Early History of Visimontium

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A standalone, 8-volume ATU commemorative edition of Sage Miriel's Recent History of Visimontium, originally introduced in the city Guide. Published in 2250 AAoP.



 "Much as I like having a group of folk named after me, it was never my intention. If anything we're Melonius's Mercs!
  It's just the way it happened that my name got used for the group, and it sort of stuck!"
 --Leopold Phefefhur, leader of Leo's Mercenary Group, 1st General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels

Andrinor's Vision

(circa 2120)

Two tasks did the God of Mortal Magic bestow on his most devoted follower, Melonius Mennallin. One was the establishment and moderation of the High Mage Council. The other behest was to build a Holy City in Andrinor's honour, a future home to the magi of His Trust.

The building works began in the early 2120s, after Melonius bought off a sheltered mountain valley in Northern Deglos. Most of the expenses were covered out of Mennallin's personal funds, as well as by numerous donations. The greatest lot of the donations were gathered during the opening celebration of the Merchants Rest Inn of Elysia, mutual enterprise of Melonius and the famous tradesman Zacharia Featherfingers.

The heaviest expenses came in the form of life losses. A great lot of gnome quarrimen, stonesmiths and engineers were lost during the blasting works. Their bodies were laid in a memorial graveyard in the first Underground settlement. The blasting and building works were supported and supervised by a team hand-picked by Melonius, known as Leo (Leopold)'s Mercenary Group.

Migration to Visimontium


The City of Visimontium is not merely the "City of mages". It started out as a home to over 100,000 migrants from post-war M'Chek, willing to begin a new life thousands of miles away from their homeland. This was possible after Melonius's proposal to the M'Chekian government, which met quick approval.

Organizing the migration and colonization of the valley was a no small feat. This effort was led by Fealith Anifail, Aerill Ailpera, Jenii Kim, Harbesh Lohensun, Leopold Phefefhur and more members of Leopold's Mercenary Group, most of whom remained in Visimontium as Sentinels. Aid was provided by the M'Chekian Army, Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi, the Deglos Brigade, the Orders of Andrinor's Trust (five at the time: Ashen Order, Blue Order, Ebony Order, Green Order, Ivory Order), the Council of Balance, EDGE, FEAT, the AAAA, the AKN, the Healers of Cha'reth.

The migration met much impediments in the form of Sereg'Wethrin attacks, diseases, and the unforgiving nature of the depths of Deglos. Tens of thousands were lost on the way. On the 20th of November 2150, the last wave of migrants reached Visimontium. The people held their torches high in the harsh winter night, and the hopes were high...


Finishing of the Building Works

(2150 - 2156)

By the time the migrants from M'Chek arrived in Visimontium, the east wing of the city (Trust, Academy and Temple districts) was still being built. The city consisted mainly of underground settlements, with few surface homes made of wood. In 2153, the city finally woke up in silence: The blasting and hammering of the gnomes in the east side had ceased. The work was finally finished. In time, the remaining portion of Visimontium was reworked to hold proud buildings of stone, paved streets, strong walls. By the end of 2156, this work too was completed.

Proclamation of Geritri Forest as a Nature Reserve


The Geritri Forest, home for many rare animals and plant life, drew druids seeking to tend to the forest and adventurers seeking to challenge its inhabitants. As a result, the druids started treating with hostility anyone who would venture in the forest. The druidess Naermaril is remembered as one violent defender of the Geritri Forest. In counterbalance, Belevren of Gorethar sought for a legal compromise on the statute of the forest.

"Geritri Forest is considered a nature reserve. Hunting animals or Treants there is forbidden. It is each visitor's responsibility to make sure they do not disturb the animals living there. Capture for profit or killing of animals will result in a fine or worse punishment depending on how severe is the action. Construction of buildings or housing will not be allowed in Geritri Forest."
--Aerill Ailpera, 1st Speaker of the Visimontium city Council

Heatwave reaches Visimontium

(2152 - 2156)

The heat to sweep through Southern Negaria in the early 2150s did not miss Visimontium. For several years it lingered over the city, causing dangerous steam elementals to rise from the great valley lakes and numerous streams.

A Year of Mysteries


Visimontium is a City of Magic, and this has many effects in everyday life. Flowers would sprout out of a seed within minutes, scarecrows will start walking. This first recorded in the autumn Harvest Festival of 2155, when the scarecrows did not limit themselves to simply walking around but also attacked farmhands. Another memorable occasion of the same year was the grievous end of a wedding anniversary. Morran Unuldur and Dame Grace Dane-Unuldur of M'Chek had received a small ship as a gift from their Kurathene friend, Lord Ayren Milen. As the couple ventured to the misty centre of the Lake Crescetoria, a storm rose and shattered the lovely "Trenium" vessel to pieces. The crew barely survived and the the story lived on, retold by Trinash, resident bard of The Plough & Scythe.

Drangonari Siege


The Beginning

The spring of 2154 brought small groups of Drangonari attacking the city outskirts. Little did the Visimontium residents know, that these were the first drops of a forthcoming flood.

The Drangonari arrived in greater numbers, attacking the city in groups of near half a thousand at a time. They had set camp in the surrounding mountains, under Psionic concealment. The Grantir government denied any relation to the situation. For the longest time, all that the city could do was to defend itself when attacked.

Behind the Scenes

In time, some realized that the threat came not only from Angadar's children, the Drangonari, but also from Angadar himself. Perhaps, Angadar saw Andrinor as a rival, after Andrinor outsmarted him to became the god of mortal magic on Avlis. The investigation by Andrinor's Trust against the Web of Angadar's faithful could perhaps fill a separate tome. Such may someday be written, should either side choose to reveal what now is considered confidential information. During the conflict, one of the moves of Angadar was to limit the ability of Andrinor's magi to scribe spells onto scrolls. In response, Andrinor Empowered all spells cast by His magi in His city. (These restrictions are non-existent at present).

Troublesome Years

The City of Visimontium suffered much, giving many victims. The Drangonari were not the only attackers. The frost giants and bugbears living on the slopes of Mount Crest made use of the exhausted city defenses and organised raids down the valley. Still, most of the damage was dealt by the Drangonari. The eastern outskirts of the city (Eastern Wastes) became a wild magic zone as a result of their purposed rituals. From 2156 till the end of the struggle, the Ashen Order joined the Visimontium Sentinels in the city defenses. Following the reformation of the Gold Order, in 2157 a large group of orc magi also came to the defense. The remainder Orders of the Trust soon followed suit.

