A Love Story

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By Eldrea Addams

"Stay with me!" the woman said,
"And find your happiness in my bed",
But on deaf ears her pleas did fall,
As he strode forth along the hall.

"Don't you love me? Is that it?!"
She cried, breaking down in a fit.
"What is love?" came his reply,
Turning upon her his contemptful eye.

"Forever to have, forever to hold?
Mutual boredom as we grow old?
Resigning myself to your tepid stew?
I've known Kobolds cook better than you!"

Said he, as she looked up at him, drenched in tears,
"Can't you see I'm doing you a favour here?
Sure I can hardly say that it's not been fun,
but there's nothing left, it's over, it's done.

I'm bored of this, and I'm tired of you,
so now comes the time to find something new.
Or would you rather have me hang about,
Find my thrills behind your back when you go out?

Are you that pathetic? Is that your deal?
Wouldn't you rather have things be brief but real?
Not that it matters, it's not your choice."
He laughed with naught but derision in his voice.

"You told me you loved me, with all your heart!
Said that it would kill you if we ever did part!"
Sobbed she, no more tears now, none left to cry,
words rasping on her breath, her throat gone bone dry.

He just shrugged, turning back towards the door,
So missing the look of pure rage she now wore,
"You'll keep to your promise! You'll keep to your word!"
As her knife flashed, t'was the last thing he e'er heard.

Now she's happy, living with the man of her dreams,
Time erasing the shadow of that day, those screams.
On the dresser, that's where she keeps his head,
Kissing it with an "I love you" each night before bed.