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The Fury of Ra-Ghul


General Information

  • Race: Any
  • Alignment: Any Chaotic
  • Base of operations: The guild's base is mainly centered near the city of Visimontium, where the Temple of Fury was discovered deep in the Crescetoria mountain but it is also active in M'Chek where the guildhall of the faithful can be found. The guildhall is situated near the west opening of the Mayer Pass.
  • How to contact us:
In game:

The best people to contact are:

Sable the White (Sable Witt, High Fury Templar, Current Guild Leader)
Dero Nefzen (Dero Nefzen, Champion of Ra-Ghul, Can be considered a co-leader)
Kalgar Darthvord (Kalgar, Can also be considered a co-leader)
Malinko Fallon (Malinko, Invoker of Fury, Primarily for those wanting to become Invokers)
Tyedu Shadowwalker (Shadow, Shaman of Fury)
Savana (Savana, Shaman of Fury)
Whisper (Whisper, High Fury Templar, Champion of Ra-Ghul,Original leader, Retired)


Cassandros (Kalgar)
Sable the White (Sable the White)
J_master_06 (Dero Nefzen)
Scotch (Malinko)
AyounTheDark (Whisper)
candywazz (Savana)

  • Other people who can get you in contact with us

Frapp Moon-Yana ( PM: Emerl )
Miriel Hana ( PM: Hamlet )

The Fury of Ra-Ghul: Purpose

There are two main purposes of the guild. The first is to spread the belief and knowledge of Ra-Ghul to the peoples and nations of Avlis. The second is to perfect the combat abilities of the individuals in the guild as a means to ultimate fulfilment.

Other goals of the faith will be to arrange and monitor Gladitorial events in the Arena of the guild, with great feasts and music to praise both the heroes of battle, of today and ages past. The training of young warriors in search of a purpose to perfect themselves in battle, and with the desire to become an elite warrior.

Spreading Ra-Ghul's faith can be accomplished by inspiring others with the fury and rage of battle. This is accomplished through flattery of others who show great skills in battle and by being a great warrior oneself. The meaning of the battle rage is to be understood and put into action in a way that demands both awe and respect. Fearlessness, perfection of the individual and the instinctive and unpredictable warfare should be among some of the primary issues of the faithful. Besides that, it should be visualized that there is honour and respect to be gained by the perfection of one's skills and teaching those to others willing.

As a guild of war, it will be possible that some of the faithful to hire out their skills as mercenaries and/or bodyguards. It shall become known that the mercenaries of Ra-Ghul will go to great lengths, if the reward for duty done is accepted, - and they shall come to be regarded as amongst the most brave and fearless when it comes to battle.

Combat, duels and training are among the ways Ra-Ghul's chosen will perfect their craft. It is expected that warriors of the guild will strive toward the pinnacle of their berserker-style fighting abilities, where individuality and unpredictability is predominant.

The faithful should preferably be viewed upon as brave and courageous heroes, more than mindless slaughterers, and it is up to those of the faith to emphasize this. This is done both through actions and speech, public announcements and deeds done.

Every faithful is encouraged to fight for, and stand up for his own goals, and these should be evident to others as well, through his/her actions. Primarily this is to avoid that the faithful of Ra-Ghul is seen upon as living alone for the frenzy of battle. It should be known to the faithful that Ra-Ghul himself gained followers because he fought for the cause of his tribe, his people and expanding their territory.

If a faith is to gain respect and acknowledgement amongst the nations of Avlis, it must be earned, and the faithful need be aware of that. Thus it is of great importance that those of the faith both join factions across Avlis, in which their abilities can be put to use, and where they can fulfil other aims of their life than fighting. Even though the pinnacle of a Ra-Ghulite will be the perfect warrior, it must be known that a warrior of legends is rarely made by battling alone, but as well by the cause he fights for and the other qualities of the warrior.

The Fury of Ra-Ghul: Code of Conduct

Members are expected to live a life worthy of Ra-Ghul. Honour and homage should be paid to great practitioners of high intensity fighting skills. The Fury of Ra-Ghul should make an effort to meet together on occasion to encourage one another in the faith and lifestyle. The ways of perfecting ones battle skills is not done by battle alone, but as well through the training before, and the aftermath of battle. It is thus recommended for the faithful to inspire each other, and gain insight onto others way of fighting as well. Tactics should not be frowned upon, but viewed with interest as to learn of one's opposition. The way to become a warrior and hero of legends, is also influenced by learning of the skills of possible opponents and allies. It is encouraged that the warriors of the faith with knowledge and insight pass that knowledge onto others.

While the joys and beauty of frenzied battle are second to none, psychopathic behavior does not coincide with the beliefs of Ra-Ghul as this mindset concentrates on inflicting pain and horror upon victims rather than the glory of being the instrument of battle itself. Therefore, psychopaths have no place within the Fury of Ra-Ghul.

Besides battling, many warriors of Ra-Ghul have been seen to enjoy many of the fruits of life: Feasting, with an abundance of meat, fruits, beverages of all sorts - and enjoying games to prove manhood, bravery and fearlessness. Often they are accompanied by the music and tales of many a bard to praise the courage of true warriors. These feasts are for both males and females, and a somewhat frivolous mindset is often seen amongst them at their feasts.

All strife is set aside when the faithful join for the feasts to honour their god. Though many a rival can be seen fighting each other in the games of the feasts that can sometimes go on for several days.

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