First Great Victory

By midwinter of 2156, Ialath Fentellon of the Ashen Order summoned the aid of a young Psion. That was Arania Moonshadow, head of the Academy of Bardic Arts. Arania revealed a large Drangonari camp hidden in the sewers near Lake Coldshadow, under the Northern Residential district. A large group of Sentinels, Ashen and Blue magi, joined by the 5th Ebony Archmage Micah Ormane, swept down to destroy the Drangonari base. The sewers were much damaged in the course of battle, to the point where this sector had to be reconstructed entirely.

The Last Battle & Negotiations with Grantir

After numerous pleas by the city Council and demands by Andrinor's Trust, a group of Grantir's officials arrived in Visimontium in the summer of 2518. The group was presided by Ambassador Pluvier Preaan. The day before their arrival was probably the darkest in the history of Andrinor's Holy City by then. The rogue Drangonari made a final onslaught, backed by members of the Web of Angadar. At the end of the attack, the city was in ruins. The Drangonari attackers, in turn, were nearly exterminated by the joint effort of Sentinels and the Trust magi who'd arrived to meet the Grantir delegation. Bridges were burning, houses were brought down, the city wall near the Western Passage Gate was completely destroyed. (I might be missing some details, seeing as I was buried under that wall. --Sage Miriel)

Some excerpts from the meeting with the Grantir Delegation are available to public. One is the revelation that a number of faithful of Andrinor and Angadar had dreams, in which both gods proclaimed peace with each other. The Drangonari who attacked Visimontium appeared to have been tricked into doing so by Drotid agents. After this was brought to light, the meeting attendees agreed that peace was needed not only in-between the gods, but also among their followers. Even so, a number of the Web's members were announced wanted for crimes against Visimontium.

 "The Wall Fell. The City Stood."
 --Memorial of the Western Passage Battle

The Visimontium Lifestone Uncovered


Excerpt from a public announcement:

"Long ago, a druid sorceress by the name of Sinaata lived in the forests of T'Nanshi. There she was a friend of many of the forest creatures, and well known to those whose hearts walked with Dru'El. After a time, she ventured North. Very little is known of how she lived out her days in the North, except that she was a mystic and could foresee the future. In her time, I believe she tended the Lifestone, deep below lake Crescetoria. However, at some point the stone was entombed and its force diverted. Sinaata in her wisdom foresaw a day when the stone would be reinvigorated, and used her druidic and arcane talent to guide and aid those in the future who would seek the Stone's revival."
--Tralil Breck, 2nd Archmage of the reformed Ivory Order

Through dreams and visions, Sinaata guided a group of mages and druids of present times, to uncover the Lifestone and put it back into activity. This brought a much needed flow of vital energy to the valley, in the years after the Drangonari siege. Rumour has it, the High Mage Council Moderator, Miette Hartley, carries Sinaata's memory.


 "We all change with time, just make your choices wisely. You will regret some in the future, but you cannot change them.
  Some things are hard to learn except by making a mistake, but it is better to avoid the worst mistakes if you can."
 --Fealith Anifail, 2nd General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels


(2160 - 2166)

In the aftermath of the Drangonari siege, many Visimontium residents were in need of food, clothing and a roof above their head. Cloth was donated by the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana and the faithful of Dra'Nar. The church of Visimontium hosted a kitchen for the poor, and the Healers of Cha'reth became a frequent sight in town. The city also required wood material. A great lot of it arrived from the AAAA, the ACE and the AKN. The building works were concluded over the course of a few summers. The rare plant gardens, however, took much longer to revive. Rika Vandor of Cha'reth and Archmage Namlig Sirhc of the Green Order took great effort to replant what was lost.

Rise of the Trolls of Kazan

(2160 - 2164)

"For a long time, this city has suffered from the attentions of the foul creature known as Kazan. This Troll, was a shaman of enormous power, with a particular gift for controlling the beings of the elemental planes. He was able to unite many of the troll clans from the mountains under his leadership. Together they raided the lands of Visimontium and took the lives of too many of our citizens and the Sentinels who protected them. Some died under the claws of trolls, while others were sacrificed in unspeakable rituals to further Kazan's powers. Kazan himself was not to be seen in the fighting, which he left to his minions."
--Visimontium Sentinels, Public Announcement

The Sentinels finally managed to deal with Kazan, thanks to Senior Mage Ialath Fentellon and Archmage Robert Wallace of the Ashen Order. The two opened a portal and lured Kazan out the Demiplane he was hiding in. While attacks from goblins, trolls and giantkin were not uncommon for Visimontium, none had been so well organised. Kazan's powers also caused the eruption of Mount Crest in 2162. What could bring such an extraordinary influx of power to such a creature? The answer will come in time.

Curse lifted from the Treants of Gertitri Forest


A curse long lingered at the depths of the Geritri Forest, causing the ancient Treants to attack without thought. The curse was lifted by followers of Dru'El, assisted by Archmage Fergus Goodmane of the White Order.

Reign of the Goblin King Ip

(2166 - 2170)

This incidence was reported by the Fauna and Flora Group, led by Robert Wallace. Following a Sentinel patrol, the group climbed Coldshadow Ridge only to face a group of snow goblins locked in a fight: The goblin king Ep was outsted by the goblin king Ip. The new goblin king appeared reasonable at first, concerned mainly with the well-being of his people, who held the caverns of Mt. Crescetoria.

Not long after this curious incident, a series of break-ins were reported, all of them involving snow goblins. Fear overtook the common people of Visimontium. A messenger of Ip soon appeared, announcing that the goblin king was annexing the city. A run-away goblin delivered a horrifying truth to the Sentinels: The goblin king Ip acted as if possessed by a great power, his mind lost to reason. Ip could teleport his minions at will, and kill them at will from a distance.

By the end of the year, the Sentinels arranged for dimensional seal of the Garrison and turned defense to full scale offence. The goblins had created golems similar to those patrolling Visimontium as a part of the city guard. To set these golems to motion, they used their living comrades, maddening them in the process. Still the Visimontium resistance battled the goblins to the bottom of their caverns, only to meet an impenetrable wall of ice. The wall was blocking the way to the Firefly Valley, where the Temple of Ra-Ghul stood. Thus the goblins were no longer a problem of Andrinor's Holy City alone, but also of the Fury of Ra-Ghul.

