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Insignia of The Faithful of Corellon

Who are the Faithful of Corellon?

The Faithful of Corellon are the members of a holy order dedicated to the greater elven God, Corellon Larethian.

Who is Corellon Larethian?

Corellon first came to Avlis when Dru'El asked Corellon for his help in creating a new race on Avlis. Corellon spoke of His elves and recommended that Dru'El should father a similar race, and thus the proud and elegant High Elves and the beautiful yet delicate Ghost Elves were created.

Though the majority of elves follow their father Dru'El, and all Corellon followers respect that, some feel the calling of Corellon himself. Often those where battle means more to them than most and find themselves with an almost instinctual hatred of Orcs.

Guild Information

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Clerical Domains: Air, Good, Protection, Sun, War

Base of Operations: Based in and around T'Nanshi but will go wherever we are needed.

What do we do: Being followers of the Elven God of Battle, we will help those in need. Fighting against those that threaten the elven way of life. Being Chaotic of nature, it matters little how we do it, as long as it is done.

Stories Of Corellon Larethian

The most famous of all the stories involving Corellon is obviously the Battle against Gruumsh One Eye, though of course he never had one eye to start.

Thousands of Millenia ago on a plane far away from Avlis a group of Gods known as the Seldarine were trying to create a new race of mortals and fashioned the vessel that is now known as the Elves. The other Gods, not of the Seldarine, grew jealous and tried to mimic their creations, but without the love and attention needed. Monsters and creatures of nightmares were the result, beings that would haunt the dreams of elves. Of all the hasty creations only those of man would one day be able to shape the world around them in a fashion similar to the elves.

When the god Gruumsh saw the creation of the Seldarine, the Elves, he regarded it as an abomination—and he became enraged. Gruumsh in his rage led the anti Seldarine and tried to Crush them and their creations. When Gruumsh attacked Corellon Larethian, the leader of the Seldarine, the Godswar did truely begin.

During the battle many gods fell, badly wounded though not dead, Gruumsh and Corellon would not break off. Instead, they continued their fierce combat. They traversed the planes, and they splashed the other's blood across the lands.

As night drew near all seemed lost as Corellons power waned and Gruumshs grew, but a miracle occured. The moon shed tears which fell on Corellons upturned and striken face giving him power for one last mighty blow. With his arm drawn back he thrust his sword into Gruumsh left eye plucking it from his face.

The god howled in pain, blood as black as night spewing from the wound. Gruumsh turned tail and fled to the netherworld. Once there he nursed his hate, seeking for ways to shape the enemies of the Seldarine. And the greatest of his creations, made in the burning heat of rage and the blackness of his blood, was the Orcs. That is why, to this day, the Orcs and the Elves are such bitter enemies.

With Gruumsh's defeat, the Seldarine continued with the developement of their beloved elves. They gathered the moon's tears and the blood shed by Corellon in that great battle, placed these into the vessels they had created, and infused them with their own spirit. Thus were the Elves born from the blood of Corellon Larethian, mixed with the soil of the world, blessed with the tears of the moon, and given their nearness to divinity and longevity of life.

Vestments of the Faith

Holy robe of Corellon Larethian

Members of the Order

Talon Blade: Sneaky rogue extrodinaire, all round good guy.

Indiga Amanta: Avariel bard, Songstress of Corellon.

Breadan Eryk: Cleric of Corellon.