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Sable Witt (Sable the White) is a High Fury Templar of Ra-Ghul. Former Guild Leader of the Fury of Ra-Ghul. Commonly found at Elf Gate of Elysia.

Sable Witt
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Westshore
Age: Early to Middle Forties
Current Residence: Hall of Fury
Known Former Affiliations:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lb
Hair: Stark White, Straight (Father's side trait)
Eyes: Pale Yellow (Mother's side trait / Possible race impurity)
Build: Slender Athletic, Facially beautiful
Personality: Good hearted but neutral world view in lieu of personal interests. Often speaks her opinion too fast or brashly. Loyal to friends and her sister Sabelle. Battle sometimes brings out a hidden savageness.


Sable was born to Kattera Witt, in Westshore in the year 2135. The two lived in a small house that was built when Kattera was a child of her farming parents. Kattera took interest in joining the Mikona Guard when she was in her Mid-teens and begun training with old swords and pikes that her father could buy from the "Bargain Bin" at the market. In her early twenties she joined the Guard and became a skilled fighter. It was in her time as a guard that she met a swashbuckling young man named Marcus Fabbishum. He was a midshipman for any ship he could get to sail, and a skilled sailor. While they had romantic interest, his port times never lasted long and he was off on the next ship. It was on one of these port calls, that Kattera became pregnant with Sable. Kattera moved back out to her parents' farm in Westshore, after her romantic interest had not returned after the news. The farm had not been producing well in recent years and with an aging host couple, the buildings had begun to wither and fall apart. Several bad harvests had put the family behind financially and Kattera put what she had into keeping the house and a sparse bit of land off the northern end of the village.

Sable was born with a shock of White hair and Bright Blue eyes, which turned to a Bright Yellow in her first few months as a baby. Her eye color was a rare family trait from her mother's side. The white hair has been assumed to be a trait of her father who had Rusty Brown hair, but has spoken of his own father who had Stark White hair.


Kattera was a tall athletically build woman of Dark Brown hair and Hazel eyes. She would turn a head as she passed and was well liked among her peers. Her hazel eyes could turn a cold stare when she was faced with the bladed end of duty. Her long, wavy, dark hair she would often wear up while in uniform, but let down around the farm.


Marcus Fabbishum was a handsome man of Rusty Brown hair and Greenish Blue eyes. He was a smooth talker and enjoyed the life of a sailor. He claimed to be an orphan and didn't speak of his childhood often, though was a well built man and would sometimes have a story of the wilds of the north and Tyedu.


When Sable was three years old, an epidemic swept through Northern and Western M'Chek. Her grandparents took ill and passed on before a healer could make journey to the remaining farm. Kattera and Sable were spared the illness. Kattera had a background with weapons from her time in the Guard and learned some curatives in her time of service. She also would get old books from the library for young Sable to read and learn to write the common tongue. While Sable did take interest in reading and writing she also, like her mother had an interest in weapons. Kattera taught Sable to use the crossbow and the mace at an early age. She grew to be tomboyish and was occasionally make fun of for both her stark white hair and her fading yellow eyes, often having the nick name of "Whitey". Over Time Sable Witt slowly became known as Sable the White, from her nick name.

As she reached her early teens her mother had aged poorly from the hard work of both helping out at the local Temple to Mikon, and doing some Guard duties to who ever would pay. Sable helped out some of the local farmers, clearing fields of rocks for the plow. Sable also helped out at the Temple. Impressed with the divine power and ability to heal others, she decided to seek dedication to a God she could relate to. Sable had found an old Scythe in the remains of the family Barn and while it was rotting and dull, she fancied it as exotic weapon, with dreams of clearing fields of goblin and ogre bandits. Realistically, she decided to start with barn rats and field mice.

During this time she started to realize that she got sort of euphoria from the hunt. Finding herself hunting more often, and praying less to Mikon, she started reading divine lore in search of a God that might understand her, and answer her prayers for strength in the hunt, and in battle. While reading stories about the north and Tyedu, she found a liking for the History of a great warrior named Ra-Ghul. She would have dreams at night of fighting against the odds in barbaric hordes against other hordes. Over the years this fascination turned into a secret faith that this Great Warrior would watch over her on her little hunting expeditions. She became aware that she has a more savage side that revels in the blood of others, but isn't outwardly shown.

Finding a Faith

On one of these hunting expeditions she found herself stalking a leopard (as she had gained a greater skill in hunting by now). The leopard made its way into a dark cave south of Westshore. Into the dark she stalked, staying low and to the shadows best she could. As she tread deeper into the cave, she came to realize that her movements had an echo ~ an echo that didn't quite match up. Having a hard time seeing in the darkness of the cave she realized that she her hunt was fruitless and that she may be in greater danger than she knew, she turn back and started her trek out. Turning a corner she found herself faced with two trolls. Out of fear she jabbed forward with her old scythe, which one of the trolls had easily deflected. The scythe was lost out of her hands and she was left without a weapon in the dark, faced with more than she knew she could handle. In a panicked moment she stumbled back, fell, and rolled a short ways from the two trolls. Not being able to clearly see her way around, she called on Ra-Ghul, in a short desperate prayer, to light her way. In an instant, cave light up and she felt energized. With the trolls in a short bit of shock from the light, Sable grabbed the opportunity to escape the cavern. She jogged her way home and knew Ra-Ghul had heard her plea. She also knew this was the God she would dedicate herself to. She would begin to practice how to pray and started studying divine casting.

