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Robert Wallace
Race: Human
Classes: Wizard, Ranger
Most active on server: Mikona
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A brief introduction.

Robert Wallace is a M'Chekian Wizard of the Ashen Order of the Stars. A member of Mikon's Council of Balance, Robert also serves with Blackhawk Brigade.

A conversation regarding moving to the city and joining the Ashen, perhaps heard in an Inn.

As you may be aware Robert arrived in the city of Mikona with his childhood friend Mara Millennen from their homes to the south of what is now Blandenberg. During their initial weeks in the city they could often be seen doing tasks here and there. Roberts work in the arcane had held him in the sway of Andrinor while his upbringing kept him close to Mikon. During that period he made many friends including Alphonse, Salis, Herich and a mage called Jaric.

It was about two years later that he joined the Ashen as an Initiate along with a fellow mage named Bragir. Frin was Senior Mage of Mikona then, while he made a good friend of Arlin, Senior Mage of Ferrell. His love for the city was strengthened with, for example, attendance in civilian training, led by the likes of Warlen, and exploration beyond Mikona was well established with the Fauna and Flora Group, often in the company of Mara, char'jer and Missy.

Over the course his character had stiffened somewhat. Unruly days spent at the Bored Gargoyle and an at times wayward attitude to the arcane was brought under a little control through the need to lead the FFG and his growing responsibility with the Order.

M'Chek remained his focus and after contributing to the Order as Initiate and member mage for about five years he became Senior Mage of Mikona, a little young perhaps, during the time of the migration to Visimontium.

Mention of being established as Senior Mage of Mikona, perhaps caught near the AMM.

A combination of pride, enthusiasm and energy were traits of his time as Senior Mage of Mikona. Robert was busy around the city and lands of M'Chek maintaining good contact with those organisations and folks working in the south, as best he could, while keeping the Order up to date on goings on. In and amongsts the many events of that time he first encountered the Vasharan, witnessed the deaths of many Malekites during their own service and initiated discussions of reconciliation between Jand and the city.

The Fauna and Flora Group continued in strength with explorations spreading out of Ferrell into the surrounding lands. An incomplete list of regulars and one off participants include; Kaz, Alphonse, Deo, Bragir, Aludrin, Onath, Missy, Gurky, Ognar, Mara, char'jer, Shy, Eluldur, Marek, Arknor, Freroim, Del, Arlin, Mort, Scientia, Dun, Yon, Dale and Whisper.

Senior Mage of Mikona was a role he performed for around another five years before moving onto the position of Great Mage of Arms after the election of Arlin as Archmage.

A move to Great Mage of Arms, perhaps read about here and there.

Robert was Great Mage of Arms for a little over three years but certainly short of four. As such his work within the Order focused on battle tactics, duelling and careful examination of the usefulness of spells for such purposes.

With Visimontium under threat from the Drangonari and Angadarians alongside strained relationships within the Trust there much to be wary of during that time. To keep a better eye on Visimontium and to extend field trips the FFG moved to that city for a while with new travellers including Peren, Miriel, Jand, Imoth and Xenith.

His work within Mikona continued as his thoughts never drifted far from the city and lands around. Efforts were made to set up inter-Order work with the Mages of Mikona along with a High Mage Council investigation into the Gnomish antics in the Hills. There was also the long negotiated lifting of the banishment of Jand by the Joint Houses. During this time he was also a member of the M'Chekian Guards and served in such notable actions as the defence of Nelthrope Keep from a prolonged Sereg assault.

While Mikon remained close to his heart and outlook the success of the Trust in Visimontium, of new inititiatives to bring the Orders closer in Mikona and the fresh direction of the Ashen, under Archmage Everwine, he turned to Andrinor and joined his Battlemages.

The first election to Archmage, perhaps overhead in passing in the Great Library.

It was with great surprise that Arlin stepped down as Archmage. His period of leadership had given the Ashen stability and growth. After the formalisation and development of the electoral process two mages were put forward for the position of Archmage. Robert felt great pride and honour that the majority of the Order voted for the direction that he mapped out for the Ashen.

