I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you
But who can decide what they dream, and dream I do...

When she is not around me here
I wander and have much fear
Cause who can be that powerful that she controls my dreams, my mind?

Darkness surrounds my thoughts and my heart
I rather die a thousand lives than let her feel pain or live in sorrow

To live, to breathe
You are taking over me

Haunted mind

Lost words spoke to me
Let me feel lost again
Why don't you leave me?
Why don't you leave my mind?

You are watching me, hunting me and taking me
I don't want you in my mind
I can feel that you pull me down

Falling deeper into myself
Spinning and spinning
There is no beginning and no ending

When I woke up I found myself still in the dark
Still falling into madness

Song of Le'Or

The wind heaves a sigh when it passes by
The stars don't seem to shine that bright above in the sky
The birds sing about ever lasting youth and grace
Even the rats seem to daze

At the beauty of Le'Or

Trees show up out of the ground
Singing an old acient sound
Beauty everywhere you see
I feel very free

At the brightness of Le'Or

When the night turns into day
And the stars are fainting away
The sun greets the city and smiles
Cause it has been a while

Seeing the Youth of Le'Or

Love Tricks

Why is it when I look in your eyes, I feel so sad?
I see you walking around alone, and that makes me feel sad.
I want to hold you, love you, kiss you.
You may think I don't love you that way, but I do.

When I see you talking to your friends.
And you smile warmly at me, I wish it never ends
Cause I want to be with you alone.
When you're not around me my heart feels like stone

I close my eyes and think of your eyes
Beautiful but very wise
I feel a cold hand touching mine
I see my boyfriend and I take another glass of wine

Then I remember that the man I suppose to love is right beside me

Let Me Live

Mother, father listen for once to me
You want to make me someone else who I cannot be
I know that our traditions are important too
But sometimes it seems more for you

Shut up this once please
And realize I don't do this just to tease
I feel this is the right thing I want in my life
A world of acients power where I will in dive

You can throw me out of our home
And try to make me feel alone
But although you abandon me from your home to start
You can't abandon me from your heart

Dancing in the Moonlight

I take your hand, you smile warmly at me
I lead you outside, where the moon shines bright
You look up and smile warmly at me
Before I know we were daaaaannnnccciiinngg

Dancing in the moonlight
The silver light guiding us
Two persons who dance like one
With the stars to witness

A perfect dance without music
One raindrop falls on your nose
With a smile I kiss it off your face
More falls and the music starts

Dancing in the moonlight
The silver light guiding us
Two persons who dance like one
With the stars to witness and the rainmusic

Slowly the moon faints...
The rainmusic slows down
Our dancing rhythm stops
We fall on the ground
Looking at the fainting stars
I smile and close my eyes
Dreaming about dances in the moonlight

Dragons' Song

Giant masters of the sky
Beholding all with their almighty eye
Their scales glittering bright
Muscles rippling with might

Their great serpentine bodies wheeling and diving
Their victims running and crying
As they fly showing their power raw
People on the ground stare with awe

Peasants and kings alike cower
Before the dragon's awesome power
Giants, dwarves and humans shake
When dragons land the ground will break
Giant masters of the sky beholding all with their mighty eye

Trying to Find My Way

You lay your head on my shoulder
I look at you to see if you're still human
Honestly it is a hard thing to be and find
Cause we all want to seem to have figured it out

Just trying to find my way

Let me be the first to tell you
that I don't have a clue
I dont have all the answers
And I am not going to pretend I have

Just trying to find my way

I am working on my sweet words
And hope I will master it all some day
If I would do, would you think I would fully
understand every word you are saying?

