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Fraudoc Loclac is a Gnome who was found outside the gates of Elysia long ago almost dead. Some Elysian people, healed his wounds and gave him some basic goods to survive the next days. He had a large wound on his forehead - formed like a "V". Its the reason why his skin turned black and why he sometimes has compulsive sleep attacks where he is haunted by an ever repeating nightmare. In the meantime he has managed to overcome that. He's a Wizard, like his father Findoc Loclac was too. His father and mother were killed by a demon - probably the same thing haunting Fraudoc. The halfling family name "Loclac" comes from one of his ancestors. But Fraudoc is 95 % Ganoom. And he's a cook, specialized in caramelizing things. Details have to be found out IG.