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Bardic Academy of Visimontium

Alignment: Any

Base of Operations: The Academy of Bardic Arts in Visimontium

DM sponsors: Wilsash (PM)

Guild Leader: Gillia Winterleaf ((NPC))


Committed to the training of young performers in the bardic arts, the sharing of ideas amongst performers of any and all backgrounds, and the production of high-quality works of artistic performance. Funded by private donation and audience support, this group operates without political, racial, or socio-economic bias and was once managed by the renowned performance ensemble, Reverdie.


Commissioned by Melonius Mennallin, the Academy of Bardic Arts was built in the city of Visimontium as a place for the troupe to work together and perform their shows as well as teach each other and those wishing to learn the ways of the profession.



Director, Dean of the Academy - Gillia Winterleaf ((NPC))

Director of Harmony and Rhythm - Madelyn Elica ((NPC))

Director of Dance and Performance - Aneirin Menelaos

Director of Storytelling - Athar Heartbranch ((NPC))

Director of Relations - Preston D'Othello ((NPC))

Assistant Director of Relations - Frannie Mouze


Notable Members:

((*designates NPC's)