Just trying to find my way

Well I am trying to figure it out,
Even if it takes my own life to get to where I need to be

Amy's Song

I am a soldier born of pain
I live to fight again and again
I stand a top off a hill and scream
For those who die, for king and queen

For all the men who shout and cry
Just to stand and hope to die
For all the children that are born
To have their homes burnt and torn

I walk through dark and bloodied lands
And cry my tears of guilty hands
For I am a soldier born of pain
I live to fight, again and again


Dear soldier, come and sing with me
Take an ale and smile
Tonight it will fill you with warmth and joy
Come sit and have some more

There are no enemies tonight
Only friends, and some good looking girls
They sit on your lap and smile with charm
Cause they know you will go soon

Talk about naughty things and drink some more
It could be your last night with girls and hot drinks
Tonight the ale will flood for you
Like innocent blood will do tomorow


Whispering words soft and sweet
Telling ancient stories very slow
Seeing everything beneath
Whispering wherever it may flow

Embracing the world of the sky
I spread my wings
Flying with it so high
Hearing and seeing everything

It fills my soul, my heart
Knowing everything that has ever been
Knowing where it ends and starts
Seeing more than someone has ever seen

Realizing I can't fly
I fell down on the ground
Angered, looking at the blue sky
Hearing music with no sound

Dark Lady

She spreads her wings
Dark as the night
Her moments graceful
An eerie sight

The sky - her own land
The earth - below
Above the stormclouds,
She wonders how

Making the earth go black beneath
Gracefully gliding away from the haunters bow
With her rusty song she leads
Leading a one man show


Feeling my head throbbing
I open a door inside of me
Somewhere I know everything
And just can be

A wide open place
No signs of fear
People without a face
Sounds you can't hear

No chaos that controls my mind
My heartbeat slows down
Some peace I find
Beeing a queen without a crown

Lost Soldier

Blood, everywhere around me
People crying
Everywhere I see
People dying

My hands are red
Filled with blood
Feeling high, am I death?
Where is my god?

Feeling just awakened
Or still in a bad dream?
My nose fills with smoke
I open my mouth and scream

What am I doing here?
See a sword and embrace it tight
Having no more fear
Going to embrace the light


It is almost morning
You walk drunk to home
Realizing that your wife is up already
And will smack you so hard
Even probably start a fight
But you will go still to the tavern cause...

That cute waitress of the bar
Her smile is like the sun
And her voice like a rainfall

Your wife is not talking to you anymore
Your life seem to be in a dark hole
Still you kiss your wife goodnight and go
The ale is waiting for you
When you open the door
Sensing the smell of sweating drinking men you see...

Shall you ask her...
Do you dare?
You give her a sign
Open your mouth
See her coming

And you order another ale


Even if I would never know your name
Even if I would never have seen your face
Even then I would feel the same
And only find a safe place?.. in your heart

Even if time would not exist
Even if my love would die
Even if I would never know what I would miss
There is not question why? you are in my heart

Even if the stars and moon would faith
Even if the sun would just go away
Even then I can say this straight
I would know what to say?.. to you

Though my faith is not clear to me
I know one thing to do
This was meant to be
Just loving you

Caged Words

Feelings in your heart
Are eating you up from inside
Just don't knowing where to start
Keeping them as a real knight

Those feelings keep spinning in your mind
Never leaving you alone
Peace is very hard to find
So your heart turns to stone

Think I better leave right now
Before we go any weaker
But somehow
We are falling deeper and deeper

Stay here
Share those feelings with me
Cause I love you my dear
Why is that something you can't see?

Song to the Frozen Heart (Isamu's Song)

Cold as stone
Dark as the night
Being all alone
A one man's fight

Never show the world how you truly feel
Scaring everyone away
But in the dark you kneel
Please, just stay

Searching for love you once had
Trying to keep your heart alive
But you know it is death
Because of the darkness you dive in

Being mortal or king of the undead
It is your path to choose
Listen to me, cause it should be said:
Someday you will be loved and you can't refuse

Scaled Gauntlet

Mighty warriors full of pride
They'll finish as honoured or dead
Their battlecries they shout
They'll make the earth run red

Holding his weapon high
Bert is the first to step up to the plate
But there is no one else to fight
To the next Scale he heads straight