Imprisonment of the Ancient Evil Behind Kazan And Ip


There had to be a greater force behind beings like the troll Kazan and the goblin Ip. General Marshal Anifail's guess was confirmed, after he sought the Geritri Treants for their wisdom and they in turn called forth an ancient being. The being presented itself in the form of a dragon, under the name Kalseru. Kalseru explained that Kazan and Ip were merely puppets for an old enemy of his. Kalseru instructed the city defenders to gather materials, amongst them Ip's heart, for a ritual to expel his old enemy. This was achieved through the joint effort of the Visimontium Sentinels, the Fury of Ra-Ghul, the Ashen Order, Vana the Blue and allies.

Kalseru built a prison for his old enemy atop Mountain Crescetoria. Once captured on the Prime Material Plane, the foe could be destroyed. The mortal group witnessed the summoning of the ancient evil from the Elemental Plane of Fire and saw it fall, its essence imprisoned on the mountain peak. Alas, as future records would attest, it was not for long.

Trial for Crimes Against the city: The Web of Angadar

(2166 - 2168)

A few members of the Web of Angadar involved in the Drangonari siege appeared before justice during this period.

"Kisri Aedia, who renounced Angadar, was found guilty of murder and treason and sentenced to labour work. A few years later Krator Blackfist, who too forswore his faith, was found guilty of the same. He was sentenced to labour work and a fine of 500 gold crowns. Fraudoc Loclac, whose trial was conducted at the same time was found to be insane. Unable to answer for his actions, he was neutralized by being turned into a rodent."
--Visimontium city Council, Public Announcement


 "We can look back and learn from what we have done, certainly. It can help us to better react in the future.
  But I suppose I will put it this way:
  When one cares about the outcome of their actions, I think that bravery becomes much more than facing our opponents.
  I think we must find it even more so in facing our own choices. Before, and after we make them."
 --Vanar Alhaldren, 2nd Archmage of the reformed White Order, Sentinel of Visimontium

Hospital Built in Visimontium


Under the sponsorship of Jand de la Fleur and spouse Navarra Dyaniera of the Ashen Order, the Healers of Cha'reth established a hospital on the Crescetoria lake shore. The building works took several years, impeded by the goblin incursions. The hospital was finally finished in September 2170, as if to close the chapter of a troublesome decade with a touch of peace.

The Ancient Evil Revolts


The ancient spirit, was sealed off by Kalseru atop the Crescetoria mountain, did not stay there for long. John Wake of the White Order was the first to sense the presence of impending doom. A couple of White and Ivory magi and a handful of Sentinels hurried to the mountain, where they found a group of Ebony and Gold performing a ritual over the captured ancient spirit. In the words of the Gold mage Crunk Steelcaster, they aimed to more securely seal the being to its home Plane of Fire.

First Devastation of Geritri Forest


The spring to follow was a sombre one, beginning with the slaying of every living Geritri Treant and animal by an unidentified group. As the Treants were the only link to the forest warden Kalseru, he could not be summoned. Fortunately, some of the Geritri Treants had been dormant at the time and were spared. Shemathen Le Yeritath brought a T'Nanshi Treant from the south, to wake them. The forest recovered very slowly.

Bugbear Attacks

(2172 - 2175)

The first bugbear attacks came at the tail of the Geritri Forest devastation. Portals opened across the city, leading in groups of highly skilled shamans and warriors. In time, it was confirmed that the ancient spirit was not sealed off in the Plane of Fire, but had taken over the Crescetorian bugbears' chieftain. Visimontium received assistance from the M'Chekian Guards. Naturally, this was a temporary arrangement. In the absence of Kalseru, the city was under constant threat by the bugbears, who had been regarded as fearsome even before the arrival of the ancient spirit.

Note: This volume does not cover the events around the murder of Robert d'Angelus, Sentinel Ensign. For a detailed account, refer to the founding record of the Visimontium Orphanage.

Construction of Andrinor's Arena


Andrinor's Arena, or Andrinor's Amphitheatre was constructed for a record time given the proportions of the project. It occupies a vast, artificially carved valley in the southern slopes of the Bolinar mountain, accessible from the Academy District. To celebrate the conclusion of the momentous arena, the first mage tournament was held in 2173. Organized by the Ivory Order, the event ran to great public acclaim.

Construction of Coldshadow Village

(2173 - 2185)

In 2173, building works began on the south-western shore of the Coldshadow lake. Alongside with the Sentinels, the construction was formally supervised by the Ashen Order and met much impediments after bugbear attacks.

Rumours of Dark Shards in the city, Refugees from Jechran


Refugees from Jechran poured in the city, fleeing a great disaster in their home land. It had begun with the waning of crops and all living things, fear and disease brought to men and women, and eventually an army of demons storming in. Ahead of the refugee wave, a certain manner of rumours had reached Visimontium. Whispers spoke of a Dark Shard found in Jechran that would make its wielder both strong and weak. As it would soon come clear, such artifacts of dark power had surfaced throughout Southern Negaria. The demon lords of the Negarian Underdark too strived to attain them. The first signs of what had befallen Jechran were felt throughout the south, with the waning of the Lifestones. The Visimontium Lifestone endured longer than the others, but it also showed signs of creeping doom.

Demons Against Bugbears


In 2175, tremors shook the ground as fires erupted all over the Crescetoria mountain. News spread of demons fighting devils atop the mountain, and each of them in turn fighting the bugbears. The demons were after one of the Dark Shards. All signs pointed that such a Shard had been held by the ancient spirit puppeteering the bugbears. The demons soon shifted their attention from the mountain to the city, indicating that the Shard had changed its owner and location.

Construction of Apara Thorpe

(2175 - 2178)

Under the guidance of the Green Order, the plateau of the Tera Tera mountain took extensive transformation to hold fruitful land. A settlement was built, delayed by a plundering Deglossian dragon. The hero of the day was Arwan Mylwen, Sentinel Ensign, who took a potion and donned the form of a dragon himself. Quaking in his boots, the young man still managed to trick the very real dragon into fleeing. Once the work was finished, Apara Thorpe opened its doors to the Avariel of the nearby mountains, as decreed by the Visimontium city Council.