Late one evening, Kattera had returned home from the Mikon Temple, gave a sleeping Sable a kiss on her forehead, and laid down into her bed. Sable woke the next morning to find her mom had passed on in the night. Clearly taken with denial, Sable rushed to fetch a healer from the temple. When the healer returned with Sable, he knelt at Kattera's side and spoke a few soft prayers, turning to Sable with sad eyes. With tears in his own eyes he explained to Sable that her mother's time had come and that the Great God Mikon had called her to him for higher duties. Sable gathered the last few valuables she could find around the house, save her mothers sword, shield and armor, and arranged with the temple, a burial for her mother. She had her mother's sword, shield and armor buried with her, to honor her and give her what she needed for a call of duty in the next world. While Sable believed in the laws only somewhat, she knew this would honor her mother.

On her own

The next few months, in her late teens, she had gone through all of what was left in the house, discovering a series of letters. The letters where from a place called Fourtree; in the Elven lands of T'Nanshi. Some dated back a number of years, and seemed to be correspondence from a woman named, Yoofeh Hod'shooli Cha. They explained about a well build and handsome man, with Rusty Brown Hair, and a smooth way of talking. It dawned on Sable that this name was her father, and the father of at least one other. The more recent letters changed in the hand that wrote them and explained how Yoofeh Hod'shooli Cha, had passed on. These where signed with the name of Sabelle. Sable realized this was her sister, a half elven sister. She sent a scroll off to Fourtree and Sabelle to meet and get to know her sister. That evening there was the sound of a stampede outside her now ragged house. Looking out the window she could see a large group of Ogres running through town, apparently being chased by a few uniformed men, M'Chekian Soldiers. The shake of the ground was rattling the house well enough that Sable decided she would leave out the back door and try to find a safer place. As she left the house shook with an impact. A passing Ogre ran into the corner of the house and knocked out the support beam. The house creaked and fell over in a huge whirl of dust. The ogres hardly noticed as they ran past, apparently fearful of the soldiers. Sable searched through the remains to pick out the last few remaining valuables and set off to the local temple of Mikon. There she would at least have temporary refuge. She amended the scroll to Sabelle to make the meeting in Mikona, as her house no longer existed, and she did not know the way to Fourtree.

A sister and a job

A few days later they met at an Inn called the Rompin' Romini, in Mikona. They both had next to nothing, and were in need of work. A passing well dressed Halfling passed by seeing the young ladies talking in worried tones of their need for food and work. He introduced himself as Brant Risko. Asking if the ladies where interested in finding a job. They agreed wearily, and left for the Docks for a placed called Privateer Enterprises (PE). Meeting a man named Mister Jack; the ladies were given a tour of the building as well as the ship docked behind it called the Clandestine. After a few drinks, questioning and some small talk, both sisters where hired on as gatherers. It was the ladies' first day in Mikona and they both managed to walk into jobs, food and drink, and some new clothes.

Meeting the Fury

Several weeks later, Sable had taken to traveling to where she needed to gather for PE. While harvesting cotton in a field in Elysia, she spied a handsome man with dark hair and tan skin walk across the field near the river. They traded a friendly "Hello" as he passed and she picked cotton. Pausing for a moment, the man asked her name and she intern asked for his. He was called Ximm. At that moment, she ground shook slightly, and Sable heard a large splash at the riverside. She walked over near the riverside, with Ximm in tow to find out what the disturbance was. A crab the size of Sables old house climbed ashore. Ximm immediately took to battle, receiving a small wound before he could get his sword to the ready. As he fought he gave a battle cry "With the Fury of Ra-Ghul!" Sable was compelled to cast a prayer of strength onto Ximm, as well as cast a spell that heals small wounds. As she did so, she was struck unconscious by a large crab claw. When she woke, bleeding from just above her hairline, Ximm comforted her, and helped her clean up. Sable asked about his knowledge of Ra-Ghul and the two talked for a time about their faith. This was how Sable came to know Whisper and several others who follow the Fury of Ra-Ghul's faith.

A Time of Loss

"Some time back, I felt an urge to leave all that I know, and the one I love. Into Deglos I strode, seeking to find what it is that I feel inside my own heart, and within my own view of our Faith. I am not one to feel the Fury in the same manner as many of my battle worn warriors. The differences I have felt had me wondering why I am different that I can feel the emotion, but not the true blood lust that I see many of you rage into. In this, I feel alone.