A close fight it became
When Bert, Kinite and Damnit fought head to head
Damnit was good and received his fame
Bert and Kinite both fell and bled

Cain and Tyrrian looked into each other's eyes
Before the excited, waiting crowd
Betting on which weapon would give the final strike
Tyrrian, near death, manged to leave Cain bowed

When Sinomi, Rhissaerk and Satin started their round
You could see a flaming glow
Their weapons singing a song without a sound
When Rhisseark gave the final blow

Sun-and-Moon turned invisible
Aryana drank a potion of Sight Unseen
Sun's tricks did not stop her at all
To become as deadly as Aryana has ever been

Tianni, Midnight, Kay'lana, Morran, Arkn'sterod
and Fealith entered the Sixth Scale
All there fought for their lives
Nobody wanted to fail
It is Tianni Isilywynde who survives

Flint and Tagnaro were ready to stride
When Sand and Moredo disappeared immediately
After taking Flint and Tagnaro for a death ride
Moredo took down Sand eventually

The Eighth Scale, the last battle
Ayren, Amonien, Archfarchrand and Zacharia
with their weapons shining bright
This was time to settle
So Archfarchrand finished the fight

From halflings to half-orcs, dwarves to elves
Their glory forevermore won't fade
For all these warriors, they proved themselves
No matter who wielded the winning blade


Somewhere in this darkness there must be a light
But you are too far away, or am I just blind?
Maybe you are still here, and I'm not alone
A part of me is fighting this, but a part of me is gone

A hundred years that made me older
A thousand tears that made me colder
Why is it that you realize you miss someone
At the moment their life is done

You always shined like the sun
Giving me this much fun
When you smiled and talked to me
But now you are were you suppose to be

Forgive my selfish thougths
You are now in the arms of our gods
So you can help more then you have ever could
At the beginning of our root

Forgive me the tears I cry
Cause even how hard I try
Everything reminds me of you
So please forgive me when I do

Know I will always remember your face
And someday I will be with you at the same place
Till that day I will fight just for your memory
At this moment when your spirit is free.


My mind is going mad
Been stumbling and falling
Feeling good and feeling bad
I can hear, it is calling

Your love is poison to me
I am drugged and controled
Is this how you want me to be?
Addicted and cold

Now you are here and I lay
In a place no one can find
Being far away
You are poison spinning around my mind

Cut myself till I bleed
Is this all a bad dream spinning in my lonely head?
Planting your dark seed
Only knowing what you have said.

Body withered? body died?..
Time to take this life for a death ride?


Feeling empty, alone
Heart has turned to stone
Died several times
Paying for my crimes
Feeling cold as bone

Haunted by my own mind
Still trying to be kind
My soul rips out
Without a voice I shout:
Is this the peace I need to find?

Trying hard to breathe
But here is not the air I need
Feeling everything and nothing at all
I can hear death call
Earth, which I am burried underneath

Sword Dance

Sharp and cold
Silver and gold
Singing while you touch the air
Peaceful moments we both share
When we dance together
Dancing light as a feather

No fear, no pain
Only fortune to gain
Cutting through flesh till bone
Being together alone
You are my enemy and friend
Fighting until our end

Never leave my side
Be my pale in the fight
My fight of life
And at the edge of the knife
I will embrace you tight
When we will see that bright light

The Battle of the Mages

With health and power
Lights as a golden rain shower
Mages from all around
Came here to stand their ground
Fighting till their ends
Alone or together with friends

The Ivory stood as hard as steel
When the fighting became real
With summons running free
It was they who took first victory

Lafreth and Sand built up the heat
Making the earth shake beneath
When a Bigby's Grasping Hand
Damaged and took down Sand

With no summons running around this turn
T'were the Ivory mages who burned
The Ashen chose their spells with care
So it was their victory to share