Construction of Falkirk's Portal Tower


In the spring of 2178, a great portalling tower was opened for the public at the Academy district. The tower was part of a private enterprise by Quintin Fallkirk III. It provided portals to the major cities of the South, and for a time also Kuras.

Second Devastation of Geritri Forest, Demonic Army Approaches


"People of Visimontium: For the last decade we have stood as vigilant sentry against the vile spirit which over time has thrown onto us the troll armies of Kazan, the goblin hordes of Ip, and of late - the fearsome Crescetorian bugbears. Most of you have noticed that recently demons have taken interest into our city as well. This alas has not turned to be a passing fancy of theirs. A demon lord and his army approach this city as I write this. Kalseru, the ancient protector of the Geritri Forest, that dared stand against the vile spirit, was slain by these demons, his remains turned to stone. The forest itself is a poisoned waste. The few Treants to survive have fled to wait for better times. We are caught in-between two forces. The bugbears from the north, and the demons from the north-west. Both of these forces have means of teleportation, which allow small groups to appear at unpredictable locations."
--Visimontium Sentinels, Public Announcement


 In Andrinor's city, the tension runs high,
 Fiends lying in wait upon every side,
 Sentinels preparing as well as they can,
 To defend the townsfolk unto the last man
 --Fear Fable by Eldrea Addams
 "We justify many things to ourselves, for reasons that are poor in hindsight."
 --Fealith Anifail, 2nd General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels

Demonic Army Occupies Gertri and Crescetoria

(2180 - 2191)

Ordered by the Transmutant Amand Xilo, a large group of Ebony Order battlemagi lost their lives in attempt to banish the demons from Crescetoria. The demons had taken over the bugbears, and turned into submission the ancient spirit who had been the bugbears' master for the past few years. The demons maintained a large troop in Geritri Forest, while Crescetoria had turned into a bastion for the mightiest of them. Rarely had demons of such power walked the face of Negaria. To the horror of many, the Abyssals had trapped the souls of Champions of O'Ma, Paladins of Gorethar and Avengers of Dru'El. The demons channeled the fallen's holy powers for their own advantage in combat.

Meeting to Coordinate the Efforts Against the Demons


The demons and the mysterious Black Shards appeared throughout Negaria. In 2181, the city Council of Visimontium called for a meeting of the groups and individuals united in their struggle against the demons.

The Visimontium Sentinels were joined by members of Andrinor's Trust, the Church of Andrinor, the Order of Gorethar, the Equalizers of Mikon, the Shemathen'le'Yeritath's Circle of Seven, Le'Nofaythen T'Nanshi, Le'Megen T'Elysia, M'Chekian Army, the Deglos Brigade, FEAT, the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana, the Fury of Ra-Ghul, the monk Order of the Dragon, the Healers of Cha'reth, the AKN the ANRA, the Academy of Bardic Arts and the Avariel Community of Apara Thorpe.

A large group of Equalizers were stationed in Visimontium afterwards, to aid with the city defence.

Refugees from Jechran Move to Elysia


Following Jechran's destruction by demons, the refugees numbered several thousand in Visimontium alone. With the aid of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana, the refugees were transported to Elysia, their new home. Initially this was done through Falkirk's Portalling Tower, but soon enough the White and Ivory Order prepared a portal at the Sentinels Arena. This allowed to transport the rest of the refugees at one go. They arrived safely in Elysia, to the last one.

Fear Fable


Desperate times come with desperate measures. Mary of the Red Order devoted her life to just one spell: Fear. Over time, she found herself overtaken by an impersonation of the power she sought to control. One part of her became an elusive being who laid traps for demons and townsfolk alike. Many perished in terror and pain, but even once put to rest, a feeling of unmanageable dread spread from their bodies. The Sentinels finally discovered the identity behind the incidents, as Mary battled her dark half. She perished before their eyes, explaining her actions with her desire to see the demons driven away from the Holy City of Andrinor.

Trial for Crimes Against the city: Amand Xilo


The mastermind behind the escape of the ancient spirit and the first devastation of Geritri Forest was confirmed to be Amand Xilo. His confession came after he stepped down as 7th Archmage of the Ebony Order. His sentencing was public, held in the High Temple of Andrinor where he was given opportunity to apologize for his deeds. His sentence included transformation to a bugbear for 12 years, fine and banishment from the city. Amand Xilo was reported dead less than a month later. The official version stated that his body did not bear the magical transformation. (As his spouse, I maintain that I have not taken any part in his actions. --Sage Miriel)

Vampire Settles in the city


In the summer of 2188, a Deglossian vampire caused a legal turmoil in Visimontium. The vampire, Vlad, requested to be permitted residence in the central graveyard crypt together with his family. The presence of Vlad and his next of kin was ruled out as a potential danger to the city, despite the claim that he purchased blood instead of feeding from living beings. The vampire still settled in the crypt and responded with hostility to the Sentinels' attempts to expulse him.

Related petitions were raised by various non-living members of the Orders of Andrinor's Trust. Nevertheless, the city refrained from issuing blanket regulations toward sentient undead.


 "Sorrows are a burden with a seemingly constant weight: the more shoulders to carry them, the easier it gets.
  There will always be some who take a larger part of the weight than others, though." 
 --Record on a Visimontium Dark Age by Selash of the Green Order, Sentinel of Visimontium

Visimontium's Vicinity is Cleared from Demonic Presence


Throughout the last decade, a growing number of demons fortified themselves in various locations of Negaria. To stop them from bringing reinforcements, magi of Andrinor's Trust began work on the "Dead Bolt" project. This was an arcane device, purposed to act as a portable Dimension Lock covering a large area. The design belonged to Evy and Tond from the Green Order. The development was assisted by Vintrinia Carnen, then of the Red Order. After the successful implementation of the "Dead Bolt" in the Negarian South, the next location in demand was the Visimontium vicinity.

In the autumn of 2191, a full scale offensive was planned and launched against the demons in the mountains Geritri and Crescetoria. A number of groups offered a hand to the Sentinels and Andrinor's Trust mages. The offensive began in Geritri, led by the Fury of Ra-Ghul, and continued to the top of Mount Crescetoria. The Sentinels and Andrinor's magi were joined by the Blackhawk division of the M'Chekian Army, Le'Megen T'Elysia, FEAT, Shemathen Le'Yeritath, the Avengers of Dru'El, the Order of O'Ma, the Order of Gorethar, the monk Order of the Dragon, the Celestial Order of Ysgard, the Bardic Academy of Visimontium and many other courageous volunteers. The bugbears of Crescetoria and a large force of Treants also joined the battle against the demons.