As Archmage of the Ashen Order of the Stars, a talk with an Ashen.

In all Robert held the position of Archmage for some two and a half decades. Over that period there were four, other than the initial, opportunities for a change of leadership but none were taken. Such support from the Order gave him the confidence that decision and actions that we were taken, with the Great Mages, were well supported within the Ashen.

There are numerous events and actions that could be noted, with many on the public record. A sketch notes some activities and personal developments to help aid an understanding of his character and of the road he travelled.

The early years were dominated with two themes. The first was to increase the profile and work of the Ashen in M'Chek and the development of the arcane within it, a land closely aligned with our outlook. Here the key work was around the support for the gaining of farmlands in the near Underdark through a formal alliance with the Blackhawks, which allowed the development of strong working relationships with members of that unit. It gave Robert much personal satisfaction that we were aiding the people of M'Chek. The second theme was within the Trust to ensure balance. Such an aim was the core purpose of the Ashen and is one that the Order has worked towards since its creation. During this period they sought to strengthen the light Orders within the Trust, while attempting to have positive relations with all. Success here is difficult to gauge, and indeed did not reach the level that Robert had wished, but he believe it was the correct action to take.

Outside of these key themes work continued elsewhere. Visimontium featured heavily, threatened as it was with an evil entity. Working with allies, in particular the Sentinels, there was much to be pleased about with the cooperation and resourcefulness shown. There was also the successful Spring Festival to lift spirits and celebrate the development of the city. Moving between Mikona and Visimontium was a regular activity and it was in Visimontium where the Ashen, supporting the Council of Balance, recovered Mara from the clutches of the influence of another. In further joint action there was the work to counter those that sought the destruction of Mikona through the Southill disaster.

An important personal turning point came through the elections to Moderator of the High Mage Council. Following on from the aim of supporting the lighter Orders it was considered a worthwhile endeavour for Robert to stand. While not expecting to win there was the aim of strengthening the weaker voices of the lighter Orders. While a degree of success was achieved there was a dissatisfaction with the process. In particular Robert was left drained, confused and without guidance from Andrinor.

It was not the first time that Robert had gone through an experience that was to leave him questioning himself and his direction. On one early Fauna and Flora expedition he had almost bitten of more than we could chew in trying to tackle an old Tower within the woods of Ferrell. They were lucky to get away with their lives and the terror and responsibility of leadership turned Robert away from his well known youthful exuberance. It left Robert a more considered and careful sort. His Andrinor like spirit had been found wanting and had been tempered by experience.

After the election process Robert's calls for discussion from Rayna, who had for many years been a good friend and guide, were turned aside. Likewise he was much at a loss to make much sense of it all. It was in a period of reflection afterwords that the real distance between himself and Andrinor was felt, along with doubts of the Trust. He withdrew from the Battlemages and Andrinor to give himself time to think about his role and how he was to act. Robert did find great support in those mages, both within and outwith the Ashen, who had come to a similar view regarding some actions of the Trust.

Work with the Ashen continued and during the coming years the long danger of the Demonic threat was to be countered. That work, though protracted, sporadic and confused allowed bonds to be strengthened with good friends while the hand of friendship was offered to others. Elsewhere work within M'Chek there saw the Pyrite dragons countered with the Order playing a worthwhile role with the imaginative use of the arcane. Robert enjoyed his work with the Iron Fist Division during the time of the three Commanders.

With the completion of the Ashen Tower in Mikona and the election of a further Moderator within the High Mage Council Robert believed it was time to step down as Archmage. The Tower represented the completion of an initial theme of his period as Archmage, that of strengthening work in M'Chek and best influencing its arcane development. The new Moderator represented the chance for a fresh Archmage to take up the challenge of ensuring the balance within the Trust.

Several years before Robert stepped down he had turned to Mikon for guidance. Robert felt both a comfort and a challenge. A comfort in that his long relationship with Mikon and his outlook was finally being affirmed but a challenge in that he wished to act in his interest and not be a simple onlooker. In the following months Robert sought out Mara Millennen to discuss with her matters of faith and the route to joining the Council of Balance.

Robert Wallace, casting