Again Lafreth and Sand stood in the cage
The Ivory against the Ebony mage
By turning into a beast of might
Sand the dragon won the fight

The spells they shot
The Ivory and Ashen damaged even the crowd
With deathly magic arrows flying through the air
The Ashen mages won the last round fair

Sand didst cast the dragon spell
But it was not Lafreth who fell
In this third and final round
It was Sand who hit the ground

With still the magic in our head
A further thanks must be said
To Rykoffe, Aryana and Eldraea whose actions lead
To help those who were in need


Laying dying on the ground
Bleeding heart
It was not you who found
Her laying there for a start

She trusted you all this time
But you let her down
Now it is time to pay for his crime
For leaving her alone in this town

If she would throw her life away
She would be worthless just like you
You rather should have stay
Cause now you become her foe

Trying hard to convince
That it was not her fault
Ever trying since
To forget what you had told

Now I see her leaving all alone
Haunted by shadows of the past
Her heart is turning to stone
Trying to remember the girl she once was

*A little note is added to these songs*

The 2 folowing songs are made with love and for my dear Snow...

Snow's Song

How does it come that you can look right in my soul?
Controling my mind and dreams
I feel happy, sad, up and down
All because of you

Red meets white
My eyes open wide
Cause a feeling long not felt
comes back and controls me

How do you do this stuff?
Why do you do this to me?
I am nothing special
Not that special as thee

But don't be afraid
I love you and I will
My tummy tickles and mine thoughts only think about you

Engagement Song

That evening the stars were shining bright
Up high in the air
They brought down their light
Into our memories we share

All this love we share together
Dangerous things it has faced
Now we will make this forever
Because this memory cannot be erased

What ever may happen, what ever I may do
Now everyone can see
The number one in my heart is you
So may Dru'El berath this love of you and me


Ever changing times
Some full of love, some full of crimes
Slipping in the shadows of my mind
Changing in races of different kind

At the same time being everything and nothing
Being autumn and spring
All people know me
Though they have never seen

Though my appearance may change
This sounds strange
Cause the most radical changes I know
are those of normal people who only grow

So before you judge
This is a must
Think of all the changes you start
Some in apearance, some in the heart

Goddess of Imaginary Light

People are looking, staring
How she dances away the night
Shining with all the fake gold she is wearing
Our goddess of imaginary light

With moments of beauty and grace
Dancing, standing her fight
Against the darkness she faces
The goddess of imaginary light

Enjoying her wealth and fame
Every night another man to hold you tight
Everyone knows her name
She is the goddess of imaginary light

Now your light is disappearing as it turns noon
You disappear out of sight
The alcohol will make them forget your name soon
But I will remember you, goddess of imaginary light

Pride of a Fighter

Looking up, wipe off your blood
Got to focus, take your chances
With the distance back you get up on your feet
You're a fighter with the will to survive

Racing up back to the top
Keep the guts, get the glory
Don't lose the grip on your blade of the death
You must fight just to keep up your name

It's the pride of the fighter
It's the art of his fight
Racing up like the rhythm of his heart
And the last one survivor
Gets his honour and fame
When he's watching us all with the pride
Of a fighter

Face to face, lost in the heat
Pretending tough, looking mean
You need to win 'cause they're not gonna stop
You need to kill if you want to survive

It's the pride of the fighter
It's the art of his fight
Racing up like the rhythm of his heart
And the last one survivor
Gets his honour and fame
When he's watching us all with the pride
Of a fighter

Looking down, there lays your foe
You won the fight, looking proud
Now you've won, you are not gonna stop
You're a fighter with the skill of the kill

It's the pride of the fighter
It's the art of his fight
Racing up like the rhythm of his heart
And the last one survivor
Gets his honour and fame
When he's watching us all with the pride
Of a fighter

The pride of a fighter
The pride of a fighter
The pride of a fighter
The pride of a fighter

Stranger from the Moon

Again I saw you up on the roof at night
Hunkering to the dark blue sky
I could see the moonlight
In the reflection of your eyes

