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The Nine

Gorethar - O'Ma - Dru'el

Toran - Mikon - Forian

Valok - Aarilax - Maleki


Angadar - Dagath


Dra'Nar - Dre'Ana


Cha'reth - Ra-Ghul - The'ton

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Religious Orders

Alignment - Guilds

The Battlemagi of Andrinor

Alignment: Any

Base of operations: Visimontium

How to contact us: Send a message to High Priestess Rayna Na'Tanlynn ((NPC)) or Ronan Ceril ((PM)).

What we do: A group of magic users and warriors with some battle skills and the desire to serve Andrinor in their Hearts, to work in conjunction with the Church of Andrinor to further the Will of Andrinor. The Battlemagi work to protect all things magic and carry out the Will of Andrinor, search and procure arcane knowledge, build the Faith and work toward the furtherment of Andrinor's Ways. All Battlemagi are members of the Trust or worshipers of Andrinor.

What to expect: The Battlemagi of Andrinor hold Andrinor close to their hearts and wish to serve him in greater capacity. The Battlemagi have a slightly martial bend, and are dedicated to actively traveling and acting about the lands of Negaria to aid the Church.

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