In the course of the offensive, the demons not only defended their positions, but also launched an attack over the city in response.

"The defenders met the demons at the shores of Crescetoria. The demons came in full strength, throwing their elite at the city, but to the last they were purged from Visimontium soil. The defenders continued, fighting the demons back all the way to Mennallin Tower, which in their madness the demons had sought to assault. There are reliable reports that Melonius (Menallin) himself slew hundreds of the demons."
--Earaviel Mirnimanner, Sentinel of Visimontium

Following weeks of battle after battle, the "Dead Bolt" devices were set in motion. The demons were exterminated to the last one, their leader Malekanthos was slain atop Mount Crescetoria. Behind this grand triumph, there also was tragedy. The Sentinels give victims in the hundreds; only a couple from the group of the Avengers of Dru'El survived; a great number of Andrinor's Trust magi parted with their lives as well.

"The siege is broken. For now at least, our city is safe from the Demons that threaten not just us, but the whole of our world. Demons struck at Jechran and ruined that land. We helped as best we could as the refugees fled from the fall and we waited for the next blow. Demons fell upon Tyedu and enslaved the tribesmen and we scarcely noticed this horror so far away. The Demons and their slaves fell upon Kurathene. Many fought hard to stop them overrunning the whole of the North and still they came on.

They took our forest and seized the great mountain to our North. They went too far. A line has been drawn. This far and no further! A force of heroes the like of which has not been seen in millennia was brought to bear on our foe and they shattered. What we achieved was not achieved by any one group. It was achieved by the combined might of the people of Negaria, united in common purpose. Many of those who fought together, belonged to groups that have been enemies in the past. Now we have demonstrated the incredible power we can bring to bear if we work together. This is not a lesson that should easily be forgotten.

We have won a victory. Not without cost, but little that is worthwhile comes without a price. Many brave people of diverse background, paid that price for us, because they knew that the price of doing nothing would be higher still. I feel every loss that we suffered but their deaths had meaning and gave many others hope of a long life ahead. We will not forget them. We have shown that the enemy can be beaten and if they can be beaten then we will beat them. We will beat them again and again until they no longer threaten what is ours, in Visimontium or anywhere else.

For the Sentinels
For Visimontium
For Negaria"
--Fealith Anifail, 2nd General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels

A compendium of the events around the uprising of Kimonictinus and the invasion of the armies of Kuthos is available courtesy of the Council of Dagath.

The Liberation of Kalseru


During the demon army invasion, the Geritri Forest warden Kalseru was slain by the demon lord Malekanthos. His dragon body turned to stone at the moment of his death. After the demons were vanquished, the Sentinels renewed their attempts to revive him. Just when all hope was lost, the Sentinels General Marshal Anifail sensed subtle heartbeat coming from deep inside the cold stone. Immediate action was taken. The Sentinels turned to the Psi-Mage Sephira Everliss-Raynes of the White Order, who made contact with Kalseru's mind. An unsettling truth was revealed: Kalseru needed aid to break the stone. The Sentinels bashed the stone form and Kalseru broke free of it, unharmed. Geritri Forest finally saw the return of her guardian.

Neutralizing of the Wild Magic Zone in the Eastern Wastes


In the spring of 2162, a group remembered as The Solar Brigade was commissioned by the city Council to handle a magical instability. Such lingered in the eastern outskirts of Mt. Crescetoria after the Drangonari Siege. The Brigade found that the area was still under the observation of rogue Drangonari, who ambushed the group via a portal. The source of instability was found to be a malfunctioning device intended to weaken the weave between the Planes. The Brigade vanquished the Drangonari renegades and adjusted the device back to normal operation. By the mid-2190s, the chaos field dissipated completely and the Eastern Wastes were free from wild magic.

Shaahesk in the city

(circa 2195)

A great commotion was caused by the sudden influx of Shaahesk magi of the Ebony Order, as it coincided with the Drotid Voivode Kasseshisrath declaring open war to the South. A mage duel with fatal consequences stirred Visimontium further, after the Shaahesk ate the bodies of the defeated, following their customs. The Shaahesk newcomers gave no other reason for concern, beside the occasional bar fight. Tensions continued to rise, after Master Transmutant Vesdrac Noss'tau of the Ebony Order began to openly train Shaahesk magi in large numbers. This was followed by an increase of Shaahesk Transmutants in Kasseshisrath's armies in the South.

Departure of the Equalizers of Mikon


In the summer of 2200, Visimontium paid tribute to the Holy Warriors of Mikon who'd stood side by the side with the city defences during the demon incursion. The Equalizers were sent home with full honours. Without a doubt the ceremony will be remembered for the solemn march of the Equalizers and Sentinels through the city, side by side one more time.


 "There is no war. Allow the dead to rest for a just cause and a new age. There is no war."
 --Kero Tevez, Equalizer of Mikon

As the Drotid forces advanced, forcing the southern nations to gather their resources together, Visimontium remained an island of relative peace. The Shaahesk Ebony magi in training, suspected to be a vital part of the Voivode Kasseshisrath's stratagem, were a thorn in the eyes of many. However, none of the countries affected would go into open hostilities with the home of Andrinor's Trust. It was something else entirely, that would cast a long shadow over Andrinor's Holy City in the beginning of the 23rd century AAoP.

Recovery of the Coldshadow Grove


The story, put together by members of the Avlis Tower University (ATU), goes thus:

Many years before Visimontium was built, a Lifestone Seedling grew in a secluded valley beyond Coldshadow Ridge. It drew the attention of Azrafelanix, a crafty demon, who used a hammer to chip off pieces of the crystalline stone. The demons at his command then ravaged the area, destroying the plants, animals, and the nature spirits dwelling therein.

It was in present day, that Thorfinn and Selash of Dru'El found the barren grove with a sole waning nature spirit in it, and the damaged Lifestone Seedling. At the time, many others had found chips of the crystal, gemstone-like, infused with the demon's taint. The ATU's research, coordinated by Master Sage Willem Lightheart, linked Azrafelanix and the crystal chips to the unfortunate fate of the Lifestone Seedling.

