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Grag Tharashk (died, 2167 A.O.D.)

Race: Orc
Sex: Male
Priest of Cha'reth
Novice Student of the ATU
Apprentice of the AKN

Early History

As a child of a fairly powerful Dubunat family, Grag was groomed from an early age for the priesthood of Valok. While he proved quite a capable student, he was far, far too restless to accept the rigid authority his teachers tried to impose on him. Because of insubordination, He was judged unlikely to become an ordained member of the priesthood. His family therefore decided to 'marry him off' to a more prominent branch of his family. This took the form of an arranged marriage to his cousin, Delaina Gabek, a half-breed from a union with a moderately strong merchant family in the city of Dormiria.

While he had nothing in particular against Delaina, Grag had no desire to have his life directed for him in such a manner. Rather than alert his family to his feelings, which would only allow them time to prepare ways to force him into marriage, he decided to make a fiasco of the wedding. To do this, he studied about spells that, he hoped, would allow him to make the festivities into an occasion for his relatives to become red-faced. He also obtained certain mind-affecting substances to spike the refreshments with and a variety of noise makers.

When the day came, Grag was ready. He gave one of the kitchen staff enough gold to buy his services in spiking the refreshments. His spells were prepared, and his noisemakers ready. Before the ceremony, he made sure to eat something so he wouldn't need any of the food offered. As the guests arrived and refreshed themselves, he waited for the drugs to take affect. The drugs he used were of an interesting sort. Rather than having any overt effect, they merely reduced the imbiber's ability to distinguish reality from illusion or to resist mind affecting magic. The drug also made the guests feel euphoric, but this effect was easily blamed on the alcohol in the punch. By the time the ceremony began, everyone, save Grag, was quite intoxicated. The priest got to Grag's cue: "Do you consent to marry this wench, and spread the progeny of Valok?" Grag began as if to utter the ritual response, but then invoked his spell - a spell of fear. The guests, many of whom would normally have resisted his magic easily, were terrified. The bride ran from the altar, losing her skirt and veil in the process. The priest, who was not strongly affected, looked on in confusion. Then Grag took out the noise makers. The clamor he made put the already terrified guests into even more of a panic. After relishing the hysteria for a minute or so, Grag prudently slunk out of the manor in the confusion. Once in the city, it was a relatively small matter to find a ship that was ready to set off. He headed for Mikona. There, he hoped to be accepted by a god with, at the very least, a much smaller stick up his ass than the one up Valok's; Maleki.


To the Present Day

Grag's collected Poems