Adepts of The Grey Mist

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It is difficult to confirm the existence of this elite and secretive subset of the Ashen Order of The Stars, but most agree that if it does roam the forests and mountains of Negaria, its members do not number greatly. Making matters of pinning down the membership worse is the reported ability for mages of this group to teleport from the scene by turning into a grey mist, from which their name derives. All this secretive traversing of the continent and darting in and out of far-off locations is supposedly for observing powerful entities, particularly those that are spellcasters, to ensure that they do not overstep their bounds to cause great unrest or imbalance.

Rumors surrounding this group describe one of its purposes as a form of immigration control for extraplanar creatures. The Adepts of The Grey Mist especially tracks mages from off world, though it is also said to do the same for demons, devils, and other beings that can innately use magic. For the most part, the tracking never progresses beyond simple observation from far away, which can include scrying and other divinations. In rare cases when powerful off world entities have begun showing signs of wildly destructive behaviors, such as attempts to harm Avlissian deities, disrupt the planar fabric, or eliminate entire races or regions from existence, the organization has stepped in to intervene.

Being able to stay on top of such powerful visitors requires cutting-edge knowledge of divination techniques. Most agree that the Adepts of The Grey Mist, if they are in fact carrying out their rumored mission, include some of the best diviners on the planet. It is probable that one wing of the group spends most of its time researching knowledge on the craft, or adventuring to the farthest corners of the world to find it. Meanwhile, a second wing is employed in application, i.e. using the knowledge to track visitors. A smaller third wing is thought to act as the strong arm when things get rough and an interloper requires expulsion.

Entering this organization is likely something only rarely achieved. One version of the reputed method says that the Archmage of the Ashen Order submits candidates to the Adepts of The Grey Mist which get reviewed and approved or rejected. If this is the case, it is likely that all members of the group are former mages of the Ashen Order. However, another version of the method implies that the Adepts of The Grey Mist appear to people whom they have observed for quite some time and invite them to take a special test at a certain time and location. Some have reported that the location is usually in a pocket plane that can only be accessed via a portal. Multiple candidates show up to take this test accordingly, and few pass, but those who do are inducted into the organization as full members and begin assuming new duties. Usually these people are never seen again by their close relatives and associates. If this is the case, it is quite possible that mages from many different orders and alignments may belong to the group.

Despite whichever way new members join the Adepts of The Grey Mist, the organization serves a vital role, according to The Trust. For the most part, the individual mage orders have other concerning matters and spend much time dealing with worldly politics. Having an outlet to deal with potential threats outside of the normal customary space comes in handy and relieves resources. Thus, whether the Nine Orders of Magic believe this organization exists or not, they all mostly agree that it serves a good function and do little to interfere.