Then Fate showed her smiling face, as Thorfinn came in possession of the Hammer of the Azrafelanix. He was able to turn its powers and use it so that the chips of the Lifestone seedling were sealed back in. In a short while, the Lifestone Seedling was again functional, and the grove restored to life. The Lifestone Seedling's present keeper, Dieydre, now sings of the grove's chief saviours Thorfinn, Selash and Willem.

The Hammer of Azrafelanix is now safeguarded with the Green Order.

The Feud of the Gods

(2215 - 2220)

The summer of 2220 was marred by an attack and desecration on Andrinor's High Temple. It was soon revealed to be an enactment of sanction by the Great Nine gods.

The Nine chose the following individuals for this quest: Silver Fox for Maleki, Geris Gray for Aarilax, Rollek Heloc for Valok, Remmy Thatcher for Forian, Kero Tevez for Mikon, Rickus va'Alor for Toran, Aerie Lazzar for Gorethar, Frapp for O'Ma, Thorfinn Kiff for Dru'El. It was Equalizer Tevez who struck a hammer into Andrinor's statue, where it remained for a few years until Transmutants repaired the statue.

It is arguable whether or not these nine acted after divine compulsion, or if their accomplices and adversaries were swayed by the same.

Here are excerpts of public testimonials and announcements that shed light onto this matter:

"As I understand it, I and eight other exemplars of the Nine were charged with a task by our respective Gods, acting in concert, to blind Andrinor's insight into the souls of mortals. The Nine were apparently unhappy with Andrinor's expansion of jurisdiction in this manner. A hammer of divine purpose was forged, and it passed through our hands. One after the other. At the same time, Andrinorian mages and clerics were feeling strangely compelled to kill us. The hammer was finally completed, and we were gifted a further vision, one of Mikon's servants. Informing us of our task - to blind Andrinor's sight at the Temple, here in Visimontium.

We arrived. We were attacked. A few Ebony Order mages, at first, then a couple of others. I must stress that all actions I took were in self-defence. I did not strike unless struck first and I have witnesses who can confirm this. There were exceptions amongst the rest of us. We were challenged by Andrinor's immortal, Damar Ogdem. I wished to stop and hear him out, knowing that he had the power to prevent further unnecessary conflict. But others (Ellowin Kiff, foremost) rebutted him and pressed on. They started the fight outside the Temple.

We were attacked by those mages defending the Temple. Again, I acted only in self-defence. We defeated them and entered the Temple."
--Silver Fox, Blackguard of Maleki


"I can only guess this was important because Andrinor was suspicious, as evident by everyone of His faith in preceding the events. On multiple accounts did I witness and hear of followers of Andrinor struggling with their sudden desires to strike out and kill those of us that had come into possession of the hammer. While now gathered shielded from Andrinor's gaze, a reflection of the nine, perhaps all themselves appeared before us tasking us with taking the hammer to the temple of Andrinor and driving it into the statue of Andrinor's likeness.

Our gods, all Nine, made it clear and important that, and I quote, 'Let nothing stand in our way!' This was the combined will of the Nine. Those of darker faiths were naturally eager, those of lighter were somewhat hesitant, knowing from previous events that this has and could lead to more bloodshed. However, all that were chosen and there were done so for a reason, that we might carry out the will of our god. Let me be clear this was the will of all Nine combined.

Something much higher and beyond us was in motion. No one refused the task from their own god."
--Thorfinn Kiff, Speaker of the Hands of Dru'El


"On behalf of the Church of Andrinor, and the men and women who perished in service to their gods, I extend an offer of peace, friendship, and mutual respect. The church decries any further violent actions taken in response to this ordeal, and desires that no more blood be shed. It is time for all of us to heal our wounds together."
--Rayna Na'Tanlynn, High Priestess of Andrinor

Andrinor retained the mantle of Mortal Magic as His sole responsibility. The Orders of Andrinor's Trust who had longed trusted in His insight as to their choice of members, were left to rely on their own judgement.


 "After popular demand, this occurrence is described in greater detail than an almanac volume would require.
  This narrative is still fragmentary. The reader is encouraged to pursue information in the public archives."
 --Sage Miriel

The Illithid Invasion

(2225 - 2230)

Lightning Strikes

It all began with a powerful BOOM in the midnight hour. The explosion shattered all of the Green Order's Visimontium tower windows and splintered its front door, made of of solid oak. The incident took numerous victims, not only from the Green Order but also Ashen, Gold and Ebony magi who were near the tower at the time of the incident. The Guardian Golems posted nearby had taken damage as well.

Immediate investigation began, spurred by the recent report of by the Sanitary Department, of an excavation group gone missing. The blast was however found to have originated not from the ground, but rather, from above. It was entirely Psionic in nature, as Champion Frapp was able to confirm from his examination of the Golems.

With these discoveries in mind, an Arcane as well as a Psionic Scrying was needed to discern the location of the missing excavation group. The Psionic Scrying was performed by Psi-Mage Kaz'shardra Aske of the Violet Order. The Arcane Scrying was said to be performed by Commander Miriel, using the soup cauldron of the Sentinels' kitchen. (I will not confirm, nor deny this rumour. --Sage Miriel)

The Scryings revealed the lifeless bodies of the Visimontium sanitation department's excavation group, strewn over the shores of a cave lake below the Garrison District. A mysterious shadow lurked in the dark lake waters. Both Scryers received another, even more disturbing vision: A conclave of Illithid (mindflayers) in a round chamber, receiving orders by a large beholder.

The vision was received simultaneously with the enacting of these orders. The Ivory Tower suffered an attack similar to that on the Green Order, this time clearly manifested as a ray of energy emited by an Illithid vessel, floating above the snow clouds. Again in line with the vision, a large fortress on the Deglos border with Visimontium was reported to have been completely destroyed.

"The fortress sighted over Visimontium matches dwarven designs. It is most likely an abandoned Deglossian citadel seized by the Illithids and raised using telekinesis, along with several tonnes of earth and stone. Controlling an object the size of a fortress would require unparalleled levels of Psionic ability; a terrifying level of control. The Illithids have telekinetic control of at least two fortresses. Each fortress will likely be piloted by a powerful Psion in a 'command centre' or 'bridge'. Attacking the bridge and disabling this Psion would destroy a fortress.

