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About Us

FRAwen Productions

FRAwen Productions is a production company, known for booking premier talent. Founded by Frannie Mouze and Nawen Amakiir of the Academy of Bardic Arts. Their shows offer a variety of musical delights. Please feel free to contact us to book talent for your next event.


Founding Members

Additional Members

FRAwen Musicals and Events

FRAwen Opens the Bardic Academy of Arts

FRAwen and assembled performers give the first performance of the newly remodeled Academy of Bardic Arts

FRAwen's Drakehall Musical

Frannie and Nawen solo and duet Drakehall Keep, M'Chek.

FRAwen at the Stag

Assembled performers entertained the patrons of the Leaping Stag in Zvid

FRAwen's Pre-Forian Tradefair Show

Held out of the fairgrounds complete with runway stage.

Elysian Pub Crawl

This musical featured eight performers, performing on eight different stages within the beautiful City of Elysia.

Visimontium- Magical Musical

In the heart of the District of the Trust, a musical like none other. Six performers, wearing costumes similar to trust robes, serenaded the Towers of the Trust. Featuring: Nawen Amakiir; Frannie Mouze; Aneirin Menelaos; Glorandrea Aersinith; Fellock; and the return to the stage of Soosha Highfeather.

Mikona's Finest Monday Musical

(Technically pre-FRAwen, but the inspiration.) The inaugural musical at the newly remodeled Mikona's Finest, featuring A-list performers. Truly a night to remember!

Where will the next one be?

Watch this spot for future show information!