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Race: Half-Orc

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Gender: Male
Current Age: 30
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Residence: Mikona
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations:

  •  ??


  • Eating pies
  • Eating more pies


He has large sideburns and a big belly

History and Traits
Char was born in Mikona to a half-orc Dominator of Valok and a serving girl from a local tavern. His mother started to teach him sorcery at an early age, but when his father found out he ordered her to stop. Char and his mother fled to the forest for fear of what his father might do, and while there they met a group of Dagathite clerics who were helping the sick and injured. They traveled with them for some years, his mother helping with the sick and Char learning about Dagath from the clerics. After a long time the clerics returned to their mountain temple to rest and meditate. Char and his mother decided to return to Mikona to visit her parents, but his father heard of their intentions, and frightened it would harm his chance of promotion he set off to stop them. He attacked them on the road to Mikona, and after a hard and bloody battle Char's mother lay dead in the dirt. In a fit of rage Char split his father's gold breastplate and left him to rot in the sun. He carried his mother back to the forest and swore over her grave that he would spend the rest of his life helping others in her name.

Happiness is pie shaped