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Visimontium and its Surroundings

Latest edition Summer 2231 AAoP (( July 2010 ))

The Crescetoria Valley and the Surrounding Mountains

Visimontium - Andrinor's holy city - is built in the Crescetoria valley of Northern Deglos, lining the southern shore of Lake Crescetoria, guarded by four mighty mountain ranges.

To the south is Mount TeraTera, where the Causeway from Deglos to Galdos branches. Outside of the well travelled path, TeraTera offers little but barren rock, the terrain being largely difficult to cross. The Apara Thorpe is nestled at the feet of the mountain, an all-Avariel village. Higher up are the hunting territories of the mountain giants, drawn to the area by a prolific population of bears.

To the east lay the slopes of Mount Bolinar. While relatively low in comparison to her sisters, Mount Bolinar bears a flaming heart. Hot springs streak her feet like veins, and her scorching breath vapours through the crags marring her shoulders. The southern side gradually falls into rolling hills. That is where the glorious Arena of Andrinor is located, as well as the Sentinels' Orphanage & Daycare.

To the west the horizon is occupied by the mountain most rich in ore veins in the vicinity - Mount Geritri. Vast caverns and underlakes stretch deep its surface. Geritri also is famous for the secluded high valey Geritri Forest, rich in plant and animal life. The scenic forest is protected by the city law as a nature preserve. North of the mountain is the deep Coldshadow Lake, the beauty of which draws one and all. At the south-west corner of the lake the Coldshadow Village is situated - a well-fortified settlement, home exclusively to Ganooms.

To the north is the mountain believed to be the highest in Avlis, Crescetoria, which holds the tower of the city founder - Melonius Mennallin. However, the higher parts of the mountain imprisoned in ice and snow all the year round also are a home for the kin of Maleki: goblins, bugbears and frost giants. A grand temple to the Lord of Fury, Ra-Ghul, stands unshakable in the storm-consumed Firefly mountain valley.

The heart of the valley - the namesake Crescetoria Lake mirroring the proud mountain - holds one large island which in turn shelters the Lifestone invigourating the area. A smaller island is connected through a bridge to the southern shore; on this island now stands a temple to Yeraiah. On the southern shore also is the fabulous Periwinkle Fireworks and Foghorn Factory. Its close neighbours are the city hospital, the local branch of the AAAA and the AKN. Rocky wastes stretch east and west of the north shore around the Crescetoria mountain feet. Much like the unfriendly mountain itself, these only attract the most eager and brave miners.

The Districts of Visimontium

Although some of the Visimontium inns and taverns are mentioned below, the complete list of them can be found on a separate page.

The Garrison District

The Causeway path through Teratera leads up to the Mountain Gates and into the well fortified Garrison District of Visimontium. This is where the headquarters of the city guard - the Visimontium Sentinels - are situated, and under the same roof, the city jail. Behind this building, a tower of the Warrior Maidens including a temple of Dre'Ana stands tall and proud. The Visimontium City Council building is here as well, where one can find the office of the city architect Jenii Kim. An inn and a small marketplace meet the worn travellers, while the mages of the city pass them by, on way to the Sorcerous Scrolls shop. The tunnel east leads to the District of the Trust, and the tunnel west - to the Residential Districts.

The Underground Settlement

The Underground Settlement is the oldest part of the city, now accessible through the Garrison District. It initially sheltered the Visimontium builders - most of them gnomes and dwarves; Then it was used to accomodate the first wave of human settlers. At present, the Underground settlement holds the memorial graveyard of the gnomish workers to have fallen during the blasting works, the Sentinels' Arena and a temple to Clangeddin Silverbeard.

The Crescetoria Valley Marketplace

Craftsmen of all trades offer their goods here in a long row of shops facing the Temple of Hurine. The valley marketplace is a major meeting point for locals, drawn not only by the necessity of supply and demand but also by the large wooden table outside the Plough and Scythe Inn, under the great oak tree. Secluded in the eastern end of the area is the town cemetery.

The Residential Districts

Stretching from the Garrison District along the northern slopes of Mount Geritri to the eastern shore of Lake Coldshadow, the Residential Districts are a well presentable face of the city. They are divided into southern, central and northern areas, bond together by the broad Ailpera Lane. The Residential Districts except for private residences include the workshops of great artizans. Such are the "Precious Objects" run by the jewelers Wulfgar and Tzaramendl, the "Frimungun Clothing Empire", and indeed the "Heffernven Toy Shop"!

The Southern Residential District where the Western Tunnel from the Garrison District opens is quiet and secluded, with few private residences nestled around the Lohenson Court - named after Harbesh Lohenson, founding member of the Visimontium Sentinels.

Through the Central Residential District one can take the path to the Geritri Mountain Mines. The famous "Hideaway Cafe" is here for those who shun the mining pick, not far from the First City Real Estates office. The centre of the Residential Districts is also dignified by the grove devoted to the city founder Melonius Mennallin's late wife Mary Briggs, druidess of O'Ma.

The Northern Residential District often is refered to as "The Cottages", though these rented homes take but a portion of its territory. The Northern Residential District is where the Ailpera Lane ends, at the elevation offering a glorious view to the Coldshadow Lake. Here is the home of the Visimontium city council speaker, Sentinel and a great benefactor to the city: Lady Aerill Ailpera herself. The entrance hall of her residence opened to the public now hosts the "Mennallin Shop".

