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Her Persona



A human female apparently in her late 20s, Eldrea is slim of figure and typically graceful of movement. Her light, silvery-blonde hair falls to her shoulders and frames a fetchingly high cheekboned face which in turn frames a sensuous mouth with an oft amused set to it, a pair of sparkling blue-grey eyes crowned with expressively arching and well-groomed brows, and a nose of no notable qualities whatsoever. Her skin is pale of hue and almost uncannily smooth, lending a certain ageless and slightly ghostlike quality to her appearance - though in conversation her penchant for dry witticism and gleeful trouble-stirring make it clear that she is far from the delicate wallflower that such a description might suggest. Though occasional attendance at dressy social events has shown Eldrea to possess a reasonably sized wardrobe, she is most often to be seen wearing austere black and light blue ensembles, or a suit of stylised, form-fitting yet extremely covering chain in the same colours along with the holy symbol of the Harpinger which is ever-present at her throat. Her voice, though typically fairly melodious and warm in day to day conversation, carries a hint of the accent with which she grew up, and thus a slight vulgarity and harshness that she is capable of exploiting in performance to produce painful shrieks and chilling declamatory tones.

Known Affiliations

Her Life

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Biography as Presently Known

Eldrea was brought up somewhere in the Seven Cities region of Avlis, although from which of those cities she hails is not known. She arrived in Elysia having lost her way on what she termed "a pilgrimage of sorts" to the Harpinger's shrine in Ferrell, although over time it has become clear that this journey was as much a matter of putting distance between herself and her family as of religious devotion. On her arrival, her open worship of the somewhat shadowy god of musical inspiration provoked consternation and distrust on the part of some, in particular due to her enthusiastic embrace of its other aspect as Avlis's messenger of death, believing that death and inspiration are intimately connected and that she might draw one from the other. Despite this, or perhaps in some cases as a result of it, she still managed to make a few firm friends in southern Avlis, as well as finding herself a new teacher of the musical arts in the form of the controversial bard Elong Singalong and later, in the Ysgardian elf Star Aelae, a lover. Though a technically accomplished musician and vocalist, Eldrea finds lyrical inspiration hard to come by and spent many hours both by herself and with Elong attempting to overcome this difficulty. As her studies progressed and her circle of friends and acquaintances broadened she found herself spending an increasing amount of time in the M'Chekian city of Mikona, while her ties to Elysia grew ever more tenuous as those she had initially befriended likewise threw themselves into their various perceived callings. Thus, inevitably, she gave up her Elysian lodgings and settled into her present residence in Mikon's city, paying only occasional visits to her erstwhile home.

Greater creative achievement came with the beginning of the resurgence of Visimontium's Bardic Academy at which Eldrea made her debut as a public performer, premiering the seemingly well received ballad Fear Fable. This success, however, was preceded by the no doubt less welcome news of her banishment from Elysia alongside two former members of the defunct Pale Master organisation Turiva Ilnuru - the specifics of which remain unpublished by Le'Megen - as well as the apparent departure of Star from her life. Nevertheless she has continued to perform sporadically to audience acclaim - for the most part at Raen's long-running musical showcase night in Ferrell - and on more than one occasion acted on behalf of the Academy in the defence of Visimontium, most notably accompanying the Fury of Ra-Ghul in the initial sortie of the battle which eventually raised the demonic siege that had troubled the city for several years.

More recently she, along with her friend Ashanar Sekor and a few of their fellow faithful, played a part in the endowment of a new temple to the Harpinger in Blandenberg.

Publically Performed or Published Works