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Note: This is a historic entry for an Order of Andrinor's Trust. For currently active guilds, please see: Academy of Mortal Magic Houses

Ashen Order of the Stars

Philosophy: Harmony, Pragmatism, Balance
Restrictions: Wizards and Sorcerers Only
Towers: Visimontium, District of the Trust.
  Elysia, Temple District.
  Mikona, Government District.
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Historic Mage Orders
White Ivory Green
Blue Ashen Red
Gold Ebony Violet


  Title Name Contact  
  Archmage: Eora Issena, HMC DM
  Great Mage of Arms: Susan DM
  Great Mage of Internal Affairs: Ronan, HMC PM
  Great Mage of Relations: Gortozes Coldreach, HMC DM
  Senior Mage of Visimontium: Coraline Clearwater PM
  Senior Mage of Blandenberg: Ferdy Mouze PM
  Senior Mage of Mikona: Flora Mellia DM
  Senior Mage of Elysia: Frieda Mouze DM

Former Archmagi

Other Prominent Magi

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS)


  • Freddull Mouze (2nd Rank)
  • Frieda Mouze (2nd Rank)
  • Ernst Tcharov (3rd Rank)

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