The Illithid society is highly hierarchical. It is likely that for their overall strategy is one omniscient and powerful mind controlling Illithid operations. It is unlikely the mindflayers are attacking for territorial gain. There must be another reason for them to risk open conflict with Visimontium.

Creating a 'null Psion field' could prevent the encroachment of the Illithid vessels. However, this field could have the potential of bringing a fortress the size of a small town crashing down onto the city. It should be ruled out except as a last resort."
--Kaz'shardra Aske, Psi-Mage of the Violet Order

Searching for Signs

The Luminous Order of the Mind, as ever present in times of threat by Illithid, began researching a means to protect Visimontium. Master Psion Straccio led an expedition into Deglos, to recover rare crystals which were known to possess an unmatched capacity for absorbing Psionic energies.

With these crystals, firstly, the Luminous Order protected an expedition organized by the Sentinels. Sentinels, Trust magi and allies descended deep underneath Visimontium where the excavation group had been seen by the Scryers. The group consisted of the bravest among the brave, as it was almost certain that the shadow in the water was that of an ancient Aboleth; A creature akin to the Illithid and in possession of unmatched Psionic powers.

The expedition began at the point of the entrance of the lost excavation group, below the Underground Settlement. Scores of Illithid thralls, mind-controlled beings, attacked relentlessly, through oppressive heat and humidity. The expedition eventually faced a collapsed end where they vanquished a small Aboleth; Not the ancient titan they sought for. At this point they were forced to turn around, with little to bring back but a barely sentient thrall they had rescued, and the ramblings of a Kenku.

If the Kenku's feverish talk was to be believed, it would seem that the Illithid were after the spawn of the Ancient Aboleth in the depths, and had already taken it. Few creatures in the Multiverse are so hungry for life and able to take control of it, as an Aboleth infant. The Illithid might as well have treated it like a divinity, or attempted to use it to their own ends.

Best Laid Plans

Nonetheless, the Sentinels' expedition was successful in that it proved the Psionics dampening crystals were trustworthy. The Luminous Order implemented them in the Visimontium defences, as a ready armament for ballistas. The greatest contribution of the Luminous Order, however, was the Soundshield, spun by the city's own many voices and woven by the mind of none other but Arania Moonshadow.

The Illithid were quick to sabotage this effort through attacking Arania. She was however able to distribute the Soundshield to Psions Eudaimon and Sul, her brethren from the Luminous Order. The Soundshield now covered particular areas, rather than the entire city. It was thought to be able to withstand detonation.

Plans were made for aerial defence. The Robes of the Dragon Teeth, the fabled magi dragon riders, found the Illithid fortresses to be guarded by a score of enthralled dragons. The Dragons of Ra-Ghul's Fury, who had time and again aided Visimontium, rose to aid their enslaved brethren but fell or were ensnared themselves.

Again the Luminous Order lent a hand, in the form of an idea: Master Psion Straccio sought the expertise of the High Mage Countil Moderator, Miette Hartley. They planned to safely encase the Psionic dampening crystals into amulet chains, which could then be used to bring clarity of mind to the enthralled dragons.

Meanwhile, the Illithid continued their attempts to take control of key members of Andrinor's Trust, the Luminous Order and the Visimontium Sentinels. All Sentinel shifts operated under strict orders of permanent mental protection, provided by [[Andrinor's Battlemagi and alchemical potions donated by concerned citizens.

Stone and Flesh

A terrifying blue aurora of Psionic nature began crawling over the slopes of western Deglos, towards Visimontium. It left naught but death and devastation in its wake. The flying fortresses under Illithid control advanced with it, the attempts to delay or damage them while on Deglos territory were foiled. As the blue aurora braced the peaks of Geritri mountain, so did the shadow of the first fortress loom over Visimontium.

The city defenders responded with a carefully planned attack by men, dragons and mages transmuted to dragons.

Not all dragons guarding the fortresses could be liberated from the Illithids' sway at first, still droves of humanoid prisoners were liberated from the fortress' dungeon inside. There many children, carried on dragon wings by Yenefer of the Ivory and Fergus of the White among others. The Green Order's mages heroically stood to the last moment trying to breach a collapsed sector and rescue more prisoners. The group took off minutes before mage Vicmin released a detonation device, the handiwork of mage Sonja of the Green.

The fortress was torn apart, its remains scattering over Geritri and the city outskirts. The active Soundshield withheld much of the debris.

The Violet Order, who had developed their own weapon in secret, directed it against the second flying fortress. Two undead wyverns carrying explosives found their mark. The third exploded in mid-air while being engaged by dragon thralls, destroying or severely crippling the attackers in the process. It then rose above the cloud cover, but not before blasting a gargantuan, smouldering crater in the western farmlands of Visimontium.

The deadly "blue aurora" receded upon the withdrawal of the Illithid fortress, crippled by the Violet Order's explosive weapon. Traces of the aurora lingered over Mt. Geritiri, far to the west of the city. It would seem the aurora was channelled by Illithid, in attempt to enhance their Psionic abilities and diffuse the psi-sound defences. As for the crater, a terrible discovery lied in wait.

Words and Consequences

It is known that the Illithid would bend minds and twist the truth to their own ends. One of them approached the Psion Arania Moonshadow and offered the following:

"The Illithid stated that its kind came here to take by force what it felt sure that it would not have been allowed to take by asking (the spawn of the Ancient Aboleth). The small Aboleth that was destroyed (during the Sentinels' first attempt to reach the Ancient Aboleth's layer) was a lone guardian guarding a most unique Master Brain. This Brain is floating in a cerebral pool somewhere underneath the city. Its location the Illithid did not volunteer. The Brain awoke and called out, and the Illithid came to fetch it. The 'murder' of the small Aboleth after the attacks on the Towers was what caused the Illithid Brain to raise the flying fortresses."

It was through the smouldering crater, that the monstrous Brain was reached. After the numerous thralls acting in its defence were put to rest, it was destroyed. With it gone, the remainder flying fortress no longer had a beacon to sign the way to Visimontium, thus it was significantly delayed. This one fortress did not come to parley. Visions by Thienna of the Blue confirmed that the Illithid had taken that which they had come for, and transported it away. The fortress came loaded with gunpowder, and an army of monstrous umberhulks, plated in adamantine, whom the Illithid had fed the remainder of the thralls.

