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Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif (Work in Progress image)

Name: Xsaiav'lairnn Mystrif ([Ec]ks-save-el-air-n Mis-trif)
Race: Moon Elf
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faith: Unknown
Place of Birth: Arriiai (foreign plane)
Gender: Male
Age: ~259
Height: ~6 feet (tall here, around average where he's from)

Most Active on: Visimontium and Wilderness
Order: Ebony Member

Research Interests:

  • Death Magic
  • Necromancy
  • Pathomancy
  • Negative Energy
  • Mind Affecting Spells / Abilities
  • Sentient Ethereal Beings / Powers
  • Planar Travel and Portals
  • A number of other things kept more quiet...

A Vague History of One Less Known

Xsaiav'lairnn, who also goes by 'Myst' to closer friends or Mystrif for short, is generally quiet about the details of his past. What he tends to claim is that not very long ago, he came from a foreign plane to Nuvar by means of a mistake in a portal experiment. He had apparently stayed there for some time before... something happened, and he, along with a number of other mages and friends, moved over from Nuvar to Avlis. He will also occasionally mention that while he was on his home plane, he had a significant power that he lost, which seems to be of great importance to him. Beyond this, it becomes questionable if he would explain further.

Mystrif was often seen in Visimontium or around Zvidureth, usually either in the company of another wizard named Lafiat, with his mentor, Ronan Ceril, or being trailed by his raven familiar, Vathen. He enjoys learning just about anything and everything he can, from history to rumors to complex Arcane theory, but he particularly seems to enjoy subjects surrounding death magic, necromancy, and pathomancy.

For a while, Mystrif had been doing a bit of research between different continents and occasionally worlds. Whether he had something particular in mind, or was just trying to acquaint himself better with the plane is hard to say, but he often frequented libraries, bookstores, and various places in the search for knowledge. Furthermore, he has occasionally made appearances around events relating to the Spiritkin, but if or how he is connected is relatively unknown. He had been accepted into the Ebony Order some time ago, and since seemed to get a bit more 'active' in his pursuits since then instead of spending all his time in libraries.

Later, Mystrif had been hanging around the T'Nanshi wilderness and Zvidureth fairly often. Exactly what he was doing around there never was quite known for certain, but he would either show up to talk with others, or make brief stops when none were about, then be on his way out once more. He was found in Visimontium less during these times, though still made appearances on occasion on matters involving the Spiritkin. His involvement, however, was never quite known.

At some point, it seemed something happened. What, to most, was unclear. But for a decent duration, Mystrif hadn't been seen around much of anywhere. For a while, he could be found with students, or a mage in greys, but even that slowly grew seldom, until he simply was not seen at all. If he had been spotted, one might think that something was.. a little bit different about him, but how wasn't very clear. Where he went was generally left to mystery.

After about a year or two, Mystrif returned from his previous absence. He didn't speak openly of why he came back, why he left, or if he was thinking of staying, but he was seen about much more frequently for a time. His once overly curious demeanor had seemed to have taken a different turn for a much more speculative, cryptic, even at times strangely vacant disposition than he once had. What little was off about him before seems to have grown a bit more now... Despite that, he seemed to have been focused on a particular task while ignoring others. But as per usual, that task was never widely known. For another duration, Mystrif had been seen much more frequently in Visimontium, often in another's company.


Generally speaking, Myst has a fairly pleasant demeanor. He does not have much trouble approaching others to talk with them, and is not shy at all about asking questions. He is well-spoken and easy to understand, though he has a notable accent of some sort. At times he seems to forget which words he is trying to say when speaking in Common, and will pause and resort to gestures until he can remember a fitting word. In all though, he tends to keep a playful, but modest, respectful, and intellectual air about himself - and is almost always smiling.

On the other hand, if one pays close attention to him, Myst seems fairly prone to dancing around questions or giving vague answers with various interpretations for all his verbose antics. He has a generally secretive demeanor about himself, but an intense curiosity about everything else. Regardless of the activity at hand, he is frequently seen writing things down in an elaborate black and golden runed book. But despite his personal secrecy, he enjoys giving information to others he feels are seekers of knowledge, and will generally come forth with various informative reports, show people places he thinks may further their interests, or help teach them something if he has the capability when he feels so inclined. He highly values logic, reason, and intellect, and is sometimes confused or curious about highly emotional reactions to things. In his opinion, he is very rational in his thinking, though he seems to greatly enjoy what is unknown or unexpected. He loves conducting experiments, and seems to have 'a thing' for seeing stuff explode now and then.

Despite his seemingly outgoing tendencies, Mystrif is an introvert at heart, and feels much more at home curled up around a book with little company than with large groups of people. He'll hardly ever decline a group outing if something about it interests him, he just may resort to being mostly quiet and observational instead.


Currently, Mystrif seems to have disappeared again. There is little to no indication as to why he left, or where he went. Even those who spoke with him more frequently don't seem to know where he has gone. However, one of the last times he was widely seen was during and after being assaulted in Ferrell, though if this has anything to do with him vanishing or not is unclear.


Mystrif stands about 6 feet tall, and is fairly lean. He has teal eyes with golden flecks in them, and almost always looks somewhat tired or sleepy. He has a slight smile near constantly and often retains it in completely inappropriate situations. The fact that many of his expressions, if caught at all, are quite subtle and can often be interpreted in a number of ways doesn't help this much. Xsaiav'lairnn's skin is a very pale greyish hue, with his hair being a slightly darker, cool silver. The grey-silver hair is generally kept at chin length in front while being slightly longer and flipping out some in the back; it's often a bit messy, and Myst will blow it out of his face fairly often. He has a somewhat large roman-esque nose with a very prominent bridge to it, and is certainly not one of the most pretty looking men out there; his overall appearance looks more undead than anything to those unfamiliar with moon elves.

As far as clothing choice is concerned, Mystrif is always seen in very dark colors with elaborate golden trim. For himself looking somewhat disheveled, he wears very fancy clothing that is literally covered with foreign runes and various symbols. There is a particular golden symbol that looks like a stylized bird motif which appears multiple times on what he wears and seems to hold some importance. Myst prefers to be almost completely covered at all times, and wears a number of layers underneath long robes. Because of all the clothing he wears, one is usually not privy to the equally elaborate tattoos that cover his body beneath, and the only indications one is likely to see of them are the bright red markings under his eyes that eventually go down his neck, and the similarly red lines that run along the bones on top of his hands... assuming he ever takes his gloves off. In addition, he has always had a pair of golden earrings in his right ear, and more recently seems to have gotten an additional silver clasp in his left.

He has trouble keeping a decent posture sometimes, and will often lean forward onto his staff, or sit when he has the chance.