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Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Profession: Wizard

Played by: Chas'nor


Epanu's Background

Epanu grew up in a small farming village in Ferrell that is home to Clan Bareafare. When Epanu’s mother Petrioria was young the men of the clan were all killed by a group of bandits while taking a large shipment of goods to market. For a number of years the women of the clan took up the work left by the men, including their production of wool and silk. After a time a distant relative to the clan learned of the village’s plight and offered to come and help. He had been something of an adventurer in his younger days and was quite wealthy.

When this distant uncle came, he brought his sons with him. Over time they settled in and the women of the village began arranging marriages between their daughters and the new young men. Not wanting to marry any of them Petrioria, or Petty, set out to find her own fortune as an adventurer. Over time she met a young halfing sorcerer named Amiru. Through many adventures and much time together they became quite close. Petty and Amiru were very happy together for a time; until Amiru’s darker side became more evident. While this created something of a rift between them if likely would have been healed in time. Unfortunately Petty found herself with child before they could resolve the issues they had between them.

Uncomfortable with her situation and not wanting to try to birth and raise a child with a man she was unsure of, Petty resolved to return home for a time. She stole away and went back to the village of her clan. Upon her return she found that the clan had turned in on itself. They grew fiercely protective of their own and made it increasingly clear they had no intention of seeing her or her child leave. They would find her a man who would take her and her bastard child in. As the time of the birth approached Petty had become increasingly weak and distraught at the thought of being trapped in the village for the rest of her life. This weakness took its toll on her and she died very shortly after giving birth.

Petty’s mother found herself left with the child that she had named Epanu. He was a healthy boy and seemed very bright from an early age. As he grew she found him intelligent but very withdrawn. While he obeyed her in all things and worked hard, he never seemed to thrive. As adulthood approached Epanu quietly sought out more information about his parents and his origins. Occasionally word got to his grandmother of his questions and she tried to persuade him that the past was best left buried with his mother.

Learning that his father was a capable mage named Amiru, Epanu set out to learn more of magic. A kindly old mage of little skill lived outside the village and dispensed minor potions and the like in his retirement. Over a few years Epanu would sneak to his home and learn the basics of wizardly magic. He took to it quickly and soon mastered a number of simple spells. He soon found that magic was truly his passion. Knowing that his clan would never approve of such a worldly pursuit, he stole away one night taking what little he owned with him.

So began his search for his history and his father. He had heard a few tales of a city called Elysia where many great adventurers were to be found. It seemed a fine place to start. After many weeks in the city he located Amiru and the two began their rather unique relationship. The lost and sheltered child mentored by his worldly father who had never known of his existence.

Over time Epanu came to see how much he truly didn’t know of things. He came to resent the constant sheltering by his family and their need to control him and the world around him. As his skill in magic grew he realized that someday soon he would have the power to change things, change the clan. They would learn the error of their ways. And learn they did. After a few quiet inquiries Epanu learned that his grandmother and uncle had moved. Tracking them down in Ferrell he sought the answers to his questions and the retribution he needed. Since then he has felt more at peace and free than ever in his life. He finally decided that he should explore more of his family's unique connection to the undead. With the aid of his father he sought out a proper teacher in the study of undead and necromancy. This would lead him down a path he had never imagined. But where would this path lead?

Suddenly one day, Epanu's world was shaken by another revelation. A note arrived simply addressed under his inn room door, it was from a priest in his home village. Within he found the knowledge that everything he had come to believe of his parentage was a lie. Upon hearing of his Aunt and Uncle's demise the priest decided that it was time for the orphan to know the truth. While Petty had indeed been pregnant, both she and the child perished. The priest had delivered an orphaned child of unknown parentage to Petty's family some few years prior to Petty's return. Why had they lied? He would likely never know the answer now. But how would be break the news to Amiru, and more importantly, would he live through it?