Into the passages and tunnels I walked. Deeper and deeper I was compelled to wander. Many beasts I have fought. Often retreating to safer passages. Ashamed of my own urge of self-preservation. My skills do not match my warriors. I became ashamed of who I was. I felt unworthy of my God. So I sought my fear...to die alone, without honor...forgotten.

Months have passed. The smell of earth and stone...my only companions. My blades, my only friends. Assailed by something unseen, I lay bleeding away, without strength, staring into the dark...

Then I remembered what it was that brought me to this way of life. I remembered the day I called upon Ra-Ghul to light my way. I remembered the warmth I felt as I was guided to safety. A spark of hope, I felt.

To the Temple we went. I felt him there, a place of his faith. His hand directing my feet as we sought our Temple. No, it was not me, that day that lead us through the caves. It was Ra-Ghul, as I watched my own body march toward the temple, from a bird's eye view. He was there. I remember it now.

The curtains lift from my soul. This darkness isn't my place. My place is among the living. Among those who need to see that the Spirit of Ra-Ghul is alive! I do not give in to death!

Hope, I felt, and more importantly, Faith. I lost Faith, not in Ra-Ghul, but in myself. This hope is redeeming. Though, I was badly wounded. I am a healer. With the Grace of the Fury Lord, I have the power to heal. To bring life where life has left, To close wounds with a touch and a word, and give strength to those who need it. I prayed for Ra-Ghul to heal my broken body. Give me the power to heal my own wounds. This is how I differ. This is why I differ. Ra-Ghul has Faith in me. I feel it. Through him, my powers return, slow at first. I didn't realize it, but I had not prayed or cast in months. I prayed, I had this power. I healed... and I strode back.

Up to the world my feet carry me. Out of the depths of the stone, into the forest, felling beasts, as I tread on. Gone a long time, but am returned.

My heart is not the same. My Faith is not the same. I am his, and yours."

"Forgiveness is Divine, Faith is Redemption, and Fury is Ours to Wield!

Let the lands know our Fury!

My heart is hardened, let the flesh follow the soul.

May Ra-Ghul's name be heard in every corner of the realms, and in every town we pass through! From the top of the highest peak, to the lowest fissure under the ground. Let His name be heard!"

A new dawn for the Fury

With an issue of a challenge, Sable sought to gain the leadership of the Fury. This challenge was answered through a Mystic of the Greater Church of Ra-Ghul. She gave Sable a challenge to end the terror of a family of Gravel Dragons, to prove her worth, wisdom and battle prowess. This quest was sealed by a divine wound that would only heal upon completion of the task or Sable's death. The beasts had initially been tracked through Zvidureth and a nearby Romini Camp, to a set of Yuan-Ti caves. Later, the Dragons took residence in the Forest of Midnight. The Dragons gained alliance with the mobilized war bands of Shaahesk who struck a deal with the wyrms. In exchange for mass moving Shaahesk supplies, the Shaahesk offered an powerful onyx stone that had the power to raise the male partner of the mother Dragon of the group. This would result in a Dracolich to add support to both the Dragons and the Shaahesk war machine.

With a gathering of of friends and Furies, Sable's group headed to a village under attack from the Shaahesk. Many Le'Megen had lost their lives in defending the village. Wiping out many of the Drotid battle group, this group of freedom fighters headed into the Forest of Midnight. Splitting into three sub-groups, the respective parties covered a lot of ground with the Forest of Midnight, and ultimately laid to rest many undead, Shaahesk, and the Dragons they so sought. With the slaying of the lead female Dragon, the onyx stone was recovered and given to Seylek of the Ivory Order of the Sun.

Upon return to the lands of light, Sable was given the promotion of High Fury Templar and the leadership of the Fury of Ra-Ghul. Her wound was sealed at the burial of a Le'Megen Captain who had been long slain and wandered the Forest. She promptly promoted Dero Nefzen to Champion of Ra-Ghul for his bravery, honor and amazing skill in the battle. Those who offered themselves to the cause that night included: Raran Stonehammer, Galen, Seylek, Nawen Amakiir, Missy Flows, Vicky, Eleanor, Frapp Moon-Yana, Miriel Xilo, Shayra, Dero, Char, Toadyx, Terra Swift, Garthond Foehammer, Varan, and Rai'indra, as well as many of the Le'Megen.


High Fury Templar of Ra-Ghul; Sable Witt
  • Likes:
Battle (including watching others fight)
Divine Prayer (and divine casting)
Colors of Turquoise and White
Appreciates strength ~ but admires the wise
Reading; Hunting
Has a slight fascination with the undead
The memory of her mother
The company of her sister
Spreading Ra-Ghul's name!

  • Dislikes: Her dislikes vary along with her mood. Sable can be very moody.

  • Wishes: To lead a chapter of her faith, and spread Ra-Ghul's name, rivaling the popularity, and power of other Gods.

  • Fears: To be stuck alone without friends or family, to pass on for good ~ dishonored.

  • Love interest: None