You are my stranger
The stranger of the moon
I can feel in my heart the danger
That you will leave me soon

The cold wind makes your silver hair dance
You smile at me and come back inside
Will I ever get a chance
To know what you see in that light


This morning the place next to me was cold
I found this rose with a note
Telling something you never told
But I knew this before you ever wrote

Dear, I love you
And I wish I wouldn't have to do this too
The moon is calling me
So I need to set you free


You are my stranger
My stranger of the moon
I dont feel any danger... anymore
Cause I know when I open up my door
And look at the bright light that shines
I know deep in my heart you will always be mine
Knowing that I will see you soon

Country Song

Make a row, side to side
Males at the left, girls at the right

Look to the opposite at their face
Guys, bow for the ladies with grace

Ladies, smile gentle to the man
Like only us ladies can

Now take the ladies hand with care
Come on, show me what you all dare

One step forward, one step back
Show these moves, I will check

I can see you all doing this very well!
All these dancing moves I tell

Now, I will let you all free
So dance and show me how good you can be!


People try to stay alive
While feeling the edge of the knife
Trying to cut down the last straw
This is the war

Who can remember who started?
Who cannot feel the burden in their hearts?
But don't we often forget the important one?
How can we end this and let it be done?

While you can feel the end
You stand across your old friend:
He has choosen the other side
Him you must fight

While looking in his eyes
You realize how time flies
Two who were once together
Are now enemies forever

While torn apart
You have heavier the burden in your heart
Never your life can be the same
Because of this life and death game

You see the blooded ground
And the death your friend has found
you ask him for the last time to forgive you
" Yes, my friend, I do."

True Love

No matter where I will go to
I know the sun will always shine
No matter what I do
You are always in this heart of mine

True love... true love... true love...

Through Snow, wind, rain and storm
The thought of you keeps me warm
There is no doubt between me and you
That this what we share is what people call true

True love.... true love... true love...

When I look to the starlight
Not those who are up in the skies
But that one that is shining bright
When I look deep in your eyes

True love... true love... true love...

Like time will flow
We will also grow

My Dearest

My lips are starting to tingle when they see your mouth
Looking in your eyes I start falling
On the rythm of your heart I am breathing loud
When I am trying to get up, crawling

Sitting down like we always do
You are so close to me
But somehow I know too
That you are far away, like in eternity

Deep in my heart I can't let you go
While every time it's me that leaves first
If you love me, please tell me so
Finally end this burning thirst

Searching in darkness and light
Finally found that potion that opens up your heart
I ask you smiling bright
If this never ends then when will we start?

Goodbye my Love/Friend

You're going out, to the open blue
Leaving my heart burning with desire
While the memories of you
Setting my soul on fire

Still keep asking why
Why do you need to leave?
Big girls don't cry
But in silence I will grieve

Looking at the stars in the sky
The memory of you will keep me warm
I will keep living my lie
Whising for that day I can hold you in my arms

While stars will faint away
I hope you come back soon
I will wait for that day
Till then I will send my love through the moon

Tjoeb.. tjoeb.. tjoebiedoe

A song started by birds
Whistling just right in my ear
Having it in my head all day all night
It is their song I hear

Tjoeb tjoeb tjoeb

A bumblebee is passing me by
Singing his buzzy sound
Now in my head all day all night
I can hear it in the background

Zoemmmmmm tjoeb tjoeb tjoeb

In the deep forest
Wolves are crying to the moon
In my head I can hear all night all day
Their sound that was added soon

Zoemmmmmm tjoeb tjoeb tjoebiedooooeeee

A dragonfly on a leaf
His back beating on it like a gong
I know in my head, All night all day
It is the finishing touch of this song

Dark Angel

Looking through her tears
The falling of feathers she hears
White colors coming down like rain
Black ones she has gained
While the ground is turning white
She can feel love leaving her side
With black wings she now learns to fly
Angering, looking at the sky
Evil crawling in her mind
Abandoning her from her own kind
Dark song she now sings
She is a falling angel with black wings

