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Amiru (Drawn and colors by Girlysprite)

Current Age: Between 40 and 50 (appears to be starting 40's (not human 40 though))

Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer/Cleric/Palemaster
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Residence: Verloghokbol/M'Check/Elysia
Played by: Girlysprite

Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations

Black hair with a few grey hairs amonst it, About avarage halfling height. Has quite a pale skin due to his palemasery focus and spending much time in the underdark. He often wears a lycan mask and a black/violet gentlemans suit. In the underdark he wears an Underdark battlesuit. He always carries the gnarled staff. He looks quite handsome.


Amiru has been born in a small halfling village in the farmlands. He had an older brother and sister, Isamu and Elanu. When Amiru was a baby, Elanu was two years old and Isamu about three or four, the village was attacked by an elven palemaster. Only very few persons survived this attack. Isamu was marked by the palemaster with negative energy on his cheek, and lived alone since then. Amiru was bitten by a zombie, but survived. Elanu was staying over at her grandmothers house during that attack, and the grandmother didn't live in that village.

Amiru was found, healed and raised by his grandmother. Long time he and Elanu didn't know of the exsistance of Isamu: he was considered dead. Due to the zombie bite Amiru had some odd problems. Undead residue always had remained under his skull, located around his brains. He experienced headaches when he got in touch with great amounts of positive energy. Negative energy gace him a not unpleasant buzz in the head, though it would still harm him physically. For a very long time he didn't know the source of his problem, he would find out way later, when he was an adventurer for a long time already. However, when grandmother had died, she left a letter where she told Elanu and Amiru that Isamu was alive, but he was a necromancer with an awful reputation.

Amiru and Elanu went to Elysia to find Isamu. Isamu was quickly found, but he found it hard to get used to the fact that he had family that was still alive.

Amiru's and Isamu's relation has always been a difficult one. Amiru more or less looked up to Isamu, but also knew that Isamu was a villain, and thus tried to change him. That was never a succes, Amiru even seemed to become darker himself. He felt himself torn apart between Isamu and the rest of the world. The force of negative energy grew stronger and stronger in his head, and no healer could help him. In the end it even started corrupting Amiru.

He also used to be part of the Sable cell, a terrorist cell lead by Isamu. Amiru tried to warn people with the information he got there. He didn't contact the EDF though. When the EDF knew he was in the organisation, they banned him from Elysia. Much later the ban was lifted again.

Amiru had a relation with a halfling girl named Petrionia. She fled from her own family because they wanted her to force to marry. Petronia went back to her family a few times, but ended up getting captured there, and didn't return the second time. Unknown to Amiru, she gave birth to a child, Epanu. She died in that process, along with the child. The family of petronia got to take care of an orphan soon after though, which they treated as if it was Petronia's child, which means, badly. Why they told him that he was Petronia's son, and why they mistreated him as such, is unknown. Maybe they were trying to live some kind of fantasy, getting a sort of revenge on Petty.

In the meantime, he came in touch with the ebony and lycans. He used to follow Dra'Nar, god of heros and orphans, but many nightmares plagued him. He started to change. The reactions from the undead residue became stronger. Turning undead, positive energy based spells, they all hurt him, mostly in his head. It changed him, made him wince in pain, or even grow aggrisive. Negative energy affected him more then usual as well. He got psychotic tics from it, felt lightheaded, happy. Some persons experimented with it, but did not find the source. Jadrienne Starfire took it quite far and kept casting harm spells on Amiru, even when he begged her to stop. He personality flipped completely, at which he lept out, tried to strangle her, and seemed to enjoy hurting her and attempting to kill her. She managed to struggle him off and put him down, but it was a start where Amiru started to flip like this on a regular basis.

Petronia and Aludriel tried to help Amiru, but he was drawn more and more into evil. In this period he also met Dunk, a cleric of Xenon. Amiru decided to follow Wilsash, and get infected with Lycanthropy by Dunk. Amiru always considered this a blessing.

Jill discovered the source of Amiru's troubles in the end, by opening his skull and seeing what was underneath. She adviced him to talk to Isamu. Amiru did so, after which Isamu tried to solve the problem, blancing Amiru out, with a load of negative energy. This killed Amiru the instant it was cast. In the afterlife Amiru went flippant again, talking to himself, but in the end he managed to establish a new balance within himself, where both his personalities contributed, instead of fight each other.

A while after Amiru managed to join the ebony order. The order was led by Sand at that time, but due to inactivity, Sand stepped down as archmage, and Micah became archmage. Micah and Amiru got along pretty well. Micah was a follower of Wilsash, and inspired Amiru to focus more at his faith in Wilsash himself, to a point where he prayed daily, and his prayers even had immediate effects. Amiru started to spread knowledge of dreams and nightmares, helped people with problems with dreams and sometimes told horrorstories. He even had a new shrine built in Southeast M'check.

Somewhere in that period of time, Elanu got more and more chaotic. She had troubles with emotional and aggresive outbursts which she could not control. She even attempted to kill Amiru at one occasion, but failed. She started drinking heavily, and even started begging for money to afford the alcoholic drinks. Amiru tried to stop her, but Elanu pushed Amiru away, and drank herself to her death. At that point, Amiru already had given up on her.

Some time later things seemed to get worse with Isamu. At one point, where Amiru was treated roughly by someone in Elysia, Isamu tried to get revenge for him. What exactly happened, Amiru never got to know. But at some point Isamu got very upset and angry. He ran into the wilds, tossing his belongings away. He fell into the hands of bandits, and got slain. or at least, that is what the stories tell. Amiru never really got to know what happened. Amiru was very upset by the sudden demise of Isamu, felt lonely and lost. Isamu was the reason he had set out on adventuring, and he had been Amiru's mentor. Amiru's friends helped him through this period.