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Ronan Ceril
Race: Human
Classes: Wizard
Guild affiliations:
Ashen Order of the Stars
Battlemage of Andrinor
Most active on server: Visimontium
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Ronan was born in the country of Jin'waith, and eventually appeared at the isles of Arkaz washed up on shore. On Nuvar, he ended up at the Nuvar School of Magic, teaching lessons; eventually he became the Archmage of the School. During that time it seems he was studying magic under a powerful necromancer named Jarmanis. After Jarmanis ascended to godhood, Ronan left Nuvar for the city of Visimontium.


Upon arrival to Visimontium, Ronan became invested in the assistance of Blandenburg and M'chek against the individual known as Marko Deadheart, an ex-priest of Dagath who sought to create a 'deathstone'. Somewhat after Marko's defeat, he joined the Ebony Order of the Moon.

Ronan is known to have become involved in the matters of the Spiritkin. He is the first mortal to a Spiritkin known as 'Pride.'

During the attacks by the shadow Tanasi and spiritkin sieges on Elysia, Ronan became a temporary caretaker to Elysia's graveyard. When the lifestone nearby was threatened with annihilation he called upon an army of the dead to rise and fight off the coal dragons and monsters that threatened it. Some months after, Ronan was formally banished from the Elysian graveyard for unknown reasons.


Ronan is a tall, thin man who walks with good posture. He carries a small, wooden arcane staff with two metal tips: one of mithril and one of adamantium. The staff is inscribed with arcane markings. Mixed among the runes is an inscription of a star on a scroll. His clothes are of deep blue silk. His hair is dull color between brown and blonde that looks gray in low light; it is parted unevenly. His left hand, when it is visible, appears to have not skin, but thick black scales that resemble the overlapping scales of a dragon's hand.

At Current

Ronan has a residence in Visimontium, and is sometimes seen about Zvidureth. Ronan is known to travel a great deal, and where he goes, he asks questions about history and discusses the arcane. He has an unusual fascination with ancient ruins and history, particularly as concerns the ruins known as Zelvan Dur. Ronan was the Senior Mage of Visimontium for the Ebony Order for a time, and was promoted to Great Mage of Relations for a long while. He was responsible for the reorganization and revival of the Battlemagi of Andrinor, where he works closely with Rayna and the church.

Ronan has taken in many apprentices during his career, including Miranda Rose, Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif,Zachael Anchises, Mayzen, Alielle Bonefox, and Elradra. In addition to his apprentices, he teaches artificing and magic to a great many aspiring mages, most of which are Ebony members or Ebony initiates.

Magical Path

As a well-known necromancer, Ronan claims to practice an art called 'spirit necromancy'. This path focuses not on the creation of the dead, but on communication with the deceased through contacting them on the ethereal plane or from the beyond.

Published Books

Theories of Cooperative Magic, Published in Nuvar, a rare book not currently in print.

Types of Undead, Published in Negaria, currently in circulation.

Theories of Spirit Necromancy, Published in Negaria, currently in circulation.