Dunk's Song

Tears fill my eyes
Is it because of the lies?
My life, a crime
If I only had the time

Words come out...
Make me want to shout
Fear is crowling into my mind
Darkness is the only thing I find

Locked up in the forest for years
Memories drifted away with tears
Hiding, allways feeling fear
But there was nothing I had to fear near

Trying hard to live in civilization
Fighting for one nation
A greater good, does that exist?
And one bad, which we show our fist?

Turning my back to what I had earned
Finding something important to learn
Althought it is foggy on the way
I know this is good path, I need to stay


Behind the clouds the sun always shines
Behind the dark, there is light
Folowing the rainbow to find something good
I found friends... like you

When the sun seems to fade
A smile powers the light again
When it seems that I am blind
You are the one that helps me walk

Remember one day
When the sun fades for you
I am there for you my friend
Like you also would do


Brown eyes with a green glow
A light that even the brightest stars don't show
The smell of dew in the morning welcomes me
At those moments I am kissing thee

Talking soft about love and tasting sweet
Your love has taken me off my feet
While your words soft linger in my head
Not knowing those places you have led

We are flying hand in hand
Over sea, over sand


Walking on the edge of the sea and the sand
Walking on a wire
From a distance I observe you
Getting a better view of the little differencies between wrong and right

Walking through myself and back again
Lost in memories and thoughts of the past
The sea makes the wire slippery
Not sure if I will fall down or stand

A strange light blinds me
I spread my arms and dive down
Right into the sea
A sea of black feathers

You want to be someone
A name, body, soul, acts
But if you aren't someone
How can it be that you are standing here?

Swimming through the sea of feathers I am deaf and blind
I see you and the someone you are
What if nobody is someone?
And someone is nobody?

Goodbye My Love

He assures me I will find someone
I feel nothing... it is just empty
He is saying, I still love you
I feel nothing... it is just empty
Wrap me up in a package of lies
Sending me off to an island far away
I feel nothing... it is just empty
My status of emotions
You are changing, we are always changing

If this does not bother me, then this is not love
Because if you don't want to talk about it then it is not love
And I guess I need to, have to live with that
I am sure that there something in this shade of grey
Something in between
I can always change my name
If that is what you mean

The kindness falls like rain
It washed him away
He is changing his mind
Leaving me alone: shaking,
Shuddering for days

I am not going to break
I dont feel anything... it is just empty
I'm not going to bend, and I'm not going to break and I just feel nothing
It seems like I should say: as long as this is love.
But it's not that easy so maybe I should
Catch him like drops in the rain
Add him to mine own drops, coming out of my eyes

I don't feel anything
I have done things like this before
But now I start thinking about these things we had
I don't get any sleep in a quiet room

The kidness falls like rain
It washes me away
I am starting to change
And every time he just sneezes, I believe it is love
I am not ready...

I can hear him talking
Words passing by... I don't know what he is saying
Every word is nonsense in my ears.. but still I understand it all
I am not ready for this...

Thalarian's Song

Since you came into my life
Grins never got off my face
Love what I feel
Enough of you I never have

Day and night I dream of you
May this feeling never end
Head filled of feathers
Unsaid words of love

Above me I can hear birds sing
Love, the feeling of their songs
Dreams about you the whole day
Seems it had to be this way


Something in your eyes
Just makes me smile
Lighting up the skies
Putting a light in my live for already a while

Holding you close through the night
Just be mine
Holding you tight
looking at your face so fine

Together now, bound by a ring
Already bound by love
Together facing
All what the gods have for us above

Daemona and Kareth

What burns in hearts cannot be denied
You cannot hide it from the outside
Talking about things that are meant to be
Well, Daemona and Kareth are that for me

Two souls with such a great attraction
Together sharing the same affection
This cannot be ignored
And there is only one way to get this cured

Live forever
Long together
Together a life I wish for you
May all your dreams come true

Mage Tournament

High up in the sky
Beyond the mountains high
Mages from all around came
To show their powers and get their fame

The Free Rounds:

The first round was free for all
So let see who answered this call
Navarra D'yaniera, Sinomi Sii and Fergus Goodmane were looking proud
Just before their spells they'd shout

While magic arrows flew around our ear
Was the echo of the spells the only thing we hear
After everything was said and done
Navarra was the one who had won

The second free round
Held on the same ground
Sand, Frin Reyna, E'Hfemie N'Hatalie and Lafreth Theoalideth joined the fight
Casting spells producing fire, cold, darkness, light

While the crowed was cheering
And the spells were around searing
Lafreth cast the final blow
Making an end at this terrific show

The Team Matches:

Chaos is what I had to witness
When we went to the metropolis
Team battles were fought out there
For all the teams who dare

Ebony, Ivory and Ashen looking full prepared
None of them was looking scared
The Ebony starring with Armide, Micah and Sand
With the Ivory, Taganar, Kleinzaub, and Fergus Goodmane on the other hand
And last but not least
Ashen: Navarra, Frin and Bragir to end this feast

While the earth shaked beneath
They caught up into the heat
Of the battle racing down there
Watching the crowd was aware
Only one would be
The winner of this match... Ivory!

The second round everyone was healed again
Mage women and men
The second time they did their best
Casting spells as if they were possessed
The outcome was the same
The Ivory regained their fame

The grand arena was left for last
Two rounds left, time went fast
Team battles for all
Who is the one this time that shall not fall?

With Armide, Micah and Sand of the Ebony
Tralil breck, Aria Asby and Kleinzaub for the Ivory
And for the Ashen: Navarra, Frin and Bragir
All standing there without fear

The match was full of casting and grace
Lightballs, earthshakes and flaming heat they had to face
At the end of this battle of might
It was the Ivory who won the fight

Instead of Micah came Spit

And Lafreth swapped with Tralil Beck
So they all could again attack

The last fight of this tournament
The last time this honour was grand
Everyone fought at their best
But there was only one for who this honour rest
The one who led
Was the Ebony

When the tournament ended and rest was required
Cause everyone who fought became tired
Dragons of great powers
Made peasants look like cowards
Fighting one
Was something that could be done

We did not flee away
But it would be foolish to stay
While dragons fight
So we took off again into the night
Waiting in excitement for the following tournament
Where honour will be grand

Scaled Gaunlet 2

A racing heartbeat
Swift moves and swords that greet
Sounds of dancing feet
Old friends meet

Two men, one thought
An eye for an eye
Salis and Zartan fought
For both a first time and try
Salis won their first shot

In the second scale: Kinite, Hand, Delclara and Willem Lightheart
A digusting cloud was spread around
Which a dwarf would describe as a hideous fart
The fighters tried to stand their ground
Willem won, despite this difficult start

Beauty versus hardness
It was on this floor
Shamus, Gunter, Greggary, Quat, Bheem and Micah never the less
Show us what they are worth for!
After many strikes it was Bheem who cleaned up this mess

Satin, Cain, Samin, Donk and Dale Marshall
Great difference in height and race
Who would be the first to fall?
With great might they all had face
It was Donk who screamed the victory call

Moira, Da'emona, Jand and Grando Aset
Drogridoc, Findle and Friday
They all fought a fight never to forget
When one by one passed away
Friday Alibar still stood when the ground turned red

Explosions of action in the Sixth round
Aryana, Liartes, Jadrienne, Darent and Sun-and-Moon
With all dancing on the metallic sound
The first one did not fall soon
But at last Darent gave the prize to the Cha'reth healing fund

Some with potions, some without fear
Aerill, Rhissaerk, Flint and Tagnaro had this case to rest
With all the blades coming near
They all did their best
At last Aerill made her victory cheer!

The Eighth and final Scale of the Gauntlet
Moredo, Archfarchnad, Ed, Ayren, Zacharia and Sand
With fist of steel and deadly swords to set
Only to one the honour and price would be grand
It was Zacharia who won this yet

While the heartbeats calmed down
The fighters left for another town
Leaving this place of fighting and death
Remembering names they will never forget

The Third Scaled Gauntlet

With might and pride
Our heroes again who stride
To gain fortune and fame
Striding in this never ending game
Leaving the first scale away
There were some in the second scale who stay
While these four brave warriors fought
There were two with one thought
Brant and Guli stood side a side
Defeating Knite and Ronan, winning the first fight

Three new warriors entered this ring
So let a new battle begin
Everyone was holding their breath
While Szakha'rkhotir, Hathgrad and Anton fought till the death
While being observered by a big crowd
It was Anton who screamed the victory shout

A number of contestants, I have never seen
Brave they fought, all thirtheen
Some in pairs, some alone
All showing their skin of stone
But after a while, team Ialath and Eldor
Won and showed what they are worth for

Donk and Samin formed a team
Alone were Sterre and Deem
With grace and power everybody will say
They took our breath away
Thanks to teamspirit and skill
Donk and Samin stood and showed their iron will

While the winners of the last round
Stood here again, but it was not victory they found
Kai'ral, Fingar and Cyrenious were strong
But also this didnot last to long
Cyrenious was taken to the ground
While team Kai'ral and Fingar looked proud around

Racing up, straight to the top
There was nothing that would make these contenstants stop
alone Rhissaerk, team Aryana & Isamu and Birbag & Shen ko
We started this show
With singing swords and a silver glow, a wonderfull fight it became
At the end of it Aryana and Isamu stood up and received their fame

In the 8th round of this scale gauntlet
There was an other big fight to set
With 3 teams and 2 figthers we started this round
Their weapons singing a song without a sound
At the end you could see the weapons glow
When Rhissaerk and Aerill gave the final blow

The nineth scale and last battle
The contestants looked to each other, it was time to settle
All alone fighting this turn
For all the honour they can earn
While Birbag, Isamu and Sand fought for their lives
It was Archfarchnad who survives

While the weapons were layed down to rest
The fighters are already looking forward to the next contest
With racing rhythms of their hearts
We will all wait patient till the next scaled gauntlet starts


People, tall or small,
Come to see this all
Where songs will fly around in the air
Many happy thoughts people share
Every bard will say
Drink, feast forget your sorrow on this monday!


Standing in the middle of the fight
Only undead around my side
Cleaving through rotten flesh and bone
Fighting till I stand all alone

No heartbeat beating
My sword - the one that is greeting
The final rest they will find
When I leave them death behind

My sword singing their final song
Hearing it all day long
Killing killing killing
Their last wish forefilling


Pale skin
A hate and thirst within
Fresh red liquid dripping on the floor
Never satisfied, always wanting more

A pale beauty, red cherry lips
Tempt but don't let her kiss
No living soul shall ever know
What the full power is they never show

A beauty beyond death and life
Teeth as sharp as knife
A nightmare of a dream?
Both, so it seems.

My Way

Covered with snow
my way lays before my feet.
Wondering how I should know
where the road is underneath
I step forward slow

What once was white
Is now black
Pairs of boots, side aside
Are looking like a track
Of someone that searches the light

While falling snow covers the tracks behind
I just keep walking on
In time these thoughts in my mind
Will see again the sun
Snow will melt and the road is what I find


Walking down the street
I am the only one
Another sound follows the rhythm of my feet
But it seems like everyone is gone

I feel lost, deep within
Though I walked this same route a thousand times before
The strange footsteps closing in
I look behind, but there is nothing more

Followed by an invisible stranger
Safely I return to the start
When I realize that the invisble danger
Is only the beating of my heart