Of Song and Legend

Last Stand: On the Ground

The morning before the final stance was on steam. The bulk of the Visimontium Sentinels' artillery was repositioned on the southern and western mountain peaks, backed by mages to assist their range and power:

"They will have a dual role. Firstly to damage or drive off any dragon escort for the fortress, allowing our strike force to approach. Secondly, to penetrate the underside of the fortress and do enough damage to breach the powder stores and detonate the fort before it reaches the city. Mages using extended range magic will add to this fire power. Should all other attempts to stop the fortress short of the city fail, we will be reliant on the sound shield weapon to destroy it before it can devastate our city.

It is important that all of the Sentinels sing as heartily as possible from the moment the enemy enter engagement range. I want the mountains to echo with a chorus of thousands of singing defenders. Quite apart from the effect on the Soundshield, it should have a positive effect on morale."
--Fealith Anifail, 2nd General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels

Officers in key positions on the mountains and main gates stood armed with fireworks, to use in patterns as signal flares and keep our forces coordinated and aware of events. At the gates of Andrinor's High Temple however stood two Psions of the Luminous Order, Arania and Eudaimon, who led the song that was picked up by all the Sentinels, thus bolstering the Soundshield.

"With swarms of Illithid scaling the hill, the Psions forced to withdraw to the Temple itself, where the foe could not enter. The abominations fell dead upon attempting to cross the Temple door. But there was no time to relax. I was there, able to do little but watch the two Soundshield Weavers sap their own life's energy to re-establish the shield after it took numerous hits, and attempt to turn it into a hammer and smash the Illithids' own shields.

In desperation, Arania and Eudaimon (two Psions) turned to the Lord of Mortal Magic in prayer, beseeching that He would lend them strength and guide their inner sight to save His city. And so He did. The Psions were enveloped in His light. The shield stood. The hammer struck. Visimontium stood.

Our home, Andrinor's home."
--Miriel Hana, Sentinel of Visimontium

Last Stand: In the Skies

"Our first hope was that enhanced siege engines and artillery would be able to destroy the fortress before it could reach the city. The Illithid countered this with a shield which rendered those weapons ineffective. Plans were then made to assault the fortress directly. Prophet One, a feysteel golem built by Frapp of the Order of O'Ma was brought forth to lead the flight against the citadel. Truly a marvel, the golem possessed the ability to fly and five brave souls made ready to ride the golem as the vanguard of the attack."
--Vanar Alhaldren, Sentinel of Visimontium

"The plan was for the Golem to be escorted by the dragons to reach the city but this was disrupted by enemy dragons hitting the Trust district as we prepared to launch. The initial effort failed in the face of very heavy enemy dragon forces, which targeted the Golem as a priority and brought it down in the Western outskirts. The fort had to be destroyed at almost any price or the devastation could have been catastrophic. I therefore ordered all of our remaining dragons to carry the strongest strike force we could assemble through to the fort, blasting a way through to the target.

It was planned to detonate our remaining psi crystals by firing them at the enemy dragons when they swooped to intercept our own airborne forces, but due to a miscommunication, the psi crystal artillery was fired at the fort instead, with no noticeable effect. With no other option we blasted our way through to the fort, where we met a small group of wounded Sentinels who had been riding dragons as part of the escort force for the Golem. After a brief pause to reorganize our forces we assaulted the keep on the upper layer of the flying fort and fought our way inside, being joined shortly afterwards by the Golem led forces."
--Fealith Anifail, 2nd General Marshal of the Visimontium Sentinels

"Through concentration and force of will Master Psion Elladin moved the fortress (which was mentally controlled) away from the city. As it began to move southward toward the high peaks of Deglos he realized that we needed to evacuate before he would lose control and the much damaged fortress would plummet from the sky. We made an attempt to tunnel through the wall since from the map it seemed we ought to be on an outer wall but since we could not make any headway we began retreating to the fortress entrance, trusting that Elladin would be able to enter a pocket dimension before the impact.

We all rushed out into the courtyard and secured transport on dragons or mages who had Shapechanged into dragons or else had wands of Feather Fall or other means to escape the now doomed fortress. Soon we had gathered as a group outside the western outskirts of the city to watch the final moments of the attackers and their fortress. We could see as it fell toward the peaks of Deglos, a wavering line of gold and silver force arc toward the fortress and strike with a blinding flash. The fortress began to crumble and the remains were dashed in ruin against the high desolate peaks. Soon after we witnesses this we were relieved to have Elladin rejoin us."
--Vanar Alhaldren, Sentinel of Visimontium

Last Stand: The Aftermath

With the Soundshield having absorbed as much damage as it possibly could, the Sentinels still counted over 1,100 lives lost in the Illithids' attacks. While Visimontium's soil suffered relatively little harm, it would take a decade for vast regions of south-western Deglos to recover from the devastating blue aurora.

Champion Frapp of O'Ma sought in vain for the crash site of the golem, Prophet One. He did not return and was found much later, resting in peace by the remnants of his greatest creation, near a waterfall turned to ice under winter's undisputed reign over the Deglos mountains.

The Last Stand Song


As sung by Arania Moonshadow
Echoed by Eudaimon Dawnblade
and the City of Visimontium

Sheltered deep in the center of four mountain ranges
lies the City of Magic we call native ground
Mennallin's last dream, this City of mages
Stand to arms -- let his legacy resound!

Mem'ries long as the stretch of the shadows at dusk
serene across Coldshadow Lake
Let us join in this song, let it shine in each face
Bonds join us that never shall break!

Visimontium proud, Visimontium strong
Lifting hearts sing its praises sublime!
In Andrinor's honor, triumphant its song
From this day 'til the end of all time!

Sound it now, then! -- Thunder it far and wide
that our hopes shall not ever be banned
Our muse is not vanquished by foe, nor defied
nor will silence the harp of this land!

Heartstrings a'quiver with songs of the bards
Proud like Bolinar, citizens! Bear flaming hearts!
Each gorge and each valley a loveliness guards
Stand to arms - as one, never apart!

Holy City of Andrinor that we cherish and love
the proud home of courageous heroes
Join against threats be they below or above!
Shield our city from all of its foes!

Visimontium proud, Visimontium strong
Lifting hearts sing its praises sublime!
In Andrinor's honor, triumphant its song
From this day 'til the end of all time!

Sound it now, then! -- Thunder it far and wide
that our hopes shall not ever be banned
Our muse is not vanquished by foe, nor defied
nor will silence the harp of this land!