Ode to Greylake

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By Frannie Mouze

Thinking of the land, you and I call home,
my mind and my heart swell with awesome pride,
we rose from the darkness,our tears we've dried
M'chek that is free, our land that we roam
Humans and elves, halflings, ogres and gnomes
Raised their blades, their bows their fists on hillsides
In valleys, in caves, on land and docksides
We fought united, protected our homes
Now we rise, now we celebrate, now we rebuild
It's time to let down our hair and get going
Rejoice for M'chek, Rejoice for Grey Lake!
The building here is done, and we're just thrilled.
Raise a glass, here's my toast,and our blessings...
Rejoice for M'chek, Rejoice for Grey Lake!