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Gaklah the Stone (PM)

Race: Half-Ogre
Gender: Male
Origin: Wilderness North of Elysia
Year of Birth: Unknown
Alignment: CG
Deity: Dra'Nar
Current Residence: None


As a half-ogre, Gaklah is easy to spot in any crowd. Towering at over seven feet in height, his shoulders more than half that in width, he often finds the living accommodations of the "little peoples" inadequate. He has fierce brown eyes and sandy brown hair that falls to his shoulders. His charming smile is broken by the tusks that point up from the corners of his mouth. Almost always dressed in his heroic armor, colored red and gold in honor of the Guardian of Heroes and Orphans, he is, at first glance, extremely intimidating.


Gaklah's history is almost as unbelievable as the half-ogre himself. Most would assume that, being a half-breed, his childhood and upbringing would be a tale of sadness and woe. Such is not the case.

Gaklah's mother was human priestess of Forian. She arrived in the wilds north of Elysia and gave birth to a very healthy Gaklah. As you could imagine, giving birth to a half-ogre baby is a very trying experience, and Gaklah's mother was recovering for almost two years. During this time, she fell in with a group of fey druids and had a torrid affair with one of them. Soon after she was recovered from Gaklah's birth, she vanished, a victim of her wanderlust.

Now, you might assume that little Gaklah would be put out that his mother left him at the ripe old age of 2. Again, we are surprised. Gaklah takes after his ogre heritage more than his human one, and ogres abandon their children all the time. Indeed, the harsh and simplistic way of life among the druids merely reinforced this concept in Gaklah's mind. He harbors no ill will towards his mother and was pleasantly surprised to find he has a younger sister born from his mother's tryst with the fey. There is evidence to suggest his mother's... "open nature" may have resulted in the birth of several half-siblings scattered all over Avlis.

While not a normal childhood ("normal" being a relative term on Avlis), Gaklah had a full and happy childhood. He roamed the wilderness north of Elysia and grew up among the fey druids and wild fey. Being such a large, clumsy and slow witted being among the fey, he was often the brunt of their jokes and tricks. Though his temper was fierce, he learned to control his anger and to see that the fey were doing what is in their nature. Eventually, he learned to laugh with the fey and they accepted him as a friend in turn. This was the beginning of a trend throughout Gaklah's adventuring career; though fierce and monstrous, his gentle demeanor and kind spirit would gain him many friends.

Around twenty winters of age (Gaklah's birth date is unknown; so gauging his age is problematic at best) he traveled to Elysia. Why he did this might be hereditary. He seems to have the same wanderlust as his mother; never staying in one place too long. In any case, the "why" of it is less important than the event itself. Gaklah the Stone began his adventuring career.

Crude, even brutish, Gaklah was "adopted" by a small number of the Maidens of Dre'Ana and taught the basics of polite conversation and manners. During this time, he ventured into the Underdark and won the respect of a tribe of ogres there. He learned much of giantkin and Maleki from them. When he next visited the Underdark, all traces of the ogre tribes that dwelled there were gone. Gaklah is certain the minotaur tribes wiped out the giantkin, and he now hates minotaurs with the same passion that all ogres do.

Many of Gaklah's friends were members of the Solar Brigade, so he joined them in their crusade to stop an evil lich from gaining artifacts of white necromancy. During a particularly vicious battle with the minions of the lich, Gaklah's aged maul shattered. Among the corpses of his fallen enemies, Gaklah spied a silvery glimmer. He reached down and grasped the haft of a maul fashioned from solid mithril, and with a thunderous bellow he struck down the last foe before him. Thus is the humble origin of the mighty Spidersmoosher, the signature weapon of Gaklah the Stone.

Soon after, Gaklah had a falling out with the members of the Solar Brigade. He felt their methods were not in keeping with his code of honor and parted from them amicably. He had a long talk with Vanar Alhaldren before he left. It was this conversation with Vanar that started Gaklah down the path to become a follower of Dra'Nar. Not long after that, he spoke to Shannen Di'rithia, who urged him to take on the mantle of Hero and enter Dra'Nar's service.

Ever since, Gaklah has wandered the lands, even venturing to realms beyond Avlis, to right wrongs, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and give aid to those in need. He rarely accepts payment and does his best to set the example that a follower of Dra'Nar should.

Friends and Associates

Gaklah is a well-known figure among adventurers. His closest friends and allies are Jayem Dareau, Marin Nemelgen, Nayala Gelbert, Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia, Shayra Thornberry, Alvinar Lir'Tanor, and Frapp.


This section is for other players to write in what their characters think of Gaklah. Please only write in if your character has met and interacted with him. I will reformat, edit, correct spelling, etc., but not change content.

This, this, and this. Besides those, there's at least three others that I didn't write. Surely the most widely-sung ogre [or half-ogre] in all of Avlis. (signed) Zor