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"May our story together inspire envy in all who hear it."

Race: Half-Elf
Classes: Rogue/Wizard/Pale Master
Guild affiliations: AAAA,Ebony Order of the Moon
Most active on server: Wilderness
Contact: Leave a message


Elradra is the only offspring of a farmer's daughter and an elven soldier. Her parents moved to the city of Elysia before she was born to take care of their child in a place where there were other mixed races to play and sympathize with. Military duties kept her father away from home for most of Elradra's youth, only staying around for a week or two at a time before being called on patrols and missions. Childhood was largely spent helping her mother around the house and eagerly waiting for her dad to come home with new and exciting stories to share.

The invasion and occupation of Elysia by Shaahesk forces turned her simple life upside down around the time she hit puberty. Her curious mind helped her learn how to pick locks into hiding places, and she quickly taught herself to use the shadows to her advantage. Elra's father was slain by the Shaahesk early in the war though the news didn't reach her family until after Elysia had been freed.

For a year or two after the liberation of Elysia Elradra continued to live with her mother, who had become something of a nervous wreck from the long ordeal with the lizards. She bought books for Elra when she could to satisfy her daughter's curiosity but became increasingly oppressive and protective. Eventually Elra felt forced to leave her home to avoid being chained down by her own mother, never looking back other than to send a few rare letters of her adventures.


Elradra's elven parentage shows most in her curiosity. From her first step out the door she has explored. From city to wilderness to ruins to crypts, and even the insides of the rare residence. Her earliest adventuring days were spent studying the mechanisms in locks, studying items of mundane and magical nature, and the anatomy of living creatures. As she matured in her adventures this curiosity took her to the realms of the arcane, studying planar forces, spell effects, and eventually the workings of life and biology as she entered into the Pale Arts. The spark is slowly dimming though.

Normally Elradra is quite friendly and kind, if a bit melancholy or dark. She prefers to stay on good terms with as many people as possible and chatting the day away. Often she conforms her behavior to whatever populace she finds herself in. Her kind and curious demeanor quickly fades when faced with betrayal or large amounts of stress. In moments of panic she often drops darkness spells around her to the annoyance of her battle companions.

If not on any kind of mission Elra's actions tend to be determined by her own whim and fancy, sticking with one activity until she gets bored. Despite this she is a very loyal friend to those who befriend her.

Elradra married her Ebony colleague Tybalt Rasul on Jan 25, 2015 in the ruins of Zelvan Dur.