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Marin Nemelgen (PM)

Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Origin: Northern border of Deglos.
Year of Birth: About 2120.
Alignment: True Neutral
Residence: Elysia
Deity: Fegall

Though she also reveres Andrinor and in lesser part Gorethar
Marin studying at the Ashen Tower

Guild Affiliations:


Marin is a female gnome of typical height, light brown hair, and her nose is of good size. She mostly wears her grey Order robes along with a small grey hood and carries a staff, Andrinor's Vigor, that is made in the design of Ninefold Promise. Occasionally, she can be seen in other outfits including her Holy Robes of Fegall, a Gorethar Festivus outfit, or other fancier attire. When in battle she usually puts on a Ganoom Thinking Contraption.


Marin was born to a small mining guild in the north of Deglos that was a mix of gnomes and dwarves. She never fit in there and often resented the stricture of the Goretharites in the village but also sought more than what she knew from her fellow Fegallian ganoomkin. During adolescence found some arcane scrolls from the Enchantment school. She played around with these and found she had some talent in arcane magic. She remains true to her Fegall roots but is drawn to her arcane talents. She left her village and clan upon reaching adulthood and made her way to Elysia.

Early Life


Arrival in Elysia

Upon reaching Elysia, Marin met many new friends of all sorts. She went on many journeys with these new friends and learned much about both magic and the world around her. She met and spoke with a couple Ashen Order members, Archmage Wallace and Malis, who told her of the Order and their tower in Elysia. Marin spent many hours studying in the tower and eventually decided to become an initiate in the Order.

Fegall small.jpg

Alchemist in Training

Marin also sought out an apprenticeship in the Guild of Advancement of Knowledge and Nature to practice the Makken according to Fegallian tradition. Shortly after joining she took up residence in Ferrell to be closer to the Guild and several friends she has made. Ferrell also allows Marin to continue her studies at the Ashen Tower in Elysia.

First Adventures

Solarbrigade final.png

Solar Brigade

About this time she also heeded a call from the High Mage Council for freelancers. This group eventually became known as the Solar Brigade and had adventures from Visimontium to Mikona and places in between.


Underdark Patrols

While working with the Ashen Order and the Blackhawk Company of M'Chek, Marin has been introduced to the Underdark. Initially the objectives were to keep the vermin at bay and collect specimens of these for research, a strange crystal was discovered. This was the Crystal of Xildress, a powerful mage who favors arachnids. The destruction of the Crystal the spider population returned to a more manageable level.

Angadar Small.jpg

Angadarian Meddling

The Angadarian presence in Ferrell and Elysia had grown, especially as it has influenced Marin's life. Most significant of these effects is the corruption of Sephira Everliss, who left the Ashen Order after falling under the sway of Valinos. Additionally, Marin is concerned for her Avariel friends given the plot she has heard of regarding their conversion to Drangonari. Also of intrigue are any designs of either Valinos, or the greater Web, pertaining to the Cult of Evrak.

Professional Achievements

After long hours in many libraries and laboratories, as well as roaming Ferrell and elsewhere, Marin was able to demonstrate herself worthy of promotions. Within the Ashen Order she was given charge of their affairs in Ferrell, becoming Senior Mage for that nation. She also was able to pass the journeyman's examination within the Guild for the Advancement of Knowledge and Nature.

Recent Happenings

Growing Ashen Responsibilities

As change occurred within the Ashen Order, some restructuring was done which included consolidating Senior Mage positions into a pair. Marin transitioned into one of these, that of the South. As such, she now oversees Ferrell, Elysia, Toran Shaarda, T'Nanshi and M'Chek. Marin also has taken some young mages for mentoring.

Gudier Gadgetickes

More recently, Marin was fortunate enough to arrange to hire an assistant, named Rigrin Wisto, to manage a store, named Gudier Gadgetickes to buy and sell her alchemical and herbal items. Brisk sales in the beginning allowed for steady expansion to also buy plants and other stuff needed. After a while, GG grew to include some carpentry items and Marin began working with Nikki, a skilled carpenter. Marin also reconsidered about scribing for profit, she finally cracked that stone and put out some selected scrolls for sale. Her scrolls well received, she started discussing the art with Jayem Dareau to see if he might practice and work his prayers into scrolls.

Master Alchemist

Continuing her studies at the AKN, both sharing and learning, much at AKN Days, Marin finally made the push to take her Master examination. With Alvinar proctoring for her, she carefully made the needed items for demonstration of her abilities. Owing to her preparation, she managed to make everything and pass with some room to spare. Though there is much for her to learn still, she is proud to have all her hard work and reverence acknowledged.

Reforming of the Solar Brigade

After being mostly dispersed, the Solar Brigade has been reforming and looking to assist Visimontium again. Stumbling upon a lich, named Clarence in the Roseberry Woods, who claimed to know something of the Demons now in Visimontium. The Brigade researched and tracked down Clarence, but ultimately could only strike a blow to Clarence for the time.



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