The District of the Trust

The District of the Trust is indeed occupied by the nine towers of the Nine Orders of Andrinor's Trust, and the smaller but no less imposing Tower of the Trust. A centrepoint of the area however admittedly is the Nine Towers Brewery and Tavern. Those drawn by the waterfalls crossing the east side may soon find the secluded Grove of O'Ma. Following the Promenade boulevard north, one reaches the quiet, picturesque Willow Lake and a small tea house.

The Academy District

The most busy district of Visimontium is the Academy District. In itself it is a broad square, lined by houses at its far northern and southern ends, and occupied by a number of buildings of importance. In the Academy District there indeed are the local branch of the Academy of Mortal Magic and the Alchemy research department, the Great Library of Visimontium, the portalling tower, the Academy of Bardic Arts, the open air Observatory, and last but not least the Department of Conflagration. When free from work, the populace can often be found around "Jade's Coffee House", "Truely Sweets" - a legacy of Lord Derrington's chocolate tradition. The lobby of the Mountain View Townhomes is bustling at daytime, while the Tipsy Wizard Inn's tavern may not quieten until late at night. Unsuprisingly, at the Academy District there also is the workshop of an industrious Ganoom offering alchemical dyes. From this area, two roads outstretch into the lower mountain hills: the southern road to the Arena of Andrinor, and the northern road to the Academy of the Advanced Arcane.

The Temple District

Above the square of the Academy District is the Temple District, built around a small hill atop which is the High Temple of Andrinor. The area also offers roof for the faithful of Cha'reth, Dagath, Dru'El, Fegall, Gorethar, Mikon, and Mishlekh. Outside the Eastern Gates, at the lower slopes of Mount Bolinar, overlooking the Thousand Springs stands a shrine to Yeraiah.

The Farmlands

As the city forms a half-circle on the southern end of lake Crescetoria, the Farmlands occupy the fruitful land in-between the lake shore and the city walls. Both the west and east farmlands boast with lush apple gardens. At the eastern farms opens a grand cave system; its higher reaches are used to make premium quality cheese. In the western farmlands the local school is built, as a part of a dream coming true: the dream of the city founder Melonnius Menallin to provide education for the children of Avlis. The school has been built thanks to Dame Moira Callindraes from Mikon's Council of Balance, who also is the architect of the Academy of Bardic Arts.

The Inns and Taverns of Visimontium

In alphabetical order:

  • Coldshadow Tavern, Northern Residential District

Proprietor: Grandari

  • Mountain Settlers' Inn, Garrison District

Proprietor: Merarry Askyrew

  • The Nine Towers Brewery and Tavern, District of the Trust

Proprietor: Losil Fentleln

  • Orchards Guest House and Public Room, South-Western Farmlands

Proprietor: Granny Micah

  • The Plough and Scythe Inn and Tavern, Crescetoria Valley Marketplace

Proprietor: Alia Jarlson

  • The Snow Eater's Inn and Tavern, Western Passage (Near the West Gate)

Proprietor: Legnar "Snow Eater" Kessen

  • The Tipsy Wizard Inn and Bar, Academy District

Proprietor: Drarry Askyren

See Also:

  • The Cottages - Rented Homes, Northern Residential District

Proprietor: The Visimontium Real Estate Offices, Central Residential District

  • Mountain View Townhomes - Suites for Sale, Academy District

Proprietor: Mr. Steel ((PM Assist DM))

Visimontium Demographics

As of the late 2170s the population of Visimontium is about 280,000, 80% of that being the migrants from M'Chek; 5% of Ganooms from the original construction works; and the rest 15% being the various magi orders and their apprentices.
(The ratio of apprentice:full mage is about 5:1).

The Visimontium City Council

The city of Visimontium is represented by counselors to decide on laws and edicts.
At present these are:

Preceeded by Gubblebub Fizzywhiz of the Red Order of the Flame
Preceeded by Rorln Frizzlegomp of the Blue Order of the Sky

Preceeded by Damar Ogdem

  • The Church of Andrinor Representative - Rayna Na'Tanlynn, High Priestess of Andrinor
  • The Sentinels of Visimontium Representative - Fealith Anifail, General-Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels
  • Speaker of the Council is Aerill Ailpera, Archmage of the Blue Order of the Sky

The Visimontium Sentinels

The Visimontium Sentinels are the guards of the City of Andrinor, initially hand-picked by the city founder Melonius Mennallin himself. The Sentinels protect the city and its population and deal with the day to day law enforcement issues in order to keep the city running as normally as possible. They answer to the decisions and orders of the City Council of Visimontium.

Recent History of Visimontium

See: Early History of Visimontium


"Eternity is a word humans use." - Kalseru

As the author of this Guide, I have aimed for accuracy and neutrality. Like any mortal being, I am prone to omissions and mistakes and I would like to believe that I have made as few as possible. I arrived in Visimontium after the Migration as resident magus of the Ashen Order of the Stars and remained in the city ever since. I have meanwhile moved to the Blue Order of the Sky; at present am an initiate to the White. After I defended Visimontium as my home all these years and saw my then-husband Amand Xilo sentenced for crimes against the city, remaining unbiased was perhaps the hardest task about writing this almanach. I remain determined to add more pages as time goes by.


Mrs. Miriel Hana
/at a time known as Miriel Xilo/