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Vanar Alhaldren

Basic Information

Vanar outside the White Order tower

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer/Monk
Specializations: White Necromancy
Faith: Follower of Gorethar
Nation of birth: M'Chek
Current Residence: Visimontium


Former Affiliations:


Vanar generally chooses to dress simply. He frequently will wear his White Order robes, Order of Gorethar robes, or his Sentinel's uniform when acting in those capacities. His prized staff will usually be carried with him and a slim wand will hang at his side. Over his shoulder a crossbow and quiver of bolts will be slung in case they are needed.

Bright emerald green eyes are his most distinguishing physical feature and his gaze is steady upon those he speaks with. Freckles lightly dot his face and his hair is brown with faint red highlights. The word most likely to come to mind when looking upon him is boyish, though there is a quiet maturity to his bearing that is at odds with this assessment. His light build contributes to his youthful appearance. No one looking on him would likely mistake him for having an abundance of physical strength but his movements are quick and deft.

Demeanor and Outlook

Vanar is personable and can be quite engaging but many times he prefers listening to talking. He will speak when he feels he has something of worth to contribute and will generally not speak or act without due consideration of the consequences. A friendly smile is his usual greeting to those he meets whether they are a well known companion or a first time acquaintance.

He approaches problems as methodically as possible but will take action immediately once there is a clear path to a solution. When there is a threat to the welfare of others or a task of importance to be undertaken Vanar will devote his energy and concentration to what needs to be done. Though generally cheerful he takes such matters seriously and his manner will reflect this.

His actions are guided not just by an intellectual philosophy but also by his conscience and instincts. Vanar feels strongly that he has a duty to use his abilities for the good of others. He feels called to this path as a response to the divine favor shown to him most clearly in his first return from death. Each day as he starts his morning meditation he endeavors to embrace this path anew.

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