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Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia Profile Picture

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Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia

Race: Drangonari

Origin: Grantir

Age: Young adult

Current Residence: Hala


  • Defenders of Ysgard

Rali'vinee's Songbook:

"Another world, a new Bard"

Rali, Lexy, Xune, Soleis - Painting by Xune


Rali'vinee's In Game Portrait

Physical Characteristics and Dress

Stunningly - to some disturbingly - beautiful, Rali'vinee is covered in deep green scales, smooth to the touch. Elvenly slender, much of her hidden body is mysteriously tattooed and she has deep scars at each of her shoulderblades. She wears daggers strapped to her right thigh and both boots.

Also notable are her exotically reptilian eyes. Imbedded in black, marble-like irises are light-colored, vertically slitted pupils that narrow and open as she focuses. Lighting around her causes striking changes to the colors of her pupils which flash with her emotions. Her lashes are long and thick as well.


Rali'vinee was a bit of a puzzle when she turned up in Elysia, a city on the world of Avlis, filthy, feral and nearly starved. Some of the more patient Avlissians were able to piece together these bits: It is likely she was kidnapped and spent most of her life as a slave to Shaahesk, who she is both extremely aggressive toward and fearful of. Further, it seems she came from a family loyal to Angadar, as she prayed often to the god she vehemently called "Angeldar" and claimed, in broken Common, that he helped her escape the Shaahesk by hiding her when she ran away.

Look for this rendition of Rali on posters announcing her upcoming performances

Common & Drangonari Language Development

Rali has a working understanding of most of the words spoken to her by other Drangonari, but does not have the ability to speak it well gramatically. This is likely due to being taken away from home at a very young age. She is learning to speak Common, however, using her bardic skills to remember and make sense of what she hears. She also pays very close attention to how others react to her. Being called "cute as a button," for instance, is something she is proud of; being called "insane," on the other hand, has made her angrily defensive of her inability to communicate well.

Shih Lung & Rali'vinee, Starlight Inn

First Interactions With Peaceful Civilization

When she first arrived in Elysia, Rali was obviously in a state of trauma. Her hair was a nest of all manner of bugs, rat fur was clotted through her teeth and she communicated only by screaming her name over and over again. Fortunately, a kind Drangonari named Amion Ma'fer found her and very likely saved her life. Coming upon her, he quickly realized she was contemplating trying to eat a Wemic called Seylek, so he gently led her away. He took her to a local inn and, after feeding her her fill of fish, bought her some armor and taught her to put it on and address others at a more comfortable volume.

Another relationship forged that year was with a Wandering Monk named Shih Lung. He visited her often throughout her life, and they have since shared more than 20 years of friendship and unconditional love. Now a strong force in her life, Rali writes a lot about Shih in her journal, often with a frantic passion some may not consider healthy.

Rali'vinee with Ramiz Sii

More Than Two Decades After Her Arrival to Elysia:

Rali'vinee has grown dramatically over the last 20+ years. Her understanding and use of Common has improved so that she is almost always understood, if still given an odd look on occasion. She has many friends and loves, holds position as the assistant to the Bardic Academy of Visimontium's Director Adagio, and finally has triumphed over her heartwrenching broken engagement to Ramiz Sii.

Through her life's accomplishments and obstacles, and under the guidance of those closest to her heart and the healing touch of her best friend Gladd'avenglori, Rali has become a warm, intelligent, caring Free Spirt and Beloved Bard.

Aranel & Rali'vinee @ a wedding on Hala

Everyday Life

Rali for many years avoided Elf Gate in Elysia, as the archer guard there killed her three times. She spent more than 20 years of her life in Mikona, but now calls Hala her home. The Mikona Docks, however, remain to this day her favorite place to sit, relax, and compose her songs.

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"DROP DEAD SEXY- that would be Rali.." -- sinn