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Ernst Tcharov
Race: Human
Classes: Wizard
Most active on server:
Visimontium / Mikona
Contact: Leave a message

Ernst is the editor-in-chief of Arcane Research Quarterly, as well as being a noted diviner and exponent of the art of fatespinning.

Physical and Personality Attributes

Age: Around 39 years old

Height: 5'10"

Build: Slim yet unathletic, quite obviously lacking in physical strength.

Hair: Chestnut brown, well trimmed and extremely neatly groomed. Equally neatly kept are the set of luxuriant mutton-chop whiskers that frame his face on either side.

Eyes: Hazel, sharp and distinctly observant.

Skin-tone: Usually sports the pallor of one who spends far more time cloistered in libraries than out in the sun.

General Appearance: Ernst is apt to be neatly turned out except in extremis, favouring a rather formal yet foppish wardrobe of finely tailored suits when not clad in his recently acquired Ashen Order robes. His slight frame and general air of genteel refinement do not make him an especially imposing figure; although a handsome, high-cheek-boned face compensates slightly for his other physical deficiencies.

Demeanour: Although typically very formal, polite and pleasant-mannered in conversation, Ernst can also become somewhat acid-tongued under certain circumstances, especially when dealing with Trust initiates. Though he is generally at pains to maintain a calm, detached and observational demeanour at all times, at moments of exceptional stress this veneer can slip to reveal him as a rather more highly strung individual, prone to occasional bouts of panic or murderous fury. But these tendencies are rarely seen as he usually appears to prove either skilful or fortunate enough to avoid circumstances which are apt to provoke their emergence.

Fighting Style: Although he professes to abhor "unpleasantness" and asserts that his vocation is research rather than combat, he yet often tends to find himself in situations in which force proves necessary. On such occasions he is noted for casting only rarely and largely eschewing the use of evocations or spells designed to inflict direct physical or elemental harm upon their targets. Instead he makes extensive use of enchantments - and sometimes necromancy - to disable, impede or kill opponents, endeavouring to cast only when he believes it is absolutely necessary for the obtaining of a favourable outcome.

Past Roles

  • Chancellor, Andarr Academy of Mortal Magic
  • Great Mage of Relations, Ebony Order of the Moon
  • Senior Mage of Visimontium, Ebony Order of the Moon