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Religious Orders
The Nine

Gorethar - O'Ma - Dru'el

Toran - Mikon - Forian

Valok - Aarilax - Maleki


Angadar - Dagath


Dra'Nar - Dre'Ana


Cha'reth - Ra-Ghul - The'ton

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Religious Orders

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A religious order is an organization of people who live in some way set apart from society in accordance with religious devotion. The members of such orders, termed religious as a group, are usually distinct from both the laity and the clergy. They are often termed monks, friars or brothers if male, and nuns or sisters if female. Not all members of a religious order are clergy, and there may be lay members who have sworn an oath to the order or taken vows such as vows of poverty.

Some orders practice literal isolation (cloistering) from the outside world; others remain engaged with the world in various ways, often teaching or serving in traditional roles, while maintaining their distinction in other ways (communal living, producing religious artwork and texts, designing and making vestments and writing religious instruction books as examples). All, however, may be distinguished by vows or disciplines they undertake as members of their orders.

The best-known religious orders are the orders of the nine as well as the Healers of Cha'reth. However, a form of ordered religious living is common also in many tribes of Tyedu, though on a smaller scale.

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