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"The bestest goblin bard ever!" -- Gaklah the Stone

Description: Male goblin, slightly orange, appears to have more wit about him than most goblins. Zor is well-spoken which most folks seem to find surprising.


Zor was born into a tribe of goblins inhabiting the northeastern wastelands of Mikona. Pretty early on, it was clear to him that the goblin life wasn't going to suit him very well. So when a travelling orc bard came through the area, Zor pleaded with him to go along. Turns out, the bard wasn't very good at barding, but he managed to teach Zor the bardsong before getting killed by spiders. Zor continued to wander until he found his way to Elysia where he has found a community of sorts.

Zor chronicles most of his experiences in song, so his personal songbook is probably the best place to explore his deeds.

Zor is a member of the Avlis Tower University and a Vorinite.


Amar's Army. Written for Amar Amakiir, in honor of his practice of leading dozens of persons at a time off on adventures.

Blows and Flowers. A love song, of sorts.

Cerryn the Stranger. An account of the very first thing that happened to Zor as an adventurer.

Dark Moon. Written in gratitude for some advice on barding and a gift of bard gear given one afternoon. Funny, people seem kind of nervous when Zor says he's going to write a song about them. They must be shy.

Evil Goose Yodel. Hrssa, a kobold druid, and Gaklah the Stone took Zor along to witness this.

The Goblin Life. People often ask why a goblin is running around in civilization.

The Ill-Fated Trip. An account of another misadventure.

Spider Soup.

The Terrible Lass. This is true, just as written.

Truly Witnessed outside Elysia. Zor was standing around talking to someone when there was a giant flash of light and a mage crashed to the ground.

Two Bards Together. Zor hangs with Amwyl once in a while.

When Andrinor Strode. Zor's first stab at trying to sing some Avlis history. He hopes to do more. What Andrinor thinks about it, he hasn't heard.

The Wraith Came to Town. Kind of an elaboration of the events at the Elysian Towers grand opening party.