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Apparently in her late 20s, Frannie is tall and slender, yet curvy and healthy. She has strawberry blonde, waist length hair and deep brown eyes. The Mouze family resemblance is unmistakable.

Known Affiliations

Her Life

Known Biography

Frannie was raised in Mikona, the youngest daughter of Frank and Fenella Mouze. When she came of age, she moved in with her four older siblings and a few cousins in a house that they built at the outskirts of Blandenberg. Frannie is known to be very close to her family. Though her siblings try to shelter her from the messiness of daily life, Frannie manages to find trouble and adventure, using her experiences as fodder for her songwriting.

She often performs in Ferrell at the weekly bardic events, but will often take the time to sing a song for anyone who asks.

Published Works

Publicly Performed (not-published) Works