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Religious Orders
The Nine

Gorethar - O'Ma - Dru'el

Toran - Mikon - Forian

Valok - Aarilax - Maleki


Angadar - Dagath


Dra'Nar - Dre'Ana


Cha'reth - Ra-Ghul - The'ton

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The Followers of Forian Forum operates under the cover of secrecy. Or are Forianites too chaotic to keep a formal organization? We may never know.

Genuine followers of Forian can request access:

Follow these steps:

  • User Control Panel at the top
  • Usergroups on left hand side
  • Then click on the circle next to Followers of Forian
  • At bottom of page click box next to join
  • Profit

After you've done that, send a PM to Brayon.

I know, a little too much order for a chaotic group. 42