The Portal Key

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By Frannie Mouze

Nawen and I meet almost every week
For a chat, to plot, to sip and to plan
This time at the Second Solace, always a treat
It was so crowded, I wished for my fan.

As we all chatted and mingled, an Ivory mage started to speak
Lilly Pilly was her name, and unfortunately, she was stuck
A rare flower, a hidden grove, she did her research, it was time to seek
She had a tiny snag in her plan, the key to the grove, required more than luck

She looked around the room asking us
To find the grove, it was somewhere high, somewhere cold
Somewhere close, and then came the real fuss
Someone needs to be able to wield a unicorn, I just listened as people were polled.

No, you’re married, as are you, no way, you’re Nawen, and your virginity can’t be restored
Running through my mind, all the facts about unicorns I know
Only a maiden true can attract the power of a unicorn, attracted by music, certain chords
Random facts are mostly what the legends bestow

Tor spoke up, he had to repeat himself twice
I turned every shade of red, as his point was made clear
Elra piped up, this whole time, you’ve been so close, a virgin sacrifice
Lilly looked to me, as Elra and friends seemed to keep creeping near

The sheet music for a song, the notes and chords divine and pure
A unicorn key, Nawen looked over my shoulder, reading the notes
“Fen fen, if I sang that it would be totally different for sure”
Drennan’s tower is where we seek, over near Ferrell, just before the boat

The mages piped up, there are portals that are tuned
They respond to vibrations, frequency, patterns of sound
Armed with the notes, my harp trusty and true, the music I crooned
Intertwined strands of melody, I wove the melody ‘round and ‘round

Into the first portal we went, oh earth, huge elementals
People fought, people hit, spells and arrows flew
Nawen lets out a curse, fey maybe, quite long and very ungentle
WOW!! There! Instead of a guardian, a gravel dragon ooo-oo-ooo

Next up fire, steamy and hot, someone made me red, to save my hair from singe
Toss in huge iron golems, careful of all the molten rock
Oh there at the portal, another gravel dragon, nobody cringed
Its breath was icy cold, knocked me quite flat, it fell finally, with nary a last squawk

Through the portal we step once more, the wind wraps its icy tentacles around
As battles with ice elementals raged, I played and played
As the melody was woven, I was enveloped in stillness and calm, wrapped in sound
Pretty snow, white leaves floated around me, serenity made

In the midst of the chaos, swords, axes and sticks creating the beat
The swirling leaves thicken, melting on our skin like soft kisses
There! Up on the hill, keep playing, keep singing, the portal opens how flipping neat
Everyone in, I look at my hands and the small unicorn only I missed..

Into an old and peaceful grove, almost forgotten, but not so
Some life sparks, making it a place of joy, in the center a flower, the softest pink
The Highest Hope Orchid, fragile and rare, a sight awesome to behold
I inhaled it scent perfect, delicious, I savored its scent—what’s that’s clink?

I look to my right and what do I see? Tor shaking a tree!
He found a piece of hornbound with a surprise wiggling around inside
A teensy silver dragon scampered out, it scampered up Tor’s arm instead of trying to flee
Parri’phet sat on Tor’s head, she grasped on tight and wanted a ride

She puffed out a happy little rain cloud, just a baby no mom in sight
Tor and Sapphire took her to Nor’see, to the dragons rest
Roxy made a crown of daisy’s before we left, Parri a cute delight
Lilly let me keep the song, and hoped it will help, in my personal quests.