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Name: Vana

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Residence: The City of Kuras / The City of Mikona

Former Jobs: Great Mage of Relations, Senior Mage of Kuras, Member of the High Mage Council

Born in Brescant, Arvanos, Vana arrived in Kuras at the age of 17 to forget her past and make a new start. Since then she climbed the hiearchic ladder of the Blue Order to become the Great Mage of Relations after successfully maintaining relations with the more important groups and persons in Kuras as the Senior Mage of Kuras of the Blue Order of the Sky.

Known to be interested in tailoring, weaponcrafting and scroll scribing Vana is quite the merchant, trading her wares, mostly from the South, with the local adventurers and upperclass in Kuras. She has now opened up her own small store in M'Chek as well, together with fellow Blue Order mage Delaroweil Hend.

Untill recently Vana could usually be found in the Blue Tower where she would either be performing her duties, teaching her mages or broadening her horizon. However, spending more and more time in Mikona, Vana decided to build a home for herself just outside the city walls. She now lives in a grand tower she simply calls: Vana's Tower. She now spend most of her time in there, studying the works in her grand Library.