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Turiva Ilnuru

Status: Defunct.
Purpose: Foremost, Turiva Ilnuru was an organization designed to promote the study and practice of pale mastery. Second, as undead are often the servants or objects of study of pale masters, Turiva Ilnuru generally opposed their destruction. Third, as there are no persons who practice divine magic entirely dedicated to pale mastery or the undead, because there is no god on Avlis who has domain over pale mastery and the undead - although Andrinor, as the God of Mortal Magic, has domain over necromancy and all related aspects of pale mastery - Turiva Ilnuru strived to fill that absence among the gods.
Membership: Necromancers, pale masters, and suitable clerics (determined case-by-case); required to respect Andrinor (but not required to worship him); as of 2007, excluded from membership in the Orders of Andrinor’s Trust by decree